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    Research Project University of Roehampton



    E-commerce is important element to make high growth and development in systematic manner. In this way, effectiveness also develop that assists to attain desire results. This is because, internet assists to create wide application to attract more people in the business. In retail sector, online shopping grown rapidly in several nations. E-commerce help to create several opportunities that assists to meet with desired goals and objectives. Businesses sell their products and services with online medium so that revenue will be increasing (Turban, Outland and Turban, 2017). In this regard, as per customer convenience, interactive, lower costs and high degree of products deliver in the market. Growing number of customers determines for online shopping so that E-commerce provide traditional way to do business. Improvement of services quality consider as the key factor which lead to ascertain successful results.

    In retail sector, there are different activities and tasks has been developed to make effective results with E-commerce. With the help of E-commerce long term customer relationship also made through customer satisfaction in the market will be consider. Therefore, it is crucial element that assists to make success in the business outcomes. With this regard, company also able to meet with their aims and objectives. Internet is established with new marketing tool with planning. Integral part of marketing mix serving digital distribution channel. This is because, positive trends also increase awareness that create benefits with internet marketing (Kurnia, Choudrie and Alzougool, 2015). Globally customers are able to access products and services easily. Therefore, it is the best aspect to increase awareness with internet marketing.


    In Morrison, E-commerce assists to develop more creative work performances that assists to meet with desired aims and objectives easily. This is because, it creates relationship with customers in desired manner. Furthermore, company can also increase their production information which help to concentrate on availability of special services with internet tools. In the present research, significance of E-commerce tools implemented that help to focus on increase customer satisfaction. Use of company website supplied products and services that help to meet with innovative consideration and attain more profitability at workplace. In research, it has been determines that situational influence and marketing efforts to attain more effective functioning in business.

    Aims and objectives

    Aims: “To analysis significance of E-commerce and its impact on customer satisfaction in retail sector – A Case Study on Morrison.”


    • To understand the concept of E-commerce in retail sector enterprise.
    • To explore understanding customer satisfaction with implementation of E-commerce in Morrison.
    • To identify tools of E-commerce and its relation with customer satisfaction in retail sector.

    Research questions

    • What do you understand by the concept of E-commerce in retail sector enterprise?
    • What do you understand by customer satisfaction with implementation of E-commerce in Morrison?
    • What are tools of E-commerce and its relation with customer satisfaction in retail sector?

    Significance of research

    In order to conduct present research study, there are some significance could be seen that help to make creative work performances. They are as follows:

    • Customer loyalty: In respect to implement E-commerce in retail sector business, there is strong customer loyalty implemented that help to attain more significant advantages at workplace.
    • Improvement in products and services quality: In this way, products and services must be improve that assists to perform several operations in the company. With this regard, E-commerce implementation consider different tools that must be taken to make systematic work performances at workplace.
    • Build trust and satisfaction: Furthermore, recent research assists to maintain and build loyalty program that help to increase more effectiveness at workplace. Therefore, it is also important consideration which need to be taken to maintain systematic results at retail sector.

    Literature Review

    Concept of E-commerce in retail sector enterprise

    In order to determines concept of E-commerce Turban, Outland and Turban, (2017) stated that it is online dealing of goods and services in different areas of the world. Therefore, products and services must be deliver to attain more effective functioning at workplace. It includes selling of good and services through internet in which B2C for products and services develop with online marketing. Advertisement is one of the important perspective that help to make creative results. Successful operations of E-commerce assists to make proper consideration with focus on desired results outcomes. On the other hand, Currim, Mintz and Siddarth, (2015) depict that there are several aspects exist in E-commerce concept for products and services to stand in front of competitors. With the help of offering competitively pricing, Morrison able to increase their significant results in business. Therefore, strong distribution assists to maintain proper transparency at workplace. Furthermore, it also increase revenue and reduce cost because direct selling done by business so that mediators existence never take place.

    However, Chou, Chuang and Shao, (2016) explored their views and ideas that E-commerce implementation is more expensive so that it increases development of outcomes with return results. In this way, it is important to solve issues and problems very quickly to well-established and develop more experience as well. Customers are also encourages towards stores so that services will be deliver to focus on systematic work performances. Consumers are also concerned to take credit card for shopping so that it also create issue of fraud at workplace.

    Also Read:

    Customer satisfaction with implementation of E-commerce in Morrison

    According to Fernie and Sparks, (2014), there are several factors exist in E-commerce which create impact on customer satisfaction. In order to reach in global market, internet and changing customers demand consider dynamics which transformed with online shopping. Therefore, consumers increasingly seeking high level of convenience and security in E-transactions. There are different tools consider at workplace such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. All these elements assists to focus on significant results that make innovative functions to attain desired results. Beside this, Morganti, Seidel and Lenz, (2014) argued that Facebook is more crucial element that assists to maintain creativity at workplace. It is main perspective that assists to concentrate on desired results at workplace. This is because, Facebook tool assists to increase posting videos and photos to attract several customers. On the basis of customer attraction, effectiveness continuously develop to deal with aims and objectives. It assists to focus on maintain innovation and creativity.

    Furthermore, Turban, Outland and Turban, (2017) depict that Instagram is also important tool that help to attain creativity that attain more creative work performances. With the help of different promotional activities, it can be said that company able to develop their significant advantages in market. It will help to focus on maintain creative work performances in market. It is one of the important element that assists to develop target market aims with using significant activities. Along with this, privacy could be maintain in tool that help to make innovative consideration at workplace. On the basis of systematic work performances, desired results could be attained.

    Tools of E-commerce and its relation with customer satisfaction in retail sector

    As per the view of Kurnia, Choudrie and Alzougool, (2015), big commerce is one of the important tool that assists to make innovative results at workplace. It is the best aspect that develop target market and ascertained systematic work performances at workplace. On the basis of this tool, increment in business aim and objectives develop continuously. Therefore, target market develop to focus on desired level interest at workplace. In this way, systematic work performances will be consider to develop target market. Furthermore, Falk and Hagsten, (2015) argued that social media are main consideration of E-commerce that assists to focus on maintain effectiveness at workplace. Therefore, it will help to maintain more systematic work performances at workplace in significant manner. As per social media perspective, it can be stated that company able to enhance their profits and revenue in systematic manner. Hence, every retail sector must consider social media tool in their business to increase significant growth and profitability. As results, target market will able to communicate proper growth and development program as well. It will help to generate more creative performances at workplace.


    In order to conduct present research, there are several elements exist that help to focus on creative work performances. Therefore, it includes following elements:

    • Research philosophy: It is one of the important element of research that help to focus on desire results outcomes. It helps to discover the best arrangements with ascertain proper issues. There are mainly two kinds of research philosophies exist such as interpretivism and positivism. With implementation of interpretivism assist to look scholar that make effective functioning at workplace (Vu and Huan, 2016). On the other hand, positivism tool also implemented which consider advance theories and effectiveness. In the present research, interpretivism tool will be implement to focus on desired outcomes. Interpretivism research philosophy has been implemented to gather more systematic results at workplace. On the basis of this philosophy, researcher discover relevant theory that assists to attain more systematic work performance. Positivism philosophy has not been used because it not contains relevant information in research.
    • Research approach: Research approach is also important perspective that assists to maintain more significant outcomes at workplace. In this regard examination assists to make proper arrangement with ascertain proper hypothesis. There are two kinds of approaches exist such as inductive and deductive. From the both, inductive assists to make general perspective which assists to clarify proper findings and effectiveness. Hence, e-commerce drive to attain successful program in selected enterprise (Hartmann, Klink and Simons, 2015).
    • Research design: Research design assists to consider different perspective that help to find issue in systematic manner. In this regard, all exercise must be consider with research questions that help to focus on different perspective of research. There are different kinds of research design exist such as exploratory, descriptive, experimental, etc. All these perspective assists to find useful information. From the above, descriptive research design must be carry by researcher to consider E-commerce implementation in retail sector (Bell, Gallino and Moreno, 2015).
    • Data collection: Furthermore, data collection also important element that assists to explore different consideration at workplace in systematic manner. There are mainly two sources exist that assists to find useful information such as primary and secondary information. Primary information could be gather from survey, interview, questionnaire, etc. On the other hand, secondary data consider from different tools such as books, journals, magazines, etc. On the basis of our topic, qualitative data collection is important consideration that assists to meet with aims and objectives in systematic manner. With consider qualitative elements, questionnaire has been prepared to understand creative results (Tang, Lai and Cheng, 2016). As per stated aims and objectives, qualitative data elements consider important role in whole research program. There are two ways to collect data primary and secondary. These both information essential consider to focus on relevant and fresh information that assists to meet with aims and objectives. Primary data collected to focus on questionnaire which design to conduct survey. It is the best perspective to maintain more creativity in outcomes. Furthermore, in secondary information, online article, magazines, newspapers, etc. reviewed to understand previous research that help to gather relevant information. Hence, it considers important role to make systematic work performance. In respect to collect primary data, researcher consider questionnaire that help to focus on fresh and relevant information.
    • Data analysis: Data analysis consider important part in the business to assess information and find relevant consideration. In this way, effectiveness will be develop to focus on desired results. Therefore, it assists to give real piece of examination to break down and assess information for present problem. There are two kinds of techniques implemented such as qualitative and quantitative research strategy that assist to find useful information. In the present research, focus consider on qualitative tools that help to make effective results at workplace. Furthermore, it also helps to make proper arrangement of data in business to find creative results (Gaur and Kesavan, 2015).
    • Sampling: Sampling consider another useful perspective that assists to find creative results at workplace. In this regard, exploration proposition consider on which examiner able to gather information towards systematic program. In this regard, procedure must undertake with simple random sampling and non-random sampling. With the help of sampling, researcher able to collect useful information. In the present research, focus develop on simple random sampling that help to find useful consideration at workplace (Kurnia, Choudrie and Alzougool, 2015). In order to conduct research, 20 sample size selected in Morrison. Sample consider from customers of the selected business environment. Non-random sampling method is the best aspect to attain more desired results in the business. With the help of this method, researcher able to find useful information that assists to analysis work performance in systematic manner. Sample size selected randomly so that information will be gather to focus on maintain creative work performance.

    Timeline And Activities

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    In respect to consider present research, there are several activities included that assists to make creative work performances in business. In this regard, present timeline, different activities included to find effective results.


    Week 2

    Week 4

    Week 6

    Week 8

    Week 10

    Week 12

    Week 14

    Week 16

    Week 18

    Week 19

    Week 20

    Defining research proposal


    Defining background or rationale for study


    Literature review


    Deciding aims and objectives


    Finalizing aims and objectives


    Devising the questionnaire


    Gathering data


    Examining the data




    Recommendation and further areas to be consider


    Final Submission



    • Bell, D., Gallino, S. and Moreno, A., 2015. Showrooms and information provision in omni‐channel retail. Production and Operations Management, 24(3), pp.360-362.
    • Chou, Y.C., Chuang, H.H.C. and Shao, B.B., 2016. The impact of e-retail characteristics on initiating mobile retail services: A modular innovation perspective. Information & Management, 53(4), pp.481-492.
    • Currim, I.S., Mintz, O. and Siddarth, S., 2015. Information accessed or information available? The impact on consumer preferences inferred at a durable product E-commerce website. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 29, pp.11-25.
    • Falk, M. and Hagsten, E., 2015. E-commerce trends and impacts across Europe. International Journal of Production Economics, 170, pp.357-369.
    • Fernie, J. and Sparks, L., 2014. Logistics and retail management: emerging issues and new challenges in the retail supply chain. Kogan page publishers.
    • Gaur, V. and Kesavan, S., 2015. The effects of firm size and sales growth rate on inventory turnover performance in the US retail sector. In Retail Supply Chain Management (pp. 25-52). Springer, Boston, MA.

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