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    Evaluate Strategies That Helps In High Performances Of People

    University: Arden University

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3310
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BMA701
    • Downloads: 597
    Question :

    Managing self and others is a skills that help in controlling themselves and other people. You are a part of a formal assessment program therefore you are required to submit an assessment on managing self and others. To understand this better you need to answer the following questions below.

    1. Explain the concepts that are associated with the strategies of career development.
    2. Evaluate the development done by yourself and the other in the approach of lifelong learning and development of skills.
    3. Apply and Evaluate strategies that helps in high performances of people.
    4. Apply those strategies that are related to working as an individual or working as part of a team.
    5. To demonstrate learning and the improvement done on self, reflect your own personal performance.
    Answer :


    Learning and skill development of a team as well as leader is essential in every organisation. This report covers the topic about the different learning and skill development methods for improving the performance. Range of tactics used for improving the people's performance in an organisation and the skills and knowledge achieved through managing self and others.

    TASK 1

    1. Learning approaches and skills development methods

    There are many methods of learning and skill development for team which are been described below:

    • Technology-Based Learning: With the use of technology the team gets to learn via interactive multimedia training. Training with technology is an unlimited form of skill development. In this the involvement of the learner is more than any other environment and the trainee can learn at his own pace (Magnusson, Brunetta, and Annosi, 2017). It includes training basic PC based program, interactive multimedia, using videos, web based training, etc.
    • Simulators: Learning in simulators can help the team members to learn and acquire specific skills through learning virtually, It is an effective way of learning and involves low risk, as there is low risk of wastage of any resources. To improve the knowledge and skills of the team members and manager in an organisation simulators are used in the company. Simulator learning helps the team to learn time management as the trainee has to make decisions and specific skills within allotted time by the simulator (Kolb, 2014).
    • On the job learning: Training to the team members are provided through performing actual tasks. On the job training provides motivation to team for performing a job. Through hands-on learning teams tends to learn more effectively and efficiently than learning through theoretical instructions (Lancer, Clutterbuck and Megginson, 2016). Performing a job within the workplace and work environment increases the skills, knowledge, and competence of the team members with using the regular workplace tools, equipment, documents, etc.
    • Coaching/Mentoring: An experienced professional provides training to the staff or team members in learning via coaching. Through coaching probability of success of team increases by providing timely feedback, support and clarity. In context to performance management, coaching refers to providing employees regular support and feedback throughout the training (Wilson, 2014). It helps to improve teams actual as well as expected performance. Coaching provides trainee chance to ask questions and suggestions and receives true and helpful answers.
    • Lectures : Lectures are usually a classroom format training or learning. Training to the team are been given through whiteboard, video portions, power-point presentation, story telling, etc. Lectures are effective when presenting a large data or instructions to a large or small groups. It is a learning method where same information is been given to everyone. Learning through lectures is cost effective and grabs attentions as it is interactive learning between instructor and employees.
    • Group discussion: It is a learning method where the team gets to learn through group discuss any issues or problems. It helps to solve the problems of the employees and the organization that arises during any project. Group discussion is a better form of training than training via lectures, as it allows all team members and manager to discuss issues or any topic regarding their work. In group discussion there are many suggestions and solutions are derived as all team member involves in discussion with each other.
    • Role Playing: For act on issues that could occur in the workplace during work, role play is been used as an effective method of learning. It improves the skills of teamwork and act upon a sudden situation is been developed. Role playing is an effective technique for connecting and integrating theories and practices. It can be acted between team simulating an issue that could arise in the future during work at workplace (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2018). This could be done in a group of persons splitted in two teams or between one or two persons who would act in front of whole team. It helps to determine the sudden solutions or decisions taken for a situation or an issue that could occur in the future.
    • Management games: Real life issues are been simulated through management games at the workplace. Management games involves all types of trainee which includes active, reflective and practical team members. Management games includes, computer simulation games for handling various business situations, board simulation games for business solution, games that improves or develop thought and creativity to help manager for finding creative ways for solving problems that arrives at workplace and to implementing innovative ideas.
    • Outdoor Training: It's a training that is been provided outside the workplace, the main purpose of outdoor training is to develop team skills among the team mates. This could have a high impact on the team members and through outgoing and active participation can get most out of the team from this method of training.
    • Films and Videos: As a training method films and videos can be used on their own or in with other methods as supportive method. Videos and films are effective for simulating discussions on some specific issues. Learning through films and videos can be informative for the trainee to understand specific issues.
    • Case Studies: To discuss and analyse real workplace issues case studies are provided to trainees. Solving case study can develop problem solving skills and analytical skills and helps in providing practical illustrations of theories and practices (Jackson, 2015). Case study method help in building a sense of teamwork as team member together work to solve a problem.

    Below are some benefits of different learning approaches and skill development methods for manager/leader and the team are:

    • To strengthen and improve the performance and management skills of the team.
    • For effectively manage team, manager or leader and colleagues.
    • For developing own style of management that suits their personality and improves efficiency.
    • For managing different management situations that would arise through better decision making.

    2. Tactics to improve employees performance in the organisation

    Skilled and talented employees are the lifeblood of every organisation. For improving the employees' performance in the organisation for increasing productivity, profitability, employee retention, following are the tactics which would help are:

    • Communicate clear goals and expectations to employees: McLaren communicate their visions and goals with their employees to make them understand what are the objectives of the company and what they have to achieve. The goals and vision should be clear and concise so that they can achieve them effectively and increase their productivity (Swanson, and Fouad, 2014).
    • Training and development: Training and development sessions are been conducted by McLaren for improving their skills and productivity in the organisation. Through training the skills of the employees are been improved for better performance. It is been provided to employees for making the weakness of the employees into their strength.
    • Motivational programmes: Various motivational programmes are been conducted by McLaren for developing their employees performance. This would motivate them to work with their full potentials and achieve their tasks as well as company's objectives (Ratner, 2017). It helps the employees to work with their full efficiency and productivity to gain profitability.
    • Incentives and rewards: Incentives and reward act as a motivation for the employees to improve their work efficiency and their performance in the organisation. It helps to retain the employees within the company as their efforts in the company are been recognized and rewarded. They feel sense of belonging in the company, due to which the would work harder to increase their productivity.
    • Provide immediate and constant feedback: Employees should be given immediate and constant feed backs for their performance and for the work done by them. When an employee is been given feedback for their good work they would work more effectively. Feed back is necessary for having a two way communication within McLaren. Feedback helps to improve a work of an employee when he is not performing well in the organisation (McDonald and Hite, 2015). Through feedback the questions of employees are been answered correctly. It gives opportunity for employees to share their opinions to their managers or leaders and find solutions from them.
    • Employee engagement: Employee engagement helps McLaren to maintain a relationship with their employees and retain them within the company. This would help the employees and the organisation to have a better communication with each other.
    • Delegate & Empower: For a sense of responsibility and authority the managers of McLaren delegate and empower their employees. Employees are entrusted with a position of responsibility, that make them feel a sense of self-worth (Smith and Golding, 2018). Employees are given the responsibility and, importantly, the authority to get things done through empowering and training them, coaching them, encouraging them, and reward them.
    • Set the Example: When an employee sees the value of the development process when they see their current leadership continue to develop personally and professionally. Through modelling this behaviour, leaders build credibility and the trust necessary to encourage employees to participate in development-building activities.
    • Collaborate on problem solving: It means to involve employees in the problem solving process. Managers of McLaren encourages the team members to have responsibility to work through the problems and finding solutions for the issues that arises in the company on their own. This would develop a sense of empowerment and increases the employees' engagement with the company (Newton, Becker, and Bell, 2014).
    • Match tasks to skills: McLaren identifies their employees skills and behaviours for maximising their efficiency and productivity. The employees should be assigned with tasks that are regarding to their skills, which would motivate them to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.
    • Encourage open communication: Open communication is been encouraged in McLaren for encouraging the employees for sharing their ideas, perspectives and suggestions with their managers. This would create a sense of belonging to the employees and they would perform their best for increasing their performance within the organisation (Taylor, 2017). For this managers should have effective listening for hearing the suggestions and ideas from the employees which would help in decision making process of the company.
    • Organisational culture: Employees of McLaren are encouraged fit in the company's culture, this would help them to better understand the company and the objectives and goals of the company. By understanding the culture they would easily adjust within the organisation and acts for improving their skills and perform well for achieving productivity and profitability.
    • Developing Trust: McLaren develops trust between them and their employees as, it would help them to have a better employee engagement and relation between the company and their employees (Magnusson, Brunetta, and Annosi, 2017). Employees are depended upon their leadership for their decisions affecting the strategic directions of company.
    • Encourage innovation: Through encouraging innovations in the company the employees are motivated to give their suggestions and help in leaders or managers to take decisions regarding the organisation. This would improve the performance of the employees and they would perform their best to increase the productivity and profitability.
    • Support employees' growth: McLaren support employee growth by providing education and learning opportunities, training, coaching, and any other interactions for supporting employees’ personal development and improve their performance in the company (Kolb, 2014).
    • Developing Team network: Through building team network McLaren encourages their employees to bring up fresh and innovated ideas and best practice in their workplace.
    • Increased focus on driving business results: McLaren employee’s day to day work supports the company’s mission. This promotes year-round focus on key business results and driving profitability.
    • An empowered and engaged workforce: McLaren maintains their employee engagement by creating a culture of shared accountability for career growth and development.
    • Foundational knowledge of talent: With Knowledge of work force's skills and abilities, McLaren ensure all employees are getting the direction, feedback, and development they need to succeed. Company identify high and low performers, and track and evaluate the effectiveness of employee development activities.
    • Recognition: Through recognition employees get both positive and negative feedback. This satisfy the employees need for praise, creates right behaviours and cultures and improves employees engagement. Recognition helps to improve the employee retention and the performance of theirs would increase resulting in rise in productivity and profitability (Lancer, Clutterbuck and Megginson, 2016).
    • Automating the review process: Automating portions of the performance review process can help employers and employees alike by making more time for other aspects of employee reviews. Possibly the biggest advantage of implementing technology into the review process is making it so much easier for employees and their managers to track and measure performance year-round (Wilson, 2014).

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    3. Knowledge and skills gained from Managing self and other

    Following are the knowledge and transferable skills that I have gained form managing self and other module are:

    • Time management: I have developed skill of timely managing my work and tasks in order to take decisions as quickly in order to sustain in the changing environment. Through simulation learning I have gained the knowledge and improved my skills through which I am able to make quick decisions for situations or issues that would arise suddenly.
    • Organisation: Through managing self and others I have gained organisational skills which are been required for performing my job or task. I can handle the pressure of work in workplace and can able to handle several tasks at the same time. I have to more improve my organisational skills for handling whole team and directing them for achieving tasks or goals determined.
    • Research: With the help of training through various method I get to know how to perform research and conduct surveys and them analysing those data and interpreting them in a manner that it could be easily understandable to others and take actions regarding the results of the research by making decisions and strategic plans for them.
    • Social networking: Through group discussions and team meetings I am able to socially network with my team members this help me to know more about them and improves communication and build relationship and engagement with the team.
    • Presenting ideas: Through training and skills developing through lectures and presentations I am able to present my ideas and suggestions with the team comfortably. It is helpful at time when there is a requirement for making team understand through presentations and reports.
    • Reasoning: With the help of training I have developed the skill of reasoning for evaluating a resource or researching on a topic. It develops the ability to determine the pros and cons of a project, client, task or those related to workplace.
    • Decision making: Through different training and learning techniques such as simulations, role play, etc., helps me to improve my decision making ability. I am able to make instant decisions for any situations or issues that arises during my work and workplace.
    • Persuasion: I am able to develop my persuasion skills as it is been needed in workplace meeting where I have to make others support my decisions and plans. This skilled is developed through group discussion based learning techniques, etc., where I have to persuade others to believe and support my decisions or informations.
    • Overcoming obstacles: In an organisational workplace environment a manager has to face various obstacles or difficulties that would bring problems in the functioning of the job. I have developed the skills and knowledge of overcoming those obstacles that would arise during the work and have to make sudden strategies or plans to overcome those obstacles.
    • Commitment: I have gained a sense of commitment towards my job or work or to the organisation. As they are focusing on the personal as well as professional development. Which increases my commitment toward the organisation.
    • Self motivation: Through training through various techniques I am been able to motivate my own self for achieving the targets and goals or objectives of the organisation. I can make my own targets within the organisational objectives for achieving both individual as well as organisation goals.
    • Confidence: I gained confidence through training with my team as we get to know each others and maintain a relationship due to which the tasks and the goals can be easily communicated to the members and can together achieve any goals or objectives.
    • Problem Solving: Through training I have developed the problem solving ability and skills, with this ability I am able to sort out the problems that would arise during the work. It develops my quick decision making ability for solving the problems or issues that would come suddenly during work at the workplace.
    • Listening: As a manager I have to develop effective listening ability for listening the suggestions and ideas from the team mates. Training through group discussions, lectures, presentations, etc listening skills are improved. It helps to take different suggestions for any situations from the team members and selecting the suitable suggestions.
    • Budgeting: I am able to know how to prepare a budgets for different activities through training with technology based learning and coaching.


    From this report we get to know about the various learning approaches and skill developing methods that would benefit the manager or leadership and the team by enhancing their skills and knowledge. An organisation should use proper and appropriate tactics and methods for improving the performance of employees in organisation through proper training, incentives and rewards, motivating and improving the communication in the organisation for improving the productivity and profitability.

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