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Reflection Of The Research Methodology And Concept

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 3 / Words 659
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: K/508/2737
  • Downloads: 531
Question :

A research study had to be carried out on impact of digital technology on business activities by identifying specific issue related to the study.

  •       Carry out research methodology which generates knowledge into the research process.
  •       Conduct and analyse the research which is related to research project
  •       Communicate research outcomes to identify the stakeholders.
  •       Provide reflection of the research methodology and concept.
Answer :


Digital technology plays an important role in every organisation or business. It essential for an organization to invest effectively in modern and digital technology for surviving in the competitive market or business environment. In context to this, this research project focuses on the implementation of digital technology by the Black Penny restaurant for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in their day to day organizational activities. The researcher will focus on various important functions of an organization such as Marketing, Production, Human resource etc which get influenced by digital technologies. The research will examine the views of researchers, authors and philosophers with an effective literature review with regards to the impact of digital technology. The Researcher will also render research methodology that will be used in the research project, in addition to this time scales will be provided with the help of a Gantt Chart.

Background of Research

The research will be focusing on the impact of digital-technology on business activities of Black Penny, UK. The digital technologies support an organisation or companies to perform business operations effectively and efficiently. The small and medium as well as large organisation are implementing digital technologies in their business activities to improve their performance, productivity and profitability. Black penny is a leading restaurant that offers luxurious dining space and in the centre of the capital. The venue is split across two floors with seating and service on the entry level. Researcher will analyze the effect of utilization digital technologies on their day to day business activities. To enrich the topic, researcher will identify relevant articles for making research more effective and accurate.

Aim – The Aim of the research project is to “Analyze the impact of digital technology on day to day business activities of the Black Penny, UK”


  • To analyze the impact of digital technology on operational and functional business activities at the Black Penny.
  • To identify the significant of digital technology on the business.
  • To analyze the challenges faced by the Black Penny in implementing digital technology.

Research questions

  • What is the significance of digital-technology and its implication?
  • How Digital-technology affect operational and functional activities in Black Penny, UK?
  • What are the issue faced by Black Penny in implementing digital-technology?

Rationale of research

Many organisations or businesses thinks that technology is not that much necessary in the organisational activities. They also stated that it is a costly and confusing process which is not important to improve business performance. The researcher will enhance his or her knowledge and understanding regarding impact of digital technology by conducting this research. The researcher will also get a great opportunity for getting detailed information related to Black, Penny.

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Importance of research

The research will assist the future researcher and academicians in improving their knowledge and understanding with respect to the subject or topic of the research project. It is essential to understand the importance and effect of technology which is growing and evolving day by day in the business environment.

Literature Review

In literature review, scientist means to investigate on the surveys of senior writers and analysts. The thought process of writing audit is to build up a hypothetical system in the examination. Here, specialist talks about the perspectives of creators in a powerful and compact way.

Significance of digital technology

As per (Pérez-Sanagustín and et.al, 2017) digital-technology allude to those advances that create, store and process information in computerized frame utilizing parallel codes. These d

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