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    Methods of High Quality Research

    Question :
    This will demonstrate:
    1.Investigation topic
    2.Aims in research through engagement with the literature
    3.Appropriate literature review.
    Answer :


    Research consists of investigation regarding particular topic and relevant academic fields. The present report draws for ideas that formulated towards appropriate research topic. In this regard, primary and secondary research undertaken in the study which helps to interpreting and draw implications from research findings.

    PART 1

    What is the topic under investigation?

    In the present study examination successfully implemented on literacy practices of children ages 5 to 11 as they engaged in out of school use of virtual worlds. Purpose of the present study is to explore nature, purpose and role of literacy. It has been proposed for children’s use of virtual world. Furthermore, present article also reflect on how children’s uses this practices. It can be constructed and maintained in online social order. Individual and group interviews also conducted with more than 26 children across the year. It established used of virtual worlds to make contact with peers. Although, regular interaction also conducted among more than three children and with their parents as well (Abdullah, Thorpe and Parkin, 2015).

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    How does Marsh position and narrow topic/aim of research through engagement with the literature?

    Respect for the views of the child

    In order to consider Marsh position, it can be stated that children determines right way to think what things are happened. It also increases opinion which taken into account. Furthermore, adults are encourages to listen opinion and involve in decision making. With the help of recognise level of child participation in decision, decisions must be appropriate at child's level of maturity. Ability also form and express opinion which express opinion as per age and naturally it gives views of teenagers greater. As critical evaluation, it also recognises level of child's participation in decisions which must be appropriate to child's maturity (Attanasio, Fernández and Rubio-Codina, 2014).

    Freedom of expression

    With the help of present study, main aim is to conduct appropriate freedom of expression so that children have right to get and share information which not damaging others. Freedom of expression also includes right to implement information in any way to choose with way of talking, drawing and writing. As critical evaluation, in narrow concept engagement with the literature consider to share appropriate information in which research study conducted. On the other hand, information can be choose with engagement of several people in study which conducted to focus on damaging others.

    How does Marsh justify the study?

     In order to consider Marsh justify study in which community sample of adult included. Community sample can be define as researcher that are often seek to study on the basis of certain characteristics. As an important part of the consent process, it can be stated that before research proceeded, sign is needed which assist to collect appropriate information. At this point, participation revealed that they are unable to read and said that he really wanted to take part in whole research process. With the help of interviewed without signing on the form, research can be successfully conducted. Inexperienced researcher also carrying with study in which development of tests involved on the basis of prior arrangement (Tomlinson, Hunt and RotheramBorus, 2018). She visited family home which consent to arrange visit the child at school. Both parents and children were at home so that it can be successfully judge which need to be understand and consented. They signed on consent for school and researcher made with welcome. Young children influence in large consideration so that research principles can be successfully develop to focus on the appropriate system.

    How does she position her study to fill a gap of literature?

    When she positions her study, it can be stated that transformative paradigm arose. It is partially due to dissatisfaction with existing and dominant with certain practices. Realisation that must be sociological and psychological theory had been developed which based on study of male subjects. Pragmatism is not committed to any one system of philosophy but also focuses on what and how of research issue. Furthermore, wide range of normal variation observed within particular age group. Therefore, growth curve analysis confirmed where children showed significant change where features develop successfully. Growth curve analysis different aspect of writing feature which would be consider for intra-individual variability and movement (Attanasio, Fernández and Rubio-Codina, 2014). In order to conduct the present research, there is wide gap has been identified between literature and outcomes. With this regard, appropriate information towards the position has not been identified which create greater impact on the results.

    PART 2

    Reflect on Marsh's research design in the light of Rolfe and MacNaughton's principles for high quality research

    In order to consider reflective cycle, it can be stated that Gibbs model used which is theoretical model that used as framework in coursework assignment that require for reflective writing. On the basis of following stages, reflection can be consider successfully:

    • Description: In the present study, research consider on young children's play in on-line virtual words. It considers early childhood research that influence in the field of early childhood education and development (Ngure, Reid and Stoltzfus, 2014). With publication of empirical research, the highest standard of scholarly and practically develop to gain significant outcomes. On the basis of quantitative and qualitative methods, issue of interest for early childhood successfully identified for the development, theory and educational practices.
    • Feelings: In this context, positive feelings develop that is successfully developed and relevant in particular experience and prior to focus on successful experience. As a result, positive outcomes from young children's virtual words implemented. It is not part of analytical, descriptive so that it describe personal feelings, thoughts and actions (Different research methods, 21018).
    • Evaluation: In this study, working on children's development ascertained very well so that positive experience also build. It is also useful for completion of project. It is also important part of analytical which impact positive and negative judgement and experience (Luthar, 2015).
    • Analysis: In respect to analysis information, it can be stated that appropriate findings not develop successfully. This is because, things are not done very well with cause of action. Reconsideration of the things must be lead which includes consequences of actions. As a result, it must be remove from plan.
    • Conclusion: In this way, experience successfully develop which must be done differently. As a result, learning also increases as per current knowledge and level of practice. Strength and weakness must be assess for young children's play in on-line virtual words.
    • Action plan: In action plan, importance of the whole program successfully develop which would be beneficial to focus on the gap that occur in literature (Deater-Deckard and Panneton, 2017).


    From the above study, it can be concluded that Young children's play in on-line virtual words program that consider important part in whole program successfully. It also assists to increase development of children with consideration of research on the basis of reflection that included on the basis of Gibbs reflective analysis.

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