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    Research Problem Solving and Business Reporting

    Question :


    The unit will enhance learners use and understanding of research methods and using research evidence. It will analyse relevant methods and theory connected with identifying and solving business problems as well as exploring the use of decision making tools. Learners are expected to develop and show competence in their business writing too by presenting reports that help in making use of relevant research evidence to support their propositions and suggestions.


     Learners are required to use their own employment context or that of another organisation with which they are very familiar to base their project. However, in the case that they are not able to do so please use the below scenario- 

    You are assigned as a senior manager in a business unit of a small or medium sized organisation with operational management and organisational leadership development responsibilities.

    Please choose and research an organisation of your choice to evaluate a research question which is usually a business problem or a research idea and then write a research proposal of minimum 2500 words in length that should cover the key areas of the potential problem or research idea aims and objectives proposed methods and methodology to data collection presentation and analysis and in the end writing suggestion to meet the research objectives or new area of exploration.

    Task 1

     Briefly analyse business problems and make use of relevant methods and theory to evaluate problems and make appropriate decisions.

    Word count - 1000 words 

     AC 11 Briefly discuss strategic and operational strengths and weaknesses for different organisations in a range of sectors

    AC 12 Briefly evaluate problem structuring methods and apply problem analysis methods and theory to specific business issues and comment on their relevance and usability

    AC 13 Explain relevant decision making tools that can be applied to business problems and comment on their relevance and usability

    Task 2

    • Use different research methods that can provide realistic and applicable outcomes 

    Word count - 1000 words 

    AC 21 Prepare a research evidence big data data analytics and pattern recognition to support business propositions and recommendations

    AC 22 Briefly analyse the requirements of an effective report and the factors that make it compelling for senior and strategic management

    AC 23-24 Analyse effective reports that articulate business problems point to relevant research evidence and provide recommendations

    Task 3 

    • Prepare and present persuasive reports on business issues making use of research evidence

     Word count - 1500 words

     AC 31 Prepare a literature review 

    AC 32 Make a sample of data from the findings 

    AC 33 Use the suitable methods and statistical techniques to analyse data 

    AC 34 Show data and information from findings in suitable format to produce results 

    AC 35 Analyse conclusions and recommendations from research findings

    Answer :


    Overview of the Research 

    The present study aim to determining the potential role of operational management and leadership development in an organisation, thus these two are differently essential in the context of business, as these two perform a vital role in the progression process of a business. Therefore, operations management is refers as the administration of an organisation practices to develop the highest level of efficiency possible within a business which in turns in creating value in improving the profitability and revenue stream of business (Pihlainen, Kivinen and Lammintakanen, 2016). On the other side, leadership development basically refers as the procedure of developing an effective environment which places a priority on learning the knowledge or skills which grown the business in both spiritual and financial manner. These two aspects operational management and leadership plays effective role in a business and basically in-consist over developing the operations and functions of the business to gain more growth and success. In the present investigation work, Oscar Technology is the chosen organisation, thus it is a digital marketing company which is AdWords by google. The major motive of the business is to attaining higher growth and success via improvising their operational management practices and leadership development.

    Background of the Research 

    Organisations now a day's are increasingly recognising to become competitive via investing in operational management and leadership development. Therefore, from the past few decades, businesses are their leaders have experience various challenges in the workplace, which involves rapid advancement in technologies, change in organisational structure, developing globalisation and operational management issues (Swensen and et. al., 2016). Leadership development and operational management are two different aspects which works collectively for attaining higher growth and success at market place, thus the operations management is recognised as the key obligation of the leaders to perform in viable manner to attain competitive edge. Oscar Technology is a leading Google AdWords certified digital marketing business. The company was established in the year of 2008, thus this company is mainly recognised for delivering highly effective recruitment services to the technology, IT and digital sectors. In the past few years, Oscar Technology has shown 17 times growth YOY with over 90 percent revenue coming through the global market. The prior obligation of Oscar Technology is to conduct appropriate operational management practices for the purpose of providing leading facilities to their potential customers.

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    Rationale of the Research 

    The research into consideration is based on analysing the role of operational management and organisational leadership development within the firm. Therefore, this recognised to be the most common issue in the business, which has a wider influence over the operations and functions of the business (Annarelli and Nonino, 2016). However, businesses are facing issues related to not managing the aspects of operations management or leadership development, so this study will provide an appropriate understanding regarding these two area, which in turns in enhancing the own skills and capability of the researcher and learner. The potential reason for conducting this study is the personal interest of the researcher, therefore, the investigator wants to explore own skills and knowledge in regards to the chosen subject area. In addition to this, the present exploration helps in developing the personal as well as professional ability of an individual which might be effective for them in attempting their future projects in more liable manner.

    Research problem statement 

    The existing investigation is based on the issue of operational management and leadership development within an organisation, therefore, these two are major issues and the suitable management of these two aspects are required to develop the operations and progression of the business.

    Research Aim 

    “To identify the role of operational management and organisational leadership development within the firm”. A case on Oscar Technology.

    Research Objectives

    The key objectives of this particular investigation are associated as under:

    • To develop understanding on the importance of operations management in small scale company.
    • To analyse main challenges that are faced by Oscar Technology while implementing operational management activities within the company.
    • To determine how operational management and organisational leadership collaboratively supports Oscar Technology in its development.

    Research Questions 

    The questions that are required for this investigation to assist the working right manner are described as below:

    • What are the key importance of operations management in small scale company?
    • What main challenges are faced by Oscar Technology while implementing operational management activities within the company?
    • How operational management and organisational leadership collaboratively supports Oscar Technology in its development?

    Literature Review

    Literature review is the most imperative part of an investigation as it is effective in assisting the overall work in right direction with the suitable support of secondary sources like books, journals, published research articles etc. This part of study is effectual in developing the understanding of the researcher in relation to the potential role of operational management and organisational leadership development within an organisational context (Gibson and Parkman, 2018). Therefore, thus is a wider investigation area which needs better understanding to explore the probable role of operation management and leadership de

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