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    Unit 3.23 Knowledge Management Fundamentals Level 3


    Knowledge management involves in systematically and it actively managing and leveraging the volume of knowledge within an organisation. It is that process which transfer the information from one person to another in proper manner. It is also creating and sharing the employees information. For enhancing the knowledge and skill, it will help employees for making and developing team building within an organisation. Knowledge help in enhancing and increasing the person capability while doing effective work. In this project, analyse the five decision and its influence on an individual (Dalkir, 2013). Also understand the different approach which are explained here.

    Main Body

    1. Consider five decisions which are made today

    There are five decisions which are taken by today only. So it will help me in gaining extra information, data and knowledge in proper manner. These are discussed as follows:

    Going to class - Firstly I am decided to go for a class where various things help me in gaining additional knowledge and information. In the class, I am learn some new thing which help me in future time period. It is the decision which I have taken for getting learn about some specific topic and theme which are useful for me in my exams. After that this decision will directly or indirectly impact on my life and assist in gaining knowledge and collecting more data or information which are required.

    While going home visit the mall– Second decision is that I am visit at the famous mall where I can shop the clothes, accessories and other items. In the mall, I can gain knowledge about latest fashion and know the current trends which are necessary to me while purchasing some products (Hislop, 2013). For gaining additional knowledge, I am talk to the specific shop owner who are providing accurate information and detail about each products which are buying by me.

    Discussion with friend at launch time– It is third which I have taken in this day. I am discuss with my friend about my exams, syllabus, time table, etc. and also knowing some specific knowledge and information in better manner. This decision help me in doing discussion with my friends at launch time for gaining information about books and important topic which they need in their exams.

    Family dinner– This is forth decision which I have to taken today. I am doing dinner with my family members where all the people are discuss about the family issues, problems and values which help me in gaining information, data and additional detail about family members in better manner. While doing dinner, I am able to talk about different problem which occurs in the family and try to make solution for such issues (López-Nicolás and Meroño-Cerdán, 2011).

    Internet suffer – It is the last decision which I have taken, while sleeping I am going to suffering on internet and analyse the latest trends that help in getting information and knowledge in proper manner. For suffering internet and other sites, it will assist in gaining trending which are available on the sites.

    All the above decisions has been influencing by lack of pre existing data, information and knowledge. So I need to make proper changes which required in better way.

    2. Consider high school

    I am familiar with the school of St. Barnabas Church of England Primary school which is situated in united kingdom. They provide effective knowledge which help in learning within an environment in better manner. The knowledge management is provide highly benefits to the information technologies. The knowledge management providing the advanced skills and knowledge which assist in describing the actual goals and targets of the high school. It will help in motivating the students which are come for gaining knowledge at the school. KM help in school institutes for improving the capacity of collecting and sharing the information and knowledge and also applied these for solving specific problems. There are various points which help them in gaining benefits from high school that are as follows:

    • Information and content should clear – The knowledge management mainly focus on community results and knowledge required to reach with those outcomes. Along with this, knowledge management help in serving the information to the school staff then they deliver to their students (Mills, and Smith, 2011). According to this outcome, St. Barnabas Church of England Primary school faculty which assist in growing the information and data that provide to their students.
    • Increasing focus on outcomes – Knowledge management mainly concentrate on ideal students which assist them in gaining additional information and data. Before implementing KM system, school staff are identifying the main objectives which are based on different roles and individuals. The benefit of information technology is understand and analyse the whole system in effective manner.
    • Improvement to students behaviours – The knowledge management help in improving the manpower to determine and analyse the behaviour of students towards specific work. They also concentrate on study which help them in making the career for future (Andreeva and Kianto, 2012). It assist in determine the knowledge of each person which lead towards success.
    • More explicit knowledge – There are much knowledge in an organisation that implied and tacit knowledge so firstly what people are knowing than what is they searching is not easy for users to grasp and make use of effective and consistent way. With the help of effective knowledge management, high school teachers are need to provide better project among all students through more expressed such as prosperity stories and user stories.

    There are various knowledge management technologies are used by different high school such as doing research, through online system, books and some other. In all of these, they are using online techniques and system which are helpful in gaining high level of learning and knowledge in easy manner. It is that method by which students are acquiring effective ability and skills that are necessary for their exams. For making and developing improvement in this method which is used by high school is required. They need to adopt latest techniques and tool which assist in making changes and modifications in their current adopting technology for knowledge management.

    3. Tacit knowledge

    Tacit knowledge can help in transferring information from one person to another in two different ways. In this, one is possibility to transfer it in direct manner through socialisation, other is possibility while converting it into explicit through externalisation, then transfer it with the help of explicit form of recipient through exchange and last one is convert it in to tacit through internationalisation (Seleim and Khalil, 2011). There are some pros and cons of each approaches that are described as under:

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    • It will help in bringing all students together for gaining learning and knowledge
    • It is totally depend upon skills and knowledge
    • With the help of this, person can transfer their information from one individual to another in easy manner
    • This will allow an individual for learning the rules and regulations of society
    • In this, a person can speak freely and give their opinion without any hesitation


    • Most of the person are not involved in doing some activity and function.
    • The major disadvantage is that they are providing specific attention to a person is very expensive



    • Help in gaining advance knowledge and skills in better manner to the students
    • Information can be transferred quickly without any time waiting procedures.
    • Knowledge can be improved in further ways explicit for learning.


    • It is major disadvantage in explicit knowledge which have information that may secure as information transfer from one person to another (Cohen, 2012).
    • Some organisation require certain experts for articulating knowledge, so each knowledge can not necessary for maintaining skill to capturing it in better manner.
    • Database and documentation should be maintained in safe manner due to this explicit skills and knowledge that may codified as it is accessible in documentation.



    • It will help in transfer information from one person to another in easy manner
    • The recipients are providing permanent record of communication which can be refer in multiple times.
    • They are transmit knowledge and information to the students with the help of using different sources.
    • This will help in exchange the main objective of each topic in better manner
    • With the help of exchanging approach, the person can easily connected with other person while doing their work and also they are understanding the actual problems in better manner.
    • The exchanging information is required for an individual for properly implementing specific knowledge and skill in proper manner


    • Recipients are not understanding the common information as presenter which lead towards fulfil the needs to providing clear data.
    • There is no assurance provided as to recipient of the providing knowledge, interpret the information from one person to another.
    • Sometime there is lack of communication skill which create issues and problems while transfer information and knowledge within the place.
    • Also they are fail to deliver some basic information and data to their particular students within an institutions.



    • This will help in maintaining and managing better capability to students in appropriate manner.
    • It assist person in transferring effective information and knowledge from one person to another.
    • This will help in increasing capability and ability of individual by communicating with international people.
    • Assist in enhancing the information and knowledge among person in better manner
    • It help in doing effective communication with international people


    • This will create discriminate among person while transferring basic information and knowledge
    • They have some specific resources which assist in managing and maintaining the knowledge.
    • There are some issues and problems while providing international knowledge to their person occurring within an organisation.

    I am selecting exchanging approach by which easily transferring of appropriate knowledge and information from one person to another. This will use for effective convey important information which has been provided in rapid basis. This approach is best because it will assist in conveying whole information and knowledge from one individual to another in better manner. This will fulfil the main purpose is to transfer the knowledge from one person to another.

    If a person can transfer knowledge from one person to other 100 individuals in different parts of all over the world. In this, I choose externalisation approach which assist in conveying important information and knowledge from one to another person in better manner. It can be recommended that externalisation is used for transferring appropriate knowledge and information from long distance existing people.

    More Suggestions:

    4. Critical analysis

    As per the given judgement, it can analysed that it is evaluated that organisation are return on investment are around 10 percent profitability but firm can achieve only 5 percent at the year of system implementation. It can critically analysed that it is not correct system which are chosen due to this organisation performance has been reduced in regular time period. The problem is that organisation can not make any specific strategy which is best suitable for their employees (International Pain Summit of the International Association for the Study of Pain, 2011). So company can uninstall this system because it does not help in gaining profitability to them. There are various possible measures which help in taking corrective action areas under:

    • They need to adopt latest technology which help in acquiring effective knowledge for an individual in better manner.
    • They need to analyse the sources which assist them in transferring accurate knowledge and information such as internationalisation.
    • Also they required to take effective decision which assist them in making and developing strategies for an organisation.


    From the above mentioned report it can be concluded that Knowledge management involves in systematically and it actively managing and leveraging the volume of knowledge within an organisation. The knowledge management providing the advanced skills and knowledge which assist in describing the actual goals and targets of the high school.Tacit knowledge can help in transferring information from one person to another in two different ways.


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    • Seleim, A.A. and Khalil, O. E., 2011. Understanding the knowledge management-intellectual capital relationship: a two-way analysis. Journal of Intellectual Capital. 12(4). pp. 586-614.

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