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    Unit 41 Human Resource Management ST Patrick's College London


    Human resource management is basically proper and efficient management of human resources of the organisation. It is basically designed to maximise the skills as well as performance of employees within the work place, by doing so, the company will be able to attain productivity and profitability in an effective as well as efficient manner. It can be regarded as the process of searching, recruiting, selecting, training as well as development of employees in a manner that will result in higher efficiency as well as profitability for the company. For the purpose of management of this Human resource every company have a separate HR department who will be taking care of the various aspects related to Human resource and its management for this purpose they will hire a HR manger who will take care of the day to day activities of the business (Griffin, 2013 ). Tesco is a one of the biggest retailer, who is engaged in the business of retailing. The company has stores all over the world and is regarded as one of the biggest company in the field of retailing after Wall mart. The company has various strategies to attract consumers and creating a positive base for itself in the future.

    Task 1

    P1. The purpose and different functions of Human Resource Management

    HRM is basically management of the people within the company. It also have various aspects which needs to be considered by the HR manager of the company in order to make sure that right kind of talent is hired in the company and at least possible cost. HRM is responsible for conducting various training and development programs to make their employees feel motivated to do the work in an efficient as well as effective manner. There are various functions of Human resource management as well, these are described as follows:

    Recruitment and Selection:

    It can be regarded as one of the most important function of Human resource management. It involves recruiting the right kind of talent for the company so that they can contribute for the overall success and growth of organisation in the future (Smith, 2014). There are some other benefits also which can be derived by the company is right kind of talent is recruited by the company. The next step after recruitment is selection, from the various applicants who would have applied for the company’s Job, few right kinds of candidates will be selected keeping in mind the Job specification and Job design.

    • Orientation: It is also a very crucial function of HR Management. It involves making employees aware about the various roles and responsibilities that every individual would be having in the company. It is a very important part of any business; it makes individuals within the company aware of their various role as well as responsibilities. This will make sure that new employees become aware of the current environment that is prevailing within the company (Esteves, Franks and Vanclay, 2012).

    Managing employee relation effectively:

    Representatives are significant asset of firm, all capacity of an association depends on the execution of representatives and labourers. Representative relationship is exceptionally vital capacity of HRM. Tesco begin different exercises inside association to keep up great and amicable relationship among workers. These activities give assistance to refer to around a representative at individual and in addition proficient level (Weekley and Ployhart,. eds., 2013 ).

    • Maintaining Good working condition: HR director is in charge of keep up great workplace in an association. It is essential capacity in light of the fact that for new representatives it is anything but difficult to work in solid and cordial condition. Management shall make sure that right kind of managerial policies are framed that will motivate an individual to work in an effective as well as efficient manner. Worker welfare is additionally a critical angle in an association.
    • Training and development: It involves training as well as development of the employees who are being hired in the company. If they will not be trained properly through various training programmes then they will become a liability for the company and also contribute to the cost. Training and development will make an individual to feel motivated and work more productively as well as effectively. It also ensures that growth of organisation and its capabilities does not come to halt in any manner.

    P2. Strength as well as weaknesses of different kind of approaches of recruitment and selection

    There are various approaches to recruitment and selection and each approach suits an organisation based on its structure and needs that it have. HRM is a process which includes job design, performance appraisals, promotion, management, planning etc. Recruitment and selection procedure would ask for talented applicants to apply for the job based on their skills and job design match. This can be a very good job opportunity for people who want to get placed in an organisation. There are various strength as well weaknesses of different kinds of approaches to recruitment as well as selection. These are described as follows:

    • Internal source: It is basically the process of filling the vacancy within company through internal source or from within the organisation. Under this, The HR director will consider the present workers and the capable one will get the chance to hold the imperative position. Their execution and additionally work is judged by the organization and afterwards, if the best administration of Tesco finds the individual appropriate and capable for the activity, at that point the individual will be chosen (Fernandez and et.al., 2012). The significant quality of this sort of approach is that it is less tedious and it likewise offers chance to existing workers to get advanced at another post in the organization. Essential shortcoming of this sort of enlistment is that, it doesn't offers chance to other individuals outside the association and it might be unsafe for association going ahead.
    • External source: This is yet another method for enlistment in the firm. Under this. The firm will attempt to fill the empty position in the organization through outer sources that implies from a source which is outside the association. Under this, The HR chief will welcome applications from potential competitors in light of the activity profile and additionally part and from that point forward, the concerned hopefuls should experience a meeting procedure and simply after completely fulfilled, A choice of choice of an applicant is made. The real qualities of this sort of enlistment is that, another sorts of ability and also excitement comes up in the association through this. The new individuals will bring new abilities and ability inside organization and this will upgrade the general profitability of Tesco. The shortcoming of this procedure might be that it is extremely tedious process and requires a great part of the assets of the association. (Ageron, Gunasekaran and Spalanzani, 2012).

    Suggested: HR7234 Human Resources Management Level 5 University of East London

    P3) Various Benefits of HRM practices within an organisation

    Human resources plays a crucial role in the overall growth as well as success of the organisation and it is very important that such resources are managed effectively as well as efficiently in order to increase overall productivity of the organisation. Hr activities takes an active part in operations as well as the functions of firm (Bloom, and et.al., 2012). Tesco incurs various cost for the purpose of increasing the level of efficiency and hiring the best possible talent for the company. It is extremely difficult for an organisation to run without having adequate practices of HRM within the company. There are various benefits which can be drawn by both employers as well as employees due to good HRM practices, these are described as follows;

    • Enhancement of Employee Skills: With effective implementation of HR practices a company can help its employees in enhancing their skills by providing tight kind of guidance through training as well as development programme. Tesco aims to bring out the best out of their employees and for this purpose it makes sure that the overall working environment within the company is good enough. The management of the company also comes up with various programmes of motivation for employees so that they contribute towards attainment of objectives for the firm (Andreeva and Kianto, 2012).
    • Building of a Flexible and good working environment: HRM Practices are crucial in setting up an adaptable domain for effective and viable task of assets. If the environment that is being provided to the employees within the organisation is effective, then there will be a good working environment within company, and people will be able to focus on work in an effective manner. In the present situation each need an agreeable and adaptable workplace in which the expect moves according to their own particular decision an appropriateness. Tesco endeavour to build up an adaptable workplace for giving advantage to their representatives. They begin diverse movements framework, for example, morning, twelve as well as night move, in which representatives can fill in according to their reasonableness. It will aid organisation as well as employees in getting the best possible outcome and building a environment which would be conducive for working.
    • Promotion of positive behaviour: One of the fundamental motivation behind any HR supervisor is to advance positive and moral conduct inside the organization to make the earth inside the organization favourable for representatives to work and contribute in the development. The HR director ensure that workers of the organization is having a decent and moral conduct with clients and are not being abused as it will directly affect the picture and in addition the brand of the organization. Organization tasks to set up a decent workplace inside itself so individual and also proficient relations can be upgraded. (Schaufeli and Taris., 2014).

    P4) Effectiveness of Human Resource Management in increasing productivity as well as growth

    Human resource management plays a very significant rile in development of policies and procedures that will enhance the overall growth as well as profitability of the firm in the long run through hiring best possible talent for company and making sure that they are contributing in achievement of goals for the company. Some important factors are laid down below which contributes in productivity and growth of the firm:

    • Proper Talent Management: A definitive point of any organization and additionally HR director is to ensure that the most ideal ability is procured in the organization, they ought to have appropriate learning and will be taught so they can deal with different circumstances and weight inside the organization well (Disch, 2016). It is difficult to hold the best ability with yourself, subsequently it is vital that once the correct sort of gifts are contracted in the organization, it will stay with the firm and for this reason Tesco ensures that there are vital evaluation projects and reward administration plans which would hold fundamental ability inside the organization and will likewise rouse them to do well in future.
    • Information System: HRM Plays a crucial part in the overall implementation of all the operations of the organisations in an efficient manner. Its HRM which ensures that human capital of the organisation is giving their best possible efforts for the development of company in the longer run. This framework is useful in exchanging information and data from one place to other to attain objectives and goals. Data framework is called as information organisation. It is the duty of HR chief to give huge data to their workers or subordinates which are essential for running out business exercises. Tesco procure very much gifted individuals who are having appropriate and productive information about advertising viewpoints, so organisation set them as promoting agent. Organisation make a powerful correspondence arrange for which is useful in rendering information and data starting with one level then onto the next. This likewise offer help in accomplishing objectives and targets of business. HRM make a very much arranged administration framework for compelling task of business exercises which are useful in accomplishing wanted objectives and targets (Manvi and Shyam,, 2014). A superior correspondence channel is lessening miscommunication among representatives. Data framework causes a person to comprehend their parts and obligation in an association.

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    Task 2

    P5) Importance of Relations with employees in decision making

    It is very essential that right kind of relations is there between the management of the company and employees because if there will no harmonious relations between them it will affect the working environment and ultimately, the profits as well as productivity of the organisation. Organisations around the world has came to know the importance of such relation management and therefore has implemented various policies as well as procedures within the company for bringing the right kind of harmony within the organisation. Some of the importance of Efficient employee relations are discussed as under:

    • A good communication flow is established thereby reducing the level of miscommunication within the company which is essential for productivity.
    • Employees will be motivated to work for the company and this will increase the le el of production as well as service delivery this higher growth and profits.
    • Employee satisfaction can be achieved by Tesco if it will implement right kind of employee motivation practices for management of employee relations (Tao and et.al., 2014).
    • A healthy employee relation would create a better team work among employees and thus will result in good outcomes in some of the crucial projects that are being undertaken by the company.

    P6) Key elements of various legislation act of employees

    There are various laws as well as regulations which are there to protect the rights of an individual who work within the company. These acts also laid down certain norms for employers that they should keep in mind while managing relations with their employees. There are various legislations for this purpose and are described as follows:

    • Age discrimination Act. : This Act completely sets out that an organization can not contract man representative who is underneath the age of 20 and furthermore can not fire or remove a person who have accomplished the age of 40. Subsequently it confines organization's capacity to contract and oust workers
    • Anti- Discrimination Act. : This act lays down rules for employers that they can not discriminate between hiring employees on the basis of gender, colour or religion etc.
    • Minimum Wage Act. : This Act ensures that workers right are secured and they are accepting the wages that are set down in the law as a base. Thusly the demonstration ensures that businesses pay in any event the wage that is specified in the law to its representatives and also specialists (Jennings and Stadler, 2015).. This act has helped workers as well as employees to get there rights regarding wages as well as salaries.

    P7) Different applications of Human Resource Management practices

    While opening another branch of Tesco, division of human resources plays a very crucial role in the overall development as well as growth of the organisation. Undoubtedly, effective use of human resource management practices are utilised by various undertakings, for the purpose of efficiently using the current resources of the company, and making the best out of the current capabilities of the individuals. Human resource management plays an imperative part in the overall development of the personality of an individual, This will further enhance the reputation of the organisation and thus growth can be expected. Over all movement is to understand the affirmation of occupation which contains key reports which engages a man to participate in a choice system. After that association is done in the midst of different candidates on the prelude of accessible attestations and chooses them according to their prerequisites . In context of Tesco,

    Job Specification

    Job code: A145

    Job title: Customer service manager

    Date: 23.5.2019

    Report to: General manager

    Location: London

    Education: Candidate have education diploma in management with specialisation in customer relation. Must pursued al-least training in this field.

    Skills: Communication skills, analytical power, problem solving ability etc., ins required for the job profile. Along with with, eye catching traits or behaviour is most welcome.

    Experiences: Minimum experience of two years is required to pursue this job role.

    Language: English, French.

    Competencies: Candidate must have effective or eye catching dress sense to impress on first look.


    From the above discussion it can be presumed that Human asset administration is a basic piece of an association and it can not be undermined by the administration of organization. There are different issues which are being engaged with administration of Human asset these are choice, enlistment, preparing and in addition improvement of the entire people who are working inside the organization.Human resource are one of the most important resource of organisation and effective implementation of the same can generate higher return for the company in general. In the world of globalisation, the role of human resource management is increasing very fast, now the manger of the department will have to bring in various other aspects as well in his working this includes conducting of events that are organised by the organisations, hiring potential candidates from the well developed institutions who can help in raising the overall productivity of the organisation. There will be compelling usage of the HR approaches that are being surrounded by the Top administration of the organization, and it is the duty of HR Manager to execute the same in best and also productive way Possible.


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    • Fernandez, S., and et.al., 2012. Managing successful organizational change in the public sector. In Debating Public Administration (pp. 33-52). Routledge.

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