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    Process Of Making Research Aim, Objectives And Questions

    University: London Bridge Business Academy

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1245
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: K/601/0941
    • Downloads: 615
    Question :

    The research will explore impact of e-commerce on the marketing activities of Marks and Spencer. Appropriate format will be followed while conducting this research.

    1. Explain the process of making research aim, objectives and questions.
    2. Execute research project by considering different headings according to the research specification.  
    3. Analyse outcomes of the research done on M&S.
    4. Present obtained research outcomes for the case study of M&S.
    Answer :

    TASK 1

    1.1 Research Title

    “To assess the impact of Electronic commerce on marketing and selling activities of business: a case study on Marks and Spencer”.


    Research project is a tool which helps an individual in exploring one topic of any interest with the help of systemic methodological tools. The aim of the present study is to analyse the impact of e commerce on marketing and selling activities of Marks and Spencer. E Commerce emerged as successful digital tool which has created boom for online buying and selling activities of organisation across the globe. It is the advancement which helps the firm in expanding market share across international boundaries with minimum investment. However, the first section of project is proposal which will help in developing brief understanding over entire investigation with the help of aim, objectives, time frames and tools of research methodology. Further, section 2 of the project will be introduction to topic, collection of secondary and primary information and analysis of gathered data to draw final finds. Thus, the report will outline recommendation on study which can be suggestion to other students and to entrepreneurial ventures.

    Background of the study

        Digital advancement has created boom in business world by enabling simpler techniques of managing enterprise functions. The advancement has established easy management and communication system across the globe. Like, use of smartphone has made worldwide communication simple. Apart from this, social media advertising has made marketing and promotional activity easy and systematic (Warschauer and Matuchniak, 2010). Thus, it can be said that digital tool has enhanced organisational activities. Further, increasing use of advanced tools is increasing competition as it has created transparency between changing plans and policies of entity.

    However, Electronic commerce has become prominent tools of companies as it assisted the firm in boosting sales by offering products and services on online platform to worldwide buyers. There are several types of E commerce such as Business to Business, business to consumer, Consumer to Consumer, consumer to business, Buyer to administration and organisation to administration. The biggest E commerce organisations are, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Tencent. It is considered effective for society worldwide because helps in saving time of visiting marketing for every necessity. Further, it has established growth opportunities for several start-up entrepreneurial ventures.  Thus, the study is focused on analysing implication of E commerce on marketing and selling activities of Marks and Spencer, one of the leading fashion retailer in UK (Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee, 2014). Apparently, with the help of online selling activities, the firm has expanding market across international boundaries which denote its successful management of business operations. 

    Digital technology is the most prominent tool of modern era which has enhanced the business activity by creating value of organisational products and services. Advancement has led to various changes in organisation functions such as cloud computing has establishing easy management by maintaining digital record of necessary information. Further, use of social media advertising has made marketing activities simpler. Internet marketing is conspicuous tool which has created revolution in promotional and marketing activities of enterprises worldwide. Apparently, advancement in digital tools led to transformation in innovation management, transparency, participation, communication and collaboration (Seo and Park, 2018). The foremost effective characteristics of digital techniques are intelligence, efficient and connective. Thus, the potential contribution of technological updating is easy access of goods and services like online booking facility, online buying, internet marketing etc. Further, it helped the business in aligning activities.

    Electronic commerce is basically known for online buying and selling of goods and services. It is the advancement which has assisted millions of organisation boosting sales without implement use of promotional techniques (Bharadwaj, El Sawy and Venkatraman, 2013). It has established wider choice of products and services for consumers according to their taste and preferences. Further, it has established advantage to access international products which has created the needs of change and innovation in every industry worldwide (Zhu and Zhang, 2010).  In addition, it led to competition among worldwide organisations with regard to market share, products and services. The focus of this project is on evaluating impact of e commerce on selling and marketing activities of Marks and Spencer. M&S is the leading fashion retailer of UK, which has established its worldwide presence with the help of internet marketing and selling of apparels.

    Research aims and objectives


    “To assess the impact of Electronic commerce on marketing and selling activities of business: a case study on Marks and Spenc

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