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    Personal Development Growth of an Individual

    University: University of Sunderland

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2516
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: COM10011
    • Downloads: 463
    Question :

    This assessment will provide certain questions which are like - 

    1. What are the identification for work-based skills and also their impact on behaviours.
    2. What is the conceptual behaviour in context to business.
    3. Evaluate quality and also all the behavioural preferences with their strengths.
    4. Gave an effective reflection and the concept of relexify.
    Answer :


    Reflection is one of the most integral part in learning process as it effectively allows individual to learn about themselves. In addition with this reflection also benefits a person to make effective improvement in their skills through which they can further ensure more growth opportunities (Johnson and et. al., 2019). With the help of this identification of mistakes and skills that are essential can determine at correct time. It also helps in building self awareness along with this help of reflection individual can have better understanding of self emotion, weaknesses, strength and driving factors through which accomplishment of goals can be done in best effective manner. Reflection not only benefit individual to enhance their personal development but also develop them in professional manner. In this report formative discussion has been undertaken on skills which are required by an individual for the development and growth. Present assignment includes single skill which is essential from individual perspective. Further report include a Theory that benefit in making improvement in skill level as to accomplish task in well defined manner.



    As per according to my prospective the skill which play a crucial role for an individual is determination skill. It has been identified that “determination is the key of success”. It acts as a skill with the help of which a person can increase chances to become successful in a particular thing and can further able to achieve particular goals.  It also benefits an individual to stay motivated and further strive towards goal in best effective manner. In addition with this, it has been identify that with the help of determination individual stay motivated towards goal and can further able to achieve long term goal of their life in best effective manner. For an entrepreneur determination allow them to face even challenging or adverse situation while ensuring positive outcomes. By possessing strong determination entrepreneur can perceive more effective ideas and can undertake innovation in best effective manner. It has been identified that entrepreneur starts with a good ideas continuous to the design stage and then arrives at performance stage. This effectively ensured that entrepreneurial process include different type of difficulties and challenges that can be overcome by showing determination and persistence. With help of determination skill entrepreneur can originate ideas and can continue their project towards success.

    It also helps them to stay motivated and dedicated and find creative ways to resolve problems with development of better ideas. In addition with this determination also aid them to gain enthusiastic spirit through which better outcomes are insured. In order to earn a degree or get success in career remaining determine act as crucial element as it effectively benefits person to have never quitting nature that further lead them towards overcoming challenges and adverse situations in well defined manner and fulfil goals in best effective. Entrepreneurs have the personality to never quit, this is duly ensured by determination as it is more important than being smart as it allow individual to be active and continuously move towards success. Thus according to me determined skill is most essential skills within an individual life as with the implementation of this skill person can fulfil requirement of task in extra ordinary manner and can ensure better outcomes determination. It also help entrepreneur to have the nature of leader as it allow them to guide others towards goals.

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    Determination skill not only benefit individual to develop them personally but also allow them to enhance themselves in professional manner (Song, Sun and Hua, 2019). At starting stage of assignment it has been identified by me that I lack in determination skill through which there were lot of difficulties that has been faced by me to overcome challenging environment and develop ideas. Further it has been determined that with the help of undertaking challenges I develop this skill as it is the most important skill which enable to persist even in difficulties. This has been identified by me that determination allows marching fearlessly towards goal and accomplishing it with overcoming different type of obstacles. In addition with this determination duly developed person to have creative and imaginative nature and further develop faith and courage in self.  In an entrepreneurial process talent is not only necessary as it only allow to create opportunity but to put it into real work and makes those opportunities into reality determination play key essential role as determination is transformative. Along with this it has been identified that, determination effectively helps an individual to keep moving forward and stay focused towards goal that further help in gaining successful outcomes.

    In addition with the help of undertaking this skill challenges and failures can be overcome. This has been ascertained that with determination failure is just a diversion as if an individual have strong determination then they understood that it’s not an end and they brace new path. This skill has been duly developed by me with the help of different steps that include stay focused on future and learn from past mistakes, believe in yourself as it acts as an ability to reach towards goals in best effective manner. The skill of determination has been effectively developed by me through celebrating others as it helps me to stay focused and positive.  It further benefits me to develop myself as an entrepreneur that automatically enlightened leadership within me. Determination effectively helps in improving chances to reach towards goals. Thus, according to me this skill is one of the most important and essential skill through which individual can successfully able to accomplish their goals in best effective manner.

    According to the above discussion it has been identify by me that determination lead towards successful tomorrow. As if a person is fully determined and focused towards a goal then they will definitely able to accomplish their objectives by facing barriers and challenges in best effective manner. Determination act as a most important part within an individual life as it significantly increases chances to become successful and accomplish goals in best effective manner. In addition with this, this skill also helps an individual to stay effectively motivated towards their goal which is one of the most essential characteristics within entrepreneurial process. This skill is vital for success as it allow individual to perform even in difficult environment and fearlessly overcome those challenges in order to further ensure effective end outcomes. Without determination it is hard to reach towards goals as in an entrepreneur process there are numerous forms of elements that hinder and create obstacles. This skill offer strength as in an entrepreneurial process entrepreneur faces number of rejections of their ideas in order to ensure best one.

    Further it has been identified that talent and winning attitude are only the two factors that are needed by individuals but having determination act as most essential and crucial skill through which effective accomplishment of goals are ensured. With having strong determination entrepreneur also turn them into real leader. In addition with this by having extra ordinary determination successful accomplishment of goals are duly ensured. This skill is one of the most important trait that are required by an entrepreneur as it helps them to drive to work through difficult times and reach to successful outcomes. Along with it has been identified by me that determination is one of the most powerful characteristics of an entrepreneur as it allow them to push themselves on continuous manner with immense level of strength into right direction and further perform their goals with commitment and hard work. For instance Michael Jordan a great football player was once told by his Basketball coach that he was not that good enough and can never work harder. Then ever every night when he got home from school he practice for hours.

    Thus with the help of his strong determination he turn out to be as ultimate basketball player. Thus according to the discussion it has been identified that a determinant person is also optimistic. As this skill is one of the most important elements within an individual life through which they can ensure accomplishment of goals and objectives in best effective manner. Further it has been identified by me that determination is something that makes person life successful and further drive them to achieve things in best effective manner. It not only helps them to develop themselves professionally but also benefit them to fulfil what their heart desires. With the help of having determined skill individual open door for better tomorrow that ensures them towards more growth and successful opportunities.

    This skill effectively benefits an individual to make enhancement and development in their professional and personal life (Zulvia and Adrian, 2018). Along with this it significantly aid them to build up confidence and dedication towards work and further perform it with more additional efforts in a well defined manner. With the assistance of determined skill individual can also attract attention of other individual towards themselves and develop themselves as an idol or a leader. This simultaneously lead them towards fulfilment of goals and objective in best effective manner. Determination skill hold great importance within a personal life as with the help of this growth and development can be duly insured in a well define manner.

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    Mention below the importance and use of determined skill is being defined with the help of theory:

    Johari Window

    It is considered as a technique that significantly aid individuals to have better understanding of their relationship with themselves as well as others (Shimizu, K., 2018). There are mainly four quadrants in this theory that include, Open Space: Known to you – Known to others, Blind Spot:Unknown to yourself – Known to others, Hidden Area: Known to yourself – Unknown to others and Unknown Area: Unknown to yourself – Unknown to others. Johari window technique was established by psychologist Joseph luft. The main concept of this theory is related to relationship and mutual understanding among group members. In addition to this, it has been further determined that this model is mainly a convention method that are generally utilise to fulfil the task of understanding and further enhancing communication within group members. It also helps in increasing self awareness

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    Open/self-area or arena: Within this window segment, the major discussion has been related to behaviour and attitude of a person which is linked with their emotion and feelings with the help of which they are known by other people. In this it is important to generate communication within individuals as to effectively execute operations in best effective manner.

    Blind Spot or Blind Self:   In this discussion is being conducted related to information that has been determined that there are number of information about yourself that are mainly not known by self but are known by other individuals. This basically undertakes when other individual frame interpretations about you in numerous manners.

    Hidden Area or Facade: In this component discussion has been undertaken related to Information which is hidden to you and also hidden for other individual. This is also known as personal information of a person. This is mainly related with hidden facts, ideas of other individual and feelings that further impact upon feelings and emotion of other individual.

    Unknown Area: It tends to be the last component of Johari window in which information is related to you along with other. In this discussion has been related to feeling and facts that are mainly not known by other and are not duly concerned by yourself.

    With the assistant of this theory in work structure individual can effectively able to accomplish their goals and objective in best effective manner and can further make improvement in their learning process. Along with it has been ascertained that is theory benefit individual to make necessary improvement in the learning process and increase their current skill as to accomplish goals in best effective and successful manner.


    As per the above mentioned report it has been concluded that determination skill play a vital role in an individual life as it effectively helps them to perform their target and lead towards success in best effective manner. With the help of determination individual can also increase different type of ideas and can ensure more productive outcomes. Determination skills not only benefit individuals to develop themselves personally but also increase their professional knowledge. It also benefits them to overcome different type of challenging environment with courage and Faith and create number of opportunities to move towards success. With the implementation of this skill person can able to have winning attitude and can ensure more successful outcomes. In this report formative discussion has been undertaken on different type of models as well as theories with the help of which person can able to significantly improve their learning process and can perform their goals in well defined manner with more productive and outcomes. 

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    Analyze Expected Outcomes From The Research


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