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    Reflective Report on Enhancement of Skills for Development

    University: University of Queensland

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 18 / Words 4472
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: EMPL4001
    • Downloads: 308
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Identify ONE personal skill that you aimed to develop and improve throughout the task.
    • Provide the importance of that selected skills and describes general nature of that skill.
    • Describe the importance of time management skills in order to improve the productivity.
    • Generate the importance of skill improvement.
    Answer :

    PART A


    Personal reflection can be defined as the process of sharing experience with others. While writing a reflective report it is very important for individuals to make sure that they are paying attention towards all the events and situations which were experienced by them (Hoebing and Hoy, 2017). It will be beneficial for them to make sure that they have shared each and every element about their experience. It can help to write the reflection properly. In order to share detailed information with others it is very important for individuals to use clear language and way of communication. While planning for the attainment of long term career goals it is very important for all the students to enhance weak skills of them as it can help meet the goals which are set by them for future. Amongst all the skill time management is very essential for an individual to perform their daily regime or task in best possible manner. Most of the successful companies makes vital effort to inculcate the time management practices amongst their staff because this leads to the smooth functioning of business. Moreover, this favourably assist the organisation to overpower their competitors. Along with this it is essential exercise which needs to be performed by an individual in terms to build their sustainable career and gain the external opportunity. Instead of taking the stress such motivational skill leads to the transition where planned or predetermined tasks are performed in order to reduce the chances of deviation. This reflective report is based upon enhancement of skills for the purpose of development of motivational skills. For this purpose different topics are discussed in this report. These are identification of weak personal skill, steps that are taken to improvement of the same and the areas which are affected due to lack of them. For the completion of the report time management skill is selected for the purpose of development.


    Reflection is mental process as it is long consideration, opinions and thoughts that comes while reflecting is called reflection. It is interpretation of learning and thinking so that insights and further development can be lead to. It is process of rewinding individuals life about past and to think that how is affected their life and measures that could have been taken. Motivational skills are described as strategies and action that portrayed specific behaviour and response. It isn't very important skill for the leaders so that they can lead subordinates to get and complete task effectively on specified period of time. There is a need that individual apply skills like provide recognition to the team, giving equal respect to each and every member, provide assistance and give opportunities for future growth and development. Motivation in some simple terms means encouraging that there is a need that leaders provide driving force to an individual so that they can be self-motivated in order to complete daily routine task individual need motivation (Owen, 2016). They need to understand that new and existing employees can be motivated by offering monetary and non-monetary incentives, friendly and supportive environment, performance appraisal, organising events, providing new challenges and appreciation. In this report reflection analysis would be done so that motivational skills can be enhanced. Whenever an individual is joining organisation it is required that they possess right optimum level of productivity. This is because job rules and responsibilities become monotonous and boring for employees. Therefore motivating employees is very important due to following reasons:

    Enhance performance: any organisation which have hired new or have existing employees ones improved productivity. For this company provides training and development sessions so that their skills and knowledge can be increased. Different motivating factors are also employed so that personal walks with willingness on the form with efficiency Fisher

    Change in attitude: in case unemployed have not achieved anything after the maximum efforts their attitude becomes negative and productivity gets low. Such an attitude needs to be changed so that their productivity can be improved and this can be done by making them understand the link between their efforts and rewards.

    Reduce employee turnover: Employees become restless after doing daily processes again and again. Does the employee turnover rate get high as they reach out to new job roles and responsibilities of their interest. To avoid this there is a need that employer of a proper incentives, monetary and non-monetary bonuses along with future growth opportunities. This will make him ploy to work with willingness and put their efforts to achieve organisational objectives along with job satisfaction. (Ottenberg, Pasalic, and et. al., 2016)

    According to me time management is an essential activity that has constantly motivated me to perform my task within stipulated time zone. It has reduce the stress that is associated with incurring work before deadline. Indulging into certain practices like allocating the task amongst team member on the basis of their capability, conducting constant meetings regarding the progress of work, motivating the other team members, scheduling the work effectively. This has enormously helped to attain the target and gain better career opportunity (Holmefur and et. al., 2018). Inculcating such skills helps both individual as well as organisation like it has helped me to carry out the work in best possible manner within a specific time duration. Along with that I was able to maintain better interpersonal skill with the other team members this actually helped us to gained the incentives and get promoted to the better position. Simultaneously it help organisation to enhance the productivity as manpower is the main assets of the company due to which it help to remain ahead of the other rivalries exist in the same industry. Most of the successful companies are potential enough to manage the time due to which they get the chance to access better opportunity. Within an organisation I have also tried to maintain the balance and encourage the other fellow members to bring the transition by managing the time and gain profitability as well as productivity. There were certain practices that leads to my personality development and perform work in diverse areas effectively. Such as group discussion and brainstorming method created an innovative ideas based on which I allocate the duties along with the time limit. The main purpose of conducting such techniques to maximize the footfall of company and accomplishing the purpose of project. Initially, due to the multi task work I used to find difficulty in managing the time and paying equal attention to the different responsibilities but prioritising the things and group work successfully enhanced the group productivity. The data generated from the customer respond is circulated to the diverse areas like marketing and human resource based on which training is provided to the manpower and enrich the best possible capabilities to overcome the chances of threat. Thus, there are certain methods that helped me to enhance my time management capabilities. The explanation of these methods are demonstrated below:

    Manage the workload: As an organisation exist in dynamic situation that rapidly changes so during the extreme condition or while inculcating new pattern of doing work the managing authority faces immense workload. So to cope up with such situation the managing authorities need to delegate the responsibility property. I remain flexible towards the changes and find it desirable enough to follow new working regime because it breaks monotony routine and leads to the personal growth. Thus, based on manager’s guidelines I successfully carried out my performance and learned to cope up with adverse environment without affected the work due to which it relatively helped me to develop critical thinking ability. Cite

    Prioritising work: This is the key elements that is responsible to manage the tasks of an organisation as a staff has to perform various task within the organisation so on the basis of prioritising work each and every activity is carried forward productively (Alias, Bhkari and Ariffin, 2019). Time limit which is the essential element is bound for each task that staff has to perform during the allotted period of time. Application of such technique significantly helped (Hoebing and Hoy, 2017). Exploring Methods of Incorporating Reflective Writing in Secondary Education (Revision). Reflection through Revision: A Master's Portfolio, p.9.me to prioritise my work and reduce the stress of deadline. This practice considerable worked for both individual as well as group tasks where each member motivates other to bring better changes and carry forward the necessary task successfully.
    Avoid procrastination: It refers to the delaying of work that directly affect the productivity of the work it also leads to the wastage of time as well as energy. I prefer to manage my work without any delay for which I setup the deadlines that act as a reminder and has efficiently help me to develop my career. Thus, step by step process adds up the value for an individual as well as organisation due to which consistency needs to be sustained in order to attend the feasible targets within best possible time.
    Avoid multitasking work: Although the personal needs to be efficient in terms of doing the multitasking work but sometimes it can hamper the overall performance. Due to which I always preferred to concentrate one work at a time so that I can allocate full-fledged time for the specific task. I preferably makes the list of the different task that assist me to concentrate on the different task but without affecting one task over the other. 
    Take desirable gaps: Performing the monotonic routine and conducting the task for long hours can lead to stress anxiety in order to recover from the fatigue and reboot the energy. It is necessary for an individual to take the regular gaps in between the work. My manager as well as other team members helps me to understand the relevance of such technique which revive my efforts and enhances the profitability as well as profitability. Therefore, these are some of the technique or method that has successfully helped me to enhance the time management skills in order to carry out various task which enhance my career and worked for an organisation in terms to attend the objectives. Thus, this is the best possible way to persuade the objective of career by improving the overall productivity of the firm. Additionally, based on such method focus is given to the vital tasks of an organisation for which necessary activities are carried out preferably.

    There are certain effective efforts that was practised by me in order to improve time management skill within organisation (Goodson, Miertschin and Stewart, 2016). Explanation is determined below:

    • Delegation of work is one of the method used by our firm so that objective can be achieved in the said time period. It really help the organisation as lot of time was saved once the work was delegated, the work was divided so that it can be made easier and appropriate work was given to the appropriate employee so that they can use their skill to achieve those task with efficiency and effectiveness and it really happened as the company productivity increased rapidly.
    • Based on organisation of tasks I try to organise task so that the work can be done in organised way and time can be saved at the same stage. It really helped the company as the work was done in a organised way and by that cost and time was saved resulting in increased profit of the organisation.
    • Prioritizing deadlines is the core practice to gain favourable result within certain time limit. Company prioritize the deadline of the task. So that the work is done in the mentioned time and the commitment are done. It helped the company as they concentrated on the important work and gave leverage to less important task.
    • Focusing on quality of work/productivity as with skilled employees productivity was achieved and quality of work was also achieved. With all the measure taken by the company productivity and quality both was death with resulting in time management and increase in revenue.
    • Whatever time company had it was utilized in such a way that the efficiency of the work can be achieved. With that with minimum time maximum utility was achieved by me. My vital efforts in terms of utilization of time assisted me to gain success.
    • Focusing on work on hand as company started using the policy of avoid multitasking and focusing on work on hand so that target is achieved in a given time period with better quality because of task expertise (Yousefi, Hrsej and Navabi, 2017).
    • Starting early or start doing work early also help in time management as if we start early we can be ahead of our deadline and the task can be finished before the standards which are set.
    • Giving regular break to employee refers to my efforts in terms of regular break help in reducing fatigue and by that employees can do the work without feeling fatigue. The result of that will be increase productivity of the employee.


    From the above project report it has been concluded that for all the individuals it is very important to make sure that all the personal skills are developed by them. In order to reach the career goals it is vital for students to make sure that they are having motivational skills. With the help of all of them it will be very easy to reach the goals which are required to be achieved for development in future. Time management is one of the common skill which should be developed by all the students as it can help to perform all the critical tasks properly while working in an organisation or completing projects in college. With the help of this skill an individual can make sure that the desired success will be achieved or not. For the purpose of development of it guidance from lecturers and seniors could be taken. Without it, it will be very difficult to fulfil requirements of employers while working within an organisation. It will affect different areas such as ability to attain career goal, performing all the activities within the organisation etc.

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    PART B


    Operations management in an organisation perform processes like planning, managing, supervising and controlling the procedure related to production and manufacturing. It also please significant role in running and effectiveness of projects which are important for organisation (Alghisi and Saccani, 2015). In this context operation manager main aim is to ensure that the delivery of products and services are on time. Another aim is to control manufacturing process so that qualitative products or services can be delivered to the customer. Operation manager is a key personnel of management which have duties including high-level HR management, attracting new talent, training standards and selection process. It is also responsible to enhance overall organisational processes improve work quality, efficiency And organisational productivity. They are also responsible for providing leadership for the operations which involves framing essential policies and strategies. They also assist in human resource department in Selection process, promote culture of company that helps in boosting morale and performance of employees. There are different role which an operation management to form in an organisation like getting a bit perspective which means that, the personal is responsible for the overall productivity of the organisation does the need to have bigger perspective. There is a need that this individual should have critical thinking skills so that situations and opportunities can be analysed and decision which are effective for organisation can be taken. They should also have conflict management skills so that issues related to policies and guidelines for employees can be overcome. You are also responsible for analysing financial budgets for the each and every department. By this they help in analysing cost benefits for the organisation, obtaining price for raw materials, production methods up to its efficiency level. Another score for the operation manager is the management of supply chain and inventory in an organisation by this they have control over entire process so that delivery can be made on time (Reid and Sanders, 2019). They are also responsible for recruitment and selection process with HR department along with managing issues and conflicts. This is due to above importance it can be clearly seen that operation managers have variety of hard and soft skills which can be used in different industries (Apte, Gonçalves and Yoho, 2016). This will include advertisement of Amazon and the job position of operation management in the supply chain network. It will include job description of operation manager along with its roles according to job profile chosen from online source. This report will also include theories, techniques, approaches and literature.


    Operation manager in any business Are the important personnel in higher level of management which have basic responsibility to ensure that company is performing with efficiency. The control multiple areas which are sure that the company is working with productivity and efficiency along with reducing cost. There are also responsible to manage other leaders and departments of the organisation and guide teams to achieve goals and objectives (Gong, 2015). In Amazon advertisement from the online it can be clearly seen that they will be Responsible for operations management. It in walls processes like controlling, planning, managing and supervising the production processes of the organisation. In this context the major rule of operation manager is to control conversion of raw materials into finished products and insure time delivery to the customer. There are many benefits of operations management in an organisation, some of them are as follows:

    • Operations management is required in every business irrespective of the industry in which they are operating. It manages daily processes and activities with deficiency so that resources can be utilised effectively (Schoo and et. al., 2015).
    • It is also beneficial to improve overall performance of the organisation While controlling raw material, employees and other resources of the organisation.
    • Operation management is the process by which different business activities takes place and indirectly contributes in adding value to the product so that customer experience can be improved (Hill and Hill, 2017).
    • Operation management else and optimum utilisation and of materials and resources which leads to profitability. It helps in converting raw material and efforts of employs into products and services so that customer expectations can be met.
    • Operations management is said to be core of the organisation as it controls the manufacturing process which is one of the major processes of the organisation to meet the customer demand (Webb, 2017).

    Operations management involve different responsibilities and one off it is to ensure that business operates effectively and officially so that less resources are used in meeting customer demand. Thus there are different Theories and techniques so that it can be successful in managing processes and people in an organisation (Hayes, 2017). Some of them are as follows:

    Business process redesign: it is also known as business process we engineering with the main object is of achieving a increase in performance like return on investment, Quality of product and services and cost reduction. According to this theory business processes can be redesigned in context of critical procedure, manufacturing and process production and customer services. In order to remain competitive in the industry businesses changes their process so that they can have competitive advantage in sustainability (Loukopoulos, Dismukes and Barshi, 2016).

    Lean manufacturing theory: this Theory helps organisation to deal with one of the major challenges which is waste. This helps in improving efficiencies and effectiveness so that competitive advantage can be taken in the market. There are different principles of this lean manufacturing free samples theory that can be used to eliminate waste from the manufacturing processes (Gong, 2015). What is continuous improvement which implies that operation managers should always see for perfection in the processes so that it didn't fissions he can be improved daily . For this employees can also be motivated to bring creative and innovative ideas to solve the daily issues and improvement can be done on daily basis. It is company to improve quality, eliminate waste, reduce time for all the processes and reduce overall cost of the production function.

    Six Sigma: it is set of management tools and techniques which is design in order to improve business Errors and mistakes. This is one of the starters little method of eliminating to fix from the production processes. There are different principles of six Sigma but our focus on customer in which it is based on the principle that company should have primary goal of giving maximum benefit to the consumer. Next is measure the value stream which implies that activities that add value to the production function and to the product should remain in the process and other should be eliminated so that cost can be reduced (Mahadevan, 2015). Another is to get rid of those activities which doesn't add value to the product so that quality can be improved and cost can be minimised. Next is to keep all the activities on the floor so that hero stoppage in the world and quality can we meet it according to the standard of the organisation. Last so ensure that there is frequent and constant improvement in this process is so that then effective activities can be eliminated and quality can be controlled (Hayes, 2017). There are many challenges that any operations manager face on daily basis and which also affects their efficiency while working in an organisation. Some of them are as follows:

    Globalisation: this can be defined as the process of interaction among the people, government and companies of different countries. This process is driven by eliminating trade barriers, improving information technology and transportation facilities. Operations manager sees competition in the context of globalisation in the country and across the world which needs to be managed properly to have sustainability in the industry. As there is requirement that planning, organising, controlling and directing should be done effectively so that product and services of the company remains competitive and meet customer demand (Rosengren, 2017). There is a need that personal engage their creative and innovative skills which can be helpful as a factor in managing operations. As Amazon is the international company which deals at different locations across the globe and does it is important that it remains competitive enough so that it can meet competition in the market.

    Sustainability: it is the process by which a company can evaluate that their business practises should be maintained or not in context of future risk. There are three pillars of sustainability which are economic, environmental and social (Lodgaard and et. al., 2016). Operations manager should include their Efforts and rules to ensure that each and every pillar is included like safety, and optimum utilisation of natural resources, welfare practises and economic stability. There is an Amazon on the operation manager must execute their practises in context of all the three pillars of sustainability and also initiate corrective actions in case of any deviations.

    Ethical conduct: this is the process by which operation manager ensure that the production function and activities are not damaging the society and are not harmful for customer. This leads to controlling of technologies, animal testing, defective services I'm safety of environment so that their ethical conduct can be fulfilled (King and King, 2018). Any type of unethical behaviour of operation management can contribute to negative image of the company and eventually leads to closure of the business. Amazon is one of the most reputed to have industry in the organisation and this operation manager should also compile all its procedures and responsibilities according to enhance its goodwill in the market.

    Effective communication: being constant and effective while communicating can be difficult for any personal in an organisation. One of the major challenges for the operation manager is to communicate properly with internal and external parties. In this context they must be able to communicate their policies and procedures to the managers of different department. This will include oral, written and other type of communication skills so that daily operations can be carried out smoothly (Cuervo-Cazurra, Newburry and Park, 2016). Process of communication is also effective in building and maintaining relations with the employees so that they can be motivated to work effectively. Operation Manager need to possess good communication skills so that it can be productive and essential for the organisation. In the Amazon it should be frequently you so that upper-level management can rely on the personnel to manage and control mid and lower level employees to meet organisation objectives.

    System design: this is one of the major challenge that any operation manager says in an organisation. The main objective of the organisation is to develop such a system which is capable of producing qualitative goods and services which can meet demand of customers. It is one of the responsibility of operation manager to design the system with the help of planning and managing which is one of the major challenges in today's scenario (Radnor and et. al., 2015). In order to work in different environment they must be able to effectively respond to the challenges an ever-changing demand of customer.


    From the above SA it can be concluded that operation manager is the key personnel which is a link between upper management and middle level managers. They are responsible for operations management which in walls different processes and duties to enhance overall productivity of the organisation. There are different roles in one of the major is operation management which have different challenges like globalisation, effective communication, ethical conduct and sustainability which needs to be mitigated so that company can be effective in overall operations. There are different duties like business process redesign which make changes in the existing systems so that customer demands can be made. Nexus six Sigma which lays out different principles so that continuous improvement can be done in the processes. Last is lean production which involves methods and tools is to eliminate waste activities from the overall production process and helps in reducing cost.

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