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    Changes On The Strategy And Operations Of TESCO

    University: The London College

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 17 / Words 4316
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: EC4F05
    • Downloads: 825
    Question :

    ULC i.e. Understandings and leading changes helps the company in preparing themselves to meet problems that may arise with the implementation or initiation of any changes in an organisation.

    To become a business analyst, you are being trained at TESCO which is a multinational organisation which is currently making many changes in the organisation. Analyse and compare the impact of those changes on the strategy and operations of TESCO. For this, you are required to attempt following questions.

    • Compare and explain How the changes are impacting the strategies and the operations of the organisation.
    • Explain the major influence which the drivers of change have up on the organisational behaviour.
    • Explain how the leadership decision making is influenced due to the barriers to change.  
    • Apply various approaches of leadership in a change initiative.
    Answer :


    Understanding change can be the relation of competitive advantage it required to be adjust according to best possible ways. Different organisation change their structure according to various markets and new technology. This changes have different factors that makes corrective implementation to improves organisation growth. This aim to improves plans to change in organisation (Doppelt, 2017). Also, it will help to developed to old ideas with different innovation and techniques. In this case is have different impact of change in organisation and gives. Also analysing the PEST/SWOT changes in organisation. Moreover is discussing about the challenged faced by leadership, individual and team behaviour. From the present report organisation chosen is TESCO.

    TASK 1

    1. An introduction to the drivers and impacts of change and how it affects organizational strategy

    Driver of changes can impacts on technological, economical security and networks related challenges for the future development. it is one of the most well know and comprehensive publication series of its kind. It can change the communicates research , trends, and question about the future. It was different changes has to develop and become the corrective decision on the changes in organisation. Internal drivers can affect the organisation in internally. In this includes the quality for the products and changes in innovative proceeder of production. In external environment like political or legal changes can affect the organisation externally. Any changes in laws can affects the organisation with different ways (Espedal, 2017). Laws changes make company to operated according to changes in laws rules and regulation of different area.

    2. An overview of the organisation case studies.

    TESCO is retail industry in UK and Ireland. This company annual online selling is $5 billion. Tesco is knowns as the worlds largest online grocer, with customer 250000 order completed a week , this the highest benchmark for the company. TESCO company have 1900 vans that operate and about 300 store and 9000 picker. On 2006 its seals increases strongly by 29.2%.

    3. A PEST/SWOT analysis to be undertaken for each case study to identify drivers of change.

    Political factor- it affects the business directly or indirectly manner. If any changes by laws in political area where organisation is established its affects on to changes their policies and procedure (Fullan, 2014). This will be affects the company labour laws, trade restrictions and tariffs with political stability. TESCO is a retail company, if any changes in political factors it required to change their policies and structure according to laws which is changes.

    Economic factor – In this factors if any changes in organisation with retail industry. Economic conditions of company plays a major role in the global market. Well settled economical company will makes the best productive channel and growth. It plays an important role in order to make the best productive channel and growth. Economic factors changes directly impacts on the the nature of effective growth and target goals. It brings new changes and longs lasting improvement for fats processing growth.

    Social factor- This will be also affects to changes in organisation activity. Change in People taste and preference can change organisational activity. Social change trades by people is affects the organisation. Social changes make organisation to take decision for changes in social factors. It will helps that changes makes customer loyal from their mind set. It is important that the social factor can influence the selective theory with effective management in the organisation. It may effective on the organisation with the helps for the quality for the organisation. It is important that the social factor influence the organisation structure with the effective communication in the organisation

    Technological factor- Any changes in technological ways in organisation. It will helps to improves different changes in frequent manner according to innovation in technology. In organisation structure changes helps to more efficiency works and improves the production quality. this will helps to understand the organisation correctiveness for the selective method in the different prospective thinks . It helps to understand the organisation with the selective mergers in the organisation. It will created the technology with the effective ways for the organisation structure in the variable method in the different prospective technology.

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    SWOT Analysis

    Strengths – TESCO is strong brand name. It produced cotton trading fair around the world. This company usage of technology to set marketing power with commendable increase in online sales. Tesco supply chain is very efficient in case of costs.

    Weakness – Company have very strong dependency on the revenues generated by it UK chain. It decline in its market there would decline the overall scenario. It dependency sometime makes unprofitable (Lopez, and Wise, 2015). The sale objectives for the high price non essential items are not achieved according to the expectations.

    Opportunities- tecso have opportunities in online scope for its products. New outlets planned for different countries makes new customer in various markets. Tesco produces cotton products, it breaking sales with different countries .

    Threats- Different country have different laws , it is difficult to improves the various section in company according to country rules and regulation. High labour cost exception by the employee sector. Other supermarket that are thought not big but do cover the market share to the maximum extent.

    4. Analysis for each organisation on the impact of change and the effects it has upon the organisation’s strategy and operations.

    Organisation developments helps to identify the potential consequences of a changes, or evaluating what needs to be modified to accomplish a change. This will also helps to take the better advancing and challenging growth for the implementation (Morrison, and Rooney, 2017). Changes is required I the organisation in the order to enhanced the betterment for advance technology. It will makes Evaluation of how change will have affected leadership, individuals and team behaviour. situation stable and longs lasting according to company changing different orientation . Different changes makes different steps to implements in the organisation. It helps to make the best impacts with full decision making approach. The best ways to changes in organisation to improves the technicality for the effective manner. It will helps to understand the changes for modifying the organisation activities for the effective situation on the marketplace. It will helps to changes in organisation with different levels it will be reduces the risk factor in the organisation.

    TESCO company is strong retail company is UK. Its dependency strong in UK people . If they operates their business in different markets it will helps to improves its different character for effective controls on production units. It will helps to developed the market structural with the effective changes. Organisational changes their process and policy because for the marketplace. Different market have different plans to improves their quality for the market condition, changes in organisation plan will affect the customer taste and preferences. Changes impacts analysis suggested about changes that affects the business operations and different strategies (Salman, and Broten, 2017). All over the scenario and last oriented performance level of work that gives the long lasting effects and growth oriented matter.

    5.Evaluation of how change will have affected leadership, individuals and team behaviour.

    Internal drives of change – different changes makes organisation improves the changes in their agents. They could be employee's, workers . Managers , stakeholders, shareholder. They can have impacts or they can affects leadership, team or any individual's behaviour. It depend on the market assumption for the effective segment in the organisation with corrective action in the organisation. It depend on the marketplace with effective place in the market assumption in the market.

    Impact of Internal drivers on leadership, team & individual's behaviour

    TESCO is UK based retail company. There are many changes drivers which their impact on leadership, team or any individual for effective organisational structure. It can increases their managerial efficiency and effectiveness, in organisational activity. It have advantage the leader that can change in the organisation will improvement for employee suggestion. In individual behaviour has to improves the organisation (Doppelt, 2017). This types of impact can measurable for the organisation structure the level of different changes. The market challenger strategies can have a more impacts on the organizational leadership and their behaviour weather as a team or as an individual. It depend on the market segment will helps to understand the internal resources which organisation is used different market.

    Impact of External drivers on leadership, team & individual's behaviour

    there are many external changes in leadership and individual their team works helps to sustain the behaviour patterns as well. There market challenger strategies can p[lays a different role in the organisation. challenges in global for domestic economy can also effect these three factor. There distribution channel can also play a very important role toward their team work and their behaviour patterns as well. This will helps to understand the changes in perfects selection in the organisation with effective manner. Changes makes leadership and individual for different targets that have to achieved for the organisation. It will helps to sustain the external effects on the market segments. Different markets helps for the organisation different changes . It depend of the situation that can makes the organisation with the operational effective situation on the market segments (Yoder-Wise, 2014). It makes good impression on the nature and fast forward decision making approach that makes all task making good performance. Different market condition helps for the organisation activity for effective condition for corrective decision on the market.

    6.Evaluate how the impact of change was minimised and the application of appropriate models to process change efficiently.

    In retail industry helps to sustainability is depended on the local effectiveness. It is necessary for the firm to assure effective and quick decision making . However decision making bis the internal abilities which developed to helps the organisation with different overcoming ideas. It helps to makes changes in the organisation with corrective action on the changes. Technology advancement, economic and political instability etc. different organisation have different rules to according to the structure. Different market have different changes to improves the quality for the market perception. The implementation of the market strategies helps to makes the decision on the market purpose (Espedal, 2017). It helps to developed the market segment with effective manner. It can be said that the organisation effective manner to manages Quick decision on the market helps to undertakes for effective business steps in the global market. It helps to stand strongly in the market and implement the different ideas and innovation in the organisation. Selective equation helps to undertakes the organisation changes . It will helps to improves the quality of procures which will produced in the organisation. Different marketplaces have different section it depend on the management that have to understand the leading equation in the marketplaces.

    1. Developing vision and strategies help of effective employee participation is the change management approach which assist the film in minimizing impact of external and internal changes.
    2. It involves senior and leader and management member in active and visible sponsor of the change.
    3. Different recruitment support management team and the training helps employees to find new objective and goals in the organisation.
    4. Different communication skill helps to change employee regularly to cope up with market change. it can assist retail industry in minimizing impact of change such as technological advancement.
    5. Different motivation techniques and rewarding employees makes satisfaction on their minds and keep alert for change management.


    From this report it is concluded that in organisation leading effectiveness helps to sustain its markets, also it is depended on the different managerial decision for understanding the leading change. It depend on the market assumptions for effective leading change-management in the organisation. in this case it concluded that effective leading change can affects the organisation selective decision.

    Also Suggested:

    TASK 2

    1. Introduction to the case study organisation.

    TESCO is multinational retail company which is established in England UK. This is the third largest retailer company in the world. TESCO retailing different areas like electronics, toys, financial services, software, clothing. Tesco founded in 1919 and its founder is jack cohe. It have different products in his supermarkets , hypermarkets, and superstore. TESCO focused on peoples needs with low cost retailer products. Mid-1990s company opens 500 to 2500 shops in fifteen years later (Allen, 2018). Company listed in London stock exchange. On 22 April 2015 its capitalization is £18.1 billion and the largest company which is primary listing in London stock exchange.

    2. Application of force field analysis to determine opposition and support for change.

    Force field analysis

    Step 1 Describe plan or proposal for change:

    Define goals and vision for change, it helps to understand goals and objective with organisation employees. It will also helps to understand the organisational strategies with effective change. Different plans in the organisation that implements different ways is not effective for good business. It depend on the mergers ideas between leadership and the organizational employee's

    Step 2 Identify forces for change:

    forces that are driving for changes. This steps involves internal and external drivers. It is important that different identified forces which have various impacts of the organisation. Internal drivers included outdated machinery or product lines. declining team morale. Also a need to increase profitability. External drivers includes a uncertain operating environment. Changes in disruptive technologies helps to sustain the objectives of the organisation. Also involves changing in demographic trends.

    Step 3 Identify forces against changes:

    This will also includes the internal and external factors with changes in organisation in effective ways. This have to appropriated the market segment in the organisation (Blackburn, and Williamson, 2018). Different existing organisational is a resistors which affects on the organisation. It also include attitudes problems with not relating in good organisation. external commitments with collaborative to partner organisation. Identifying the objective maker the organisation in effective ways for selective environment in the organisation

    Step 4 Assign scores:

    According to works implements and its results scoring helps to understand different levels for changes in organisation. Scorning like one for (weak) and five for (strong) that implements will have to information about types of changes and need of changes in the organisation (Coghlan, and Shani, 2015). Assign score shown that changes is correct or not in the organisation. Different change in decision-making comes and end with bad impacts on company.

    Step 5 Analysing and implementation:

    After taking all changes with the help of force field analyses steps, implementation is essential for the effective changes in organisation. it emphasizing organisation to move forward or not changes with effective decision. after any changes is concluded total analysing concepts helps to understand the quality of working in organisation changes make bad impacts or good impacts changes.

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    3. An explanation of the different barriers to change and how they influenced decision making and leadership.

    Decision making is shaped in individual personality. There are many barrier to change between employee and leadership during the decision making meetings:

    • Decision making in leader and employees becomes complex due to change in behaviour with the prescription and attitudes in executive action. Different decision-making by leader and employees makes different between on their ideas (Hillson, and Murray-Webster, 2017). It will depend on the behaviour of leader and employees to makes one ideas with suggested by both.
    • Barriers are also created with search for innovation, alternatives, openness and trust in the organisation. This gap tells what and how executives behaves in the organisation .
    • Employees decision sometimes became hard because of bad idea. Thus , external management decision makes the effective ways to find the new ideas with effects on the quality on the managerial decision.
    • Sometime over confidence makes bad impacts on the process making decision. Employees should be clear to ideas and should be confident while making decision depend on the management to understand the different employees has not to take fore granted managerial decision.
    • Different decision making process can disrupt. it by dividing from other. This will helps to understand the ideas for effective communication (Lawrence, 2015). Perfect position on the market that approves for corrective action on selective method
    • employees mind set its impacts that sometime fats production makes bad procedures in the organisation. decision maker who think there are well crafted, high quality but have insufficient amount of time can face barrier in this field. Sometimes pressure may act as deadline to empower organisational quickness.
    • Uncompleted information provided in projects of organisation can also interrupts decision making process. it should be provided more work and benefits to employee so that peace it developed in the environment. Length of decision making process is decided by gut of peace and scale tips.
    • It may also have different effect in terms of developing organisational motivation. This way of time pressure is real or perceived, may act as a deadline and encourage organizational dexterity.

    Effects on decision-making process

    Different ideas can affects in the organisation to influence decision making process. Past experience employees can affects the organisation decision-making process. Different people have different solution to make changes in the organisation. Positive result from decision making , people have same ways to have similar situation. It is not essential that future decision made based on past mistake ( Rogers, and Marres, 2016). Sometime financial decision-making helps organisation it doesn't mean that highly successful people do not make investment decision based on past sunk outcomes. It depend on the organisational activity that employees can have the authority to make decision and implements on the union trade in the organisation. sometimes managerial decision can not be effective for the organisation betterment. It depended that employee and managerial decision can affects organisation activities for the improvement different decision making process. In decision making cognitive biases influence that people have different prospect and ideas can make the decision on the market structure. It can make the decision on the priority by they effective ways for the negative approaches. Effects on the changes in leadership and employees decision can make the organisation is non profitable condition. It changes on the confirmation. It can makes the priority for the effective solution on the organisation.

    4. How was change accomplished and how successful was it?

    Establishing goals- company has to understand the correct goals, if company is find their goals that it is corrective decision that gives information about the goals with their employees and lower level organisation activity. It depend on the organisation activity that they implement the corrective information about the situation and helps to implements the priority for the effective situation (Wagner, 2016). Understanding the goals helps to find the solution for effective communication. It will helps to identifies the goals and objective of organisation. Different goals decided the corrective accomplishment organisation objectives. It depend on managerial decision for taking the various ideas to plan effective goals

    Developing strategies- after finding the goals it is important that the plan a strategies makes perfection between organisation management and their employees working behaviour. It depend on the plan which is implements or not with the effective use for the corrective priority decision on the effective solution the market plan a different strategies. It makes the different plan by the it makes. situation bases in the organisation. It depend on the corrective parts of different plan and strategies. It makes they plan according to organisational activity for the effective solution. It depend on the organisational activity for the effective solution in the market persona. The quality for the effective solution that makes the organisation correctiveness with the different segment in the organisation

    Monitoring – company plan the strategy is assailant is important for the effective solution for the market segments. It depend on the market that company should take decision after evaluating the techniques on the market segments. It helps to understand the controllability for effective challenges that employees have to find them,. It impacts that organisation makes profits for different prospects. It depend on the works that (Allen, 2018). understand the employees poverty for the effective changes in the organisation prospects. It depend on the market essential for effective with effective challenges that make the organisation correctiveness. It makes the organisation with effective ways to understand the priority for they corrective action. It is process that can make the perception on the organisation.

    Evaluating – After all this steps it is important that organisation have to evaluated the different process that implements the new ideas and strategies is generated by employees and managerial decision. After evaluating the situation it can mergers the ideas that generated by the different departments, therefore its depended on the organisational activity on the effective solution in the market segment. Its impacts on the correction on the level for the effective solution in the market segmentation is depended on the market segment with the effective solution in the market persona. it depend on the market segment with selective environments with effective solution in the market (Blackburn, and Williamson, 2018) .employees have to provided the section on the market related person. Monitoring is to Different decision making process can affects the organisation activity b. it depend on the organisation activity that which is more effective difference with the corrective action. It depend on the market evaluation that affects the market section.

    5. Advantages and disadvantages of different leadership approaches to dealing with change,

    Advantages of leadership

    Democratic – leaders can be significant talent , experience and ability to rise above and leader by strength not the title of the position. Manager will allow different leaders to come forward and inspire all the employs in the organisation.

    Participative – leader is participatory because its depend of the situation of the organisation that have to appropriated the condition in the market. It depend on the market structural with effective communication in the marketplace. Each effective leader is to implements their with effective commendable.

    Authoritarian- it is autocratic leaders that ahve individual control over each decision with littel or no inputs from other.it depanded on the sitution that affetc the varriable sitution on the market assuamtion (Coghlan, and Shani, 2015). Employees and this types of leader take the advantage for cummuniting in effecti ways. It depand on the market salection that helps to upgraded in market condition. It makes the organisation effectivness in the market helps. Different types of organisatiion leader have differnt priopity but the authority leader have priopert to have decison on corrective manner.

    Disadvatage of leader -

    Democratic- Different sitution call for different leadership styles. It is essitanl that remember because some styles may not be as effective as the other depending on the circumstances. Different leader have to appropriate the market condition with effective challenges. It depand on the varriable controlism with effective ideas.

    Participative- sometimes particiaptive leader gives works for more over employess working capacity. It depand on employees also that communicting with thier leaders to impoves corrective task giving working ablity in the organisation. Different depnadancy for the market segment helps to improves the quality for the corrective environments in the organisation.

    Authoritarian- Differnt leader have different authority in the organisation , sometime leader taking advantage of power (Hillson, and Murray-Webster, 2017) Leaders can affects the organisation with effective channel of distribution in the market segments. It depand on the market related perception for the effectively use in the corrective action.authority proction helps to understanding the lavel for the organisation activity with authoriy and organisatiAllen, 2018.Blackburn, and Williamson, 2018.on take action on them.


    From this report it is concluded that different leader have different priority for the organisation. It depend on the organisation that employed and the leader have to selective decision with mergers of their ideas. Also it is concluded that organisation accomplished the different goals and objective and its takes helps with different activity in the market place

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