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    R/508/0521 - Ethics And Politics In Research Write-Up (Scientific Integrity)

    University: Kensington College of business London

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 884
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0521
    • Downloads: 569
    Question :

    The purpose of this report is to evaluate the requirement of considering ethics in a reassert paper. These kind of practices will assist in enhancing quality of a report by reducing further hurdles and issues in report writing.

    • Defining ethical and political issues that may arise in a research report.
    • Identify the influence of plagiarism in research work.
    • Provide a suggestion and recommendation over the research writing practices.
    Answer :


    Ethics and politics in research affect quality and effectiveness of research paper which also reduces the chances of gaining skills and knowledge. The report will cover plagiarism which is a serious issue in research paper. Definition of plagiarism, influences of this issue on research as well as on students and other members will be discussed in this report. Finally, the report will provide suggestions on how to remove or avoid plagiarism.


    Defining issue

    Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thought, idea or expression" and the representations of them as one's own original works. In simple words, it can be said that it is the work done by any third party with use of published languages or words and represent that work as original (Kendall and Campanario, 2016). Here are some elements which are considered as plagiarism work given below:

    • Turning or submitting someone else’s work as own.
    • Copying ideas, work, language or credit of someone else without giving the credit.
    • Fail to put a quotation in quotations mark.
    • Copying the sentence structure and source and changing words as well.
    • Copying so many words from any kind of source which makes the majority of work whether the credit is given or not is considered as plagiarism work effectively.  

    There are so many cases in which the plagiarism work can be avoided by citing sources. In simple words the words taken from the sources and publishers articles or any other book can be acknowledged by borrowing and providing audience information about important facts to give source which is enough to prevent plagiarism. Using music, image or video in work without providing proper permission and appropriate citations is also considered as plagiarism work. Performing any other person copyright music, image or work is also a plagiarism. Mixing heavy part of any other author or musician words or music in own music or book is also plagiarism. It can be considered as an act of fraud which involves stealing of contents, words, music, files or language used by any other before (Bryman and Bell, 2015). It can be said that it is a very serious issue that plagiarism work is not approved by any kind of business, university or any other institution. Instead of that, punishments are allowed to the plagiarised work as it has a great negative impact on learners, learning skills and knowledge which affect the active engagement as well as learning effectively and efficiently.

    Other than this privacy and confidentiality of informants is also one of the major issue which is been faced by researchers at the time when they are doing research. This would be regarded to as all informants who are been included within research like participants and respondents information need to be kept in secret and their documents or related to their identity should not be disclosed. This is very much important for the point of view of informants if their identity is been revealed then it would not be good or against the ethics.


    Influence of plagiarism on research work

    It can be said that there is a great negative impact of plagiarism on performance of students as well as external writers which reduce skills and knowledge effectively. Here are some consequences of plagiarism described below:

    Destroy student reputation: It can be said that student can be suspended or expelled or punished from the plagiarised work and allegations. The academic record of a student reflects the ethics offense that this can prevent student from entering in college or high school or any other university. Most educational institutions have academic integrity hat most of the times students has been suspended for their first violation effectively.

    Destroy profession image: Apart from the students, Professionals are more liable and responsible to prevent plagiarism from their work in order to manage their effective reputation effectively (Murcott, 2016). It can be said that a business person, politicians, public figure may find damage for him or herself from plagiarised work which will destroy his or her entire carrier. This will affect their reputation and it will be difficult for them to find a new job. Most of professionals use online plagiarism checker free to remove plagiarism.

    Monetary Repercussions: It can be said that there are so many recent news reports published articles which have exposed plagiarism obtained by authors, journalists, public and researchers. The author may be granted a monetary restitution. The work done by any of them which can be student, publisher, writer or journalist shows as plagiarised work could have to pay monetary penalties effectively.

    Plagiarised Research: It can be said that plagiarised research is an especially egregious in the form of plagiarism effectively. Plagiarised work in the medical research can cause a big issue or consequence of loss of people lives effectively. No ignorance is allowed 

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