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    Quality Management


    Quality management is a continuous process of overseeing the different operations and projects in order to ensure good quality of work. There are distinct elements through which the standards are evaluated. in order to assure the quality of a work done it is compared with the standards which were set against same. This way it is an important process as it leads to high customer loyalty and improves the overall business. Vertias events is an event organisation that is known for delivering the new, unique services to its clients. It helps specially the corporates to organise programmes and do all the arrangements to deliver an excellent experience. The following report will discuss how Vertias events will help a new enterprise from Sydney to do its positioning in the market by organising an event at huge scale. It would be discussed that how the total quality standards are going to be maintained and in context of same there would be discussion on quality stakeholder management plan. There after it will be elaborated that how while planning for the event the chances of conflicts will be avoided using a plan for it.

    Task 1

    Background of the case

     Vertias events was established in the year 1992 and since then instead of recycling the ideas it is creating its own innovative services which attracts clients from all over. In order to be different in the event industry this organisation every time create something which is better than before and take full control over the quality of the final service that is delivered to the client. A new company from Sydney wish to establish its brand in the market and has approached to the event company to do all the arrangements. In order to ensure that the event is successful use of quality management plan is done.

    Quality management plan

    It is a document that contains all the information that is required on order to ensure the good quality of work. It expresses all the relevant areas of the project where standards need to be managed and also discuss how. It is inclusive of guidelines for the implementation of roles, criteria’s that need to be met in context of the duties of different stakeholders involve in the project and many more. There are different objectives of this plan and in context of this event the goals are as follows:

    • To ensure that the event is organised effectively
    • To maximise the brand image through branding in the event
    • To give maximum satisfaction to all the stakeholders involved in the

    The following points will discuss how the quality is maintained in the process of event that will be organised for the branding process.


    This is one of the most important metrics in the quality management process. it helps in carrying out the work which is supported with discipline and hence assures that timely completion of the work. A written record of all those who are involve in the event origination process was maintained which helps in facilitating the communication process. The different departments are given the time limits in which they have to complete their tasks and report and this further helped in meeting the targets. Every distinct section is facilitated with the resistors so that corrections can be made on the same time and it could be ensured that whatever work has been done till date is cross checked and is free from any possible errors.


    This is the total expenditure which is allowed for the organisation of event by the client and it is very important to finish the work with nut. Exceeding same has direct impact on the quality of work and may affect the brand image of Vertias events. Therefore, the other quality management tool is to control the cost. It is done by allotting fix amount to distinct sections so that the overall expenditure does not exceeds. The total amount budget given by the new enterprise is of ten thousand dollars and therefore it is divided into various departments. The fluctuations that take place in the market may effect to the budget but it was given care that the total amount do not vary from more than ten percent as it can be adjusted with the clients easily.  

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    The branding event is going to be organised at big level and therefore there are lots of resources which are required to carry out same. These can be considered as the pillars of the work as without it nothing can be completed. Also to make the full capacity utilisations of these quality management is important. Firstly, a checklist of all the required resources for the event need to be maintained so that no important material is missed out for the last moment. Therfter all the required material is made available at the desired places to make the use more convenient. Responsibilities are given to the authorised persons for the sources so that they are not wasted and also when limited resources are made available then they are effectively utilised.

    Product Performance –

    Here in context of the event the product performance referred to the success of the branding event. To do so close monitoring on every step of the project is kept so that the results are in favour. As lots of people are going to attend the final event it would be ensured that the venue is easily accessible and has all the facilities which are expected by the visitors. The suppliers will be in close contact so that it can be ensured that he supply of resources are continuous. The results will be judged on the basis of benefits which the company is going to get from the event.

    Customer Satisfaction –

    This is another factor on the basis of which the overall quality of the project is judged. To declare the success, it is important that those who are the clients of this event are satisfied with the services which are delivered by the event company. In order to do so first all the expectations are identified so that accordingly the further planning is done. To know that weather the work done was as per the requirements or not a survey would be conducted in which information and feedbacks on the performance of the event company will gathered which will further help in making improvements in future and will also facilitate improvements in the future performances.

    Stakeholder Management Plan

    Stakeholders are the different individuals who has concern in similar project. Although each person has different interest and accordingly participates in the operations and it is very much important that satisfaction to all interested parties is provided from the final output. In case of this event the variety of stakeholders involve are suppliers, client company, visitors, investors, promoters, human resource etc.

    Stakeholder analysis is a process in which all the parties that are directly and indirectly involve in the project are first identified, then their degree of involvement is known so that accordingly the process is carried out further. This is important because to communicate with them it is required to know that who hold more importance so that they are considered first before taking any action.  It is very important to have a detailed plan to manage the different stakeholders and it is inclusive of different steps which are as follows:

    Recognition of stakeholder – It is the initial level where all those who are involve in he projects and has stake in the results are identified. Not every person who is interested in the project has equal interest and it is important that potential stakeholders are identified well in advance so that accordingly their impact is also known. Those who are at the top would be communicated on daily basis so that if any change is needed then it can be implemented in the programme. Given below are the various stakeholders of the branding event.




    These are those individuals from whom the different raw material for the event will be made available like caters, decorators, transporters etc.

    Client company

    This is the prime stakeholder of the event as through the programme the company is going to be marketed in public.


    They are the one who are investing the event with a view of earning profit in return.


    The event is going to be witnessed by people from different locations and are interested in knowing about the company.

    Human resource

    They are the one who will be working on the project and helping the event company to complete the task.  

    Stakeholder analysis register 

    It is written document that contain the detail information of all the stakeholders. It helps in knowing what is expected by the different individual from the project and how their desires can be fulfilled by following the distinct strategies. It is also known that what impact does a person has and how much power is held them. Accordingly, they are considered while taking the different decisions. Given below is the tabular representation of the stakeholder analysis for the event:


    Stakeholders power


    Expectations of stakeholder

    Strategy on managing stakeholders.




    They want that event is successful so that people visiting same may also reach to them for their projects in future. Their overall expectations are of enhancing their own business contacts.

    In order to fulfil their needs, the presentation would be kept effective and it will be ensured that proper utilisation of the supplied material is made.

    Client company



    Their prime need is to have a successful branding of their brand.

    While planning for every activity related to the branding it would be ensured that it is done in effective manner so that maximum people can be reached.




    They want that from the event programme the business become successful and they start getting the results in terms of financial benefits so that the returns on investment are earned.

    It would be ensured that whatever is related to the business is clearly highlighted during the event. It will help in promoting the brand.




    People coming to attend the event desire to get complete knowledge about the company and also expect good quality arrangements.

    Arrangements would be done according to the expected gathering and it would be ensured that everyone is able get the knowledge of the brand.

    Human resource



    They want that the objectives are met and within the targets as this will enhance their future professional aspect.

    Personnel’s will be made available with the required resources so that they can maintain continuity in the project.

    Stakeholder Management Plan

    In order to fulfil the desires of all the parties that are directly or indirectly involve in the project effective monitoring and controlling over the distinct process will be kept. It would be ensured that all the resources which are made available to the work force are properly utilised. There after the human resource will be leaded in a way that everyone works a common direction and towards the success of the project.

    Managing stakeholder engagement

    This is an important step where all those requirements or expectations which are of the stakeholders are considered and ensured that the same are fulfilled while planning for the event. In case of any conflicts among the interested parties regarding the expectations from the event is also well communicated and resolved.

    Conflict Management Plan

    There are lots of individuals who are involve in the event and it is to be organised in a way that sentiments or interest of no individuals gets hurt. To avoid or mage the conflicts following steps can be followed:

    Define the source of conflict –

    In order to resolve the problem, it is very important that complete information regarding same is available as it helps in better planning for the solutions. For same maximum communication with eth parties involve in the issue will be done so that the picture is made clear.

    Look beyond the incident –

    Here instead of avoiding the uneasy situations it is important that even if a small problem is observed it is cleared at the same time. This will help in avoiding the major issues that may arise in future and can affect the overall results of the event.

    Request solution –

    Once the conflict and parties involved in it are identified they can be communicated openly so that the possible solutions can identified. It would be discussed that on what point both the parties can agree on so that the matter is resolved as earliest as possible.   

    Identify solutions both disputants can support –

    Here the disputants are encouraged to offer the options which can be used to resolve the matter. Whatever solution is given by them should also be in favour of the event organisers as only then it would be adopted and implemented.

    Agreement –

    This is the last step in the process of conflict resolution. Here the most suitable option which is in favour of all the parties involved is selected and implement din the project. The disputants are made to shake hands and hence the work is continued.

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    From the above report this has been concluded that maintain quality in project is a complex activity and needs much attention. It is important to carry out various other activities so that the overall standards of the work are maintained. It is required that every step while performing the group task is take with care and after evaluating that it will give the desired results. Stakeholders are important parties of the and needs to be managed effectively so that they are provided with maximum satisfaction. Apart from this conflict resolution process was discussed which shows that how by following few steps the problem that may arise can be avoided or impact of same can be reduced to maximum limit.


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