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    Preparing for success at university | Knowledge and Creativity

    University: Bucks new university

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1079
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: FY026
    • Downloads: 317


    Knowledge and creativity are the key elements of success within personal and professional career. It helps to prepare individual for gaining success at university, which is quite beneficial for them. The present report is based on two essential questions, that define how and why person have developed as learner during module. Furthermore, it justifies how to approach future challenges and expectations of university course.

    How and why person have developed as a learner during this module

    During class work I am able to developed myself as learner because I have good communication and critical thinking skills which make me capable to learn different course work. Part of being learner is trusting yourself and finding ways to achieve personal goals. During this module, I learn how to prepare poster and presentation. I have developed myself as learner with the help of appropriate skills which I used at the time of class work. Presentation, referencing, assignment, SWOT and group presentation are included in class work (Galaczi, 2014).

    By following the stages of making presentation I have developed as learner, as it makes me able to prepare a good presentation. It is one of the best way to show or present ideas and creativity of work, it make it easier to engage all the people around activity area. Through creativity, there are several paths that help me find courage to be better every day. I am a creative thinker, that helps me power through that work and do a great job.

    During this module, I have learned how to make poster and group presentation, by following the phases of making these two things I am able to developed myself as learner. While learning ways to make group presentation, I have learned how to create graphs, add images and other essential aspects. At class work, communication is very essential as it helps to share ideas and thoughts related to each and every activity. I start to ask certain questions to my tutor because I want to know more things which make me able to developed my self as learner. Questioning is the best methods to learn more things about how to prepare assignment structure and other activities. Persona development covers many activities that enhance awareness and determine, develop potential & talents, improve quality of work and support to realization of aspirations.

    I have developed as learner during this module because it helps in my personal and professional career growth. Through class work, I learn how to make citation and collect references relevant to chosen topic for further research, while doing job as researcher. When I am writing piece of dissertation and research report and use someone else ideas and words I had to references them, it means that I need to include detailed data on all sources consulted, within text and at the conclusion of my work. Throughout this module, I have enjoyed, it has been good to develop my understanding and knowledge in each of different fields within class work, it has allowed me to make connections deepen my discussions later. The module as entire has enabled, me to look further into particular aspects which are of interest to me and those I did not have good confidence in delivering within class work (Amershi and et.al., 2014).

    I have developed as learner because I want to do my best in further, I want to improve my performance and productivity. For example, while doing job when my senior gives some topic to me and asked to make presentation with good notes, I am able to perform effectively, as I know how to make it attractive and impressive. Because developing my self as learner I can improve my skills, knowledge and abilities. During module, I learn how to make citation and referencing that support while making dissertation. Citation is way I tell my readers that some materials in my work came from relevant and appropriate sources. It also gives people knowledge and info necessary to find that sources again, consist information about different authors.

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    Reflections on how to approach further challenges & expectations of university course

    In academic career person faced different types of challenges that affects learning abilities and work practices negatively. Communication gap between group of students is one the most common challenge, that I will face for further of university course. To overcome this challenge, I would like to use my communication skills, use plain and simple language that is easy to understand by other. Communication gap is the biggest challenge lead to misunderstandings, with the help of keeping this skill I can overcome this barrier and effectively build strong connections.

    Time management is another further challenge, which I need to overcome in effective manner (Ungaretti and et.al., 2015). By starting my day with clear focus and make dynamic task list I can overcome this challenge. Time management challenges will be overcome by making schedule and set some boundaries. It is very important for me to manage my time during academic career, as it helps me prioritize work, so I am able to completed assignment on time. Good time management permits me to accomplish my work in shorter period, which leads to more free time, that let me take benefits of learning chances, helps me to focus on other essential activities related to course work.

    I had to develop my professional as well as personal career in systematic manner, it's my expectation of university course. It helps to sharpen my knowledge and develops new skills. With the help of university course, I will be able to developed my professional career. Its keep me up to date and guides to away from losing touch with my work niche.


    From above analysis, it has been concluded that developing as learner is quite beneficial for individual as it allows them to grow and gain success of further career. It has been summarized that, with the help of making schedule and divide each task, person managed their time. Communication skills permits reducing communication gap and build good relationship between two group of individuals.

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