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    Unit 4 Research Project Level 4 UK CBC College


    Technology is a helpful tool which help in maintaining as well as increasing activities as well as operations of an organization. Technology help in changing the way to conduct business. Business systems reached at point where it is complex to imagine the operating an organization without any kind of basic technology like for an instance desktop computers in order to keep records as well as receive the emails (Chen, 2013). For most part, the technological innovations increase workflow as well as give the indispensable system for organize the system. Digital technology is helpful in connecting people from all over the world. Technology is helpful in saving time as well as cost of an organization in an effective or systematic manner. It provides many better opportunities to firms to expand business and enhance its efficiency at market place. It will be helpful in provide competitive advantage to company. Technology aids in improve process of communication. With the help of emails, websites and some applications, different departments can communicate with each other and share necessary data or information. In order to interact with the consumers, organizations use the mobile applications.

    Task 1

    P1 Research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis, supported by literature review

    The people of this modern era, large number of people spend their time on applications so firm can easily attract them towards products and services which are provided through them. There is an opportunity to companies to leverage the applications to connect, reach and target with audience along with increase the value of brand. Under this, mobile application are maintain growth of an organization and there are many people which are trying to use the new applications. For an organization, customer satisfaction is most necessary thing and it is a responsibility to produce services and products on the basis of demands as well as needs of consumers (Hsiao, Chang and Tang, 2016). It will be helpful in make them loyal towards firm and they will be retain towards company for long period of time.

    Background of research

    Mobile revolution is helpful in connected the large number of people. Individuals can connect easily to the each other through interact with the brands, social media on fly via mobile devices to increase the customer experience by mobile applications. Through empowering the people to communicate with the business 24*7 from any place, the mobile devices have the revolutionized way consumers engage with the brands which firm providing new opportunities in order to make improvement in customer care. It will help in retain existing consumers towards company and attract new (Kang and Park, 2014). Companies provide better features in its cars by connecting them with mobile applications. People can control care with mobile. In addition to this, application of companies with platform of cloud based that permits updated to add wireless as well as automatically. To secure safe drive through neglecting distraction of driver, there are some application features which are available at the time of vehicle is in the motion. This organization launch its applications across product range, under vehicles those are outfitted with the COMAND online. Customer satisfaction is top most priority of an organization and they will be loyal if they will be happy with the services and will get better experience. On the basis of research statistics, time spend on the digital media has enhanced through 50% in past three years with around 90% of increase is attributes to time of mobile application.

    Aims and objectives

    Research Aim – To ascertain the impact of using mobile applications on customer satisfaction level in car manufacturing company.

    Research objectives -

    1. To determine the importance of using mobile apps in companies.
    2. To analyse the implications of mobile apps on customers' buying behaviour.
    3. To determine influence of mobile application on customer satisfaction.

    Research questions

    Under this, it is a responsibility of an investigator is to explain exact research questions list which helps in complete research in systematic manner and also with in given period of time (Lee and et. al., 2015). There are different research questions are given below:

    Q1) What is the significance of using mobile applications in companies ?

    Q2) What is the implications of mobile apps on buying behaviour of customers?

    Q3) What will be influence of mobile application on customer satisfaction?

    A literature review is a theoretical presentation of the entire research and its objectives. It encompasses with view points of different authors on the same area of concern. A researcher can gain necessary information from these sources for completion of entire investigation.

    Significance of using mobile applications in a corporate association

    In present scenario, every business association is tend to acquire new and innovative digital techniques so as to grab better future opportunities and gain high competitive edge as well. The trend of using small mobile applications is totally new in past years. But now everyone has smartphones and they know how to access them. On the basis of view point of Malthouse and et. al., 2013 it has been stated that companies use their own mobile applications which are assistive in providing better information to customers regrading new products, modifications has been done in existing products, new marketing strategy of the company etc. Along with this, these apps also accomplish all purposes of an organisation, such as – streamline inventory management, work order, customer services, inspection, logistic and invoicing processes of a manufacturing unit. The main benefits of using mobile applications for businesses are – build loyalty, increase visibility, accessibility, reinforce brand, increase exposure and connect firm with on the go customers. Although, purchasing from international market is not easier, but after adoption of mobile technologies customers can direct connect with companies. It helps in improving market value and build customers' loyalty towards the firm. According to Rivera, Gregory and Cobos, 2015 it has been concluded that Smart mobile applications are those software applications which are created in order to make easier the process of reaching any kind of information. Mobile applications play key role for business associations in respect of communication with target audiences.

    On the basis of view point of Shin, 2015, it has been stated that Mobile apps enable consumers to take care of daily tasks as a consumer can use an app to make purchases, pay bill/ online transactions, locate stores, financial transactions, get driving directions/cabs, browse menus and reviews of local. It also helps shoppers to collect on the spot information through multiple sources, special offers, check availability of products and alter their selections so as to choose the best one. In context of car manufacturing companies, like – companies, it helps firms to reach wide range of customers in a certain time period and increases international purchasing. It is too difficult for organisations to expand their business in foreign countries, thus it helps management to enter into international market.

    Implications of mobile apps on buying behaviour of customers

    Mobile applications are modifying way brands connect with customers and also have potential to increase the bottom line of an organisation. There is a direct connection among the mobile applications as well as purchasing behaviour of consumers. They use the mobile applications and some of the other online platforms can impact on the buy. People which already use products give their review online and by considering all those views, other people decide to purchase. So, the mobile application develops the positive as well as negative affect on business along with mind of consumers at market place. On the basis of view point of Solomon and et. al., 2014 it has been stated that Mobile technology is helpful in save time as well as cost of consumers.

    Cmpanies provide their products and services worldwide. Digitalisation plays an important role in this organisation for improvement of their revenue figures and brand image in between their customers. Use of mobile apps change the way of organisation to connect with consumers and promote their offers in better manner. Such apps change the buying behaviour of customers as they have an option to buy now and pay later when they get deliver of product. This feature attains their trust and loyalty towards functioning of mobile applications and changed their behaviour to use them for further buying activities in near future. Such type of benefits changed the buying behaviour of customers and helps the organisation like companies to earn large amount of revenues. Mobile apps are change the way of company to connect with customers. As it positively impact on customers and its buying behaviour because by this consumers are easily evaluate and understand the company products and services. As it also create link between customers behaviour and their buying activity as well. One of the positive impact of mobile apps on customers is that it save time of consumers and provide them information in detailed manner. With the help of this, company can enhance their profitability level and at the same time also create strong brand image at market place.

    Influence of mobile application on customer satisfaction

    Mobile applications provide many better opportunities to an organisation and helpful in expand business at large scale. Influence of mobile application on satisfaction level of consumers mention below:

    Instant Communication- An interaction with the existing consumers helpful in retain them for long period of time. Mobile applications are helpful to permit companies to communicate with individuals in public venue and also offering channel to promote services, goods and also transparent the messages. On the other hand, by using the mobile applications finds can also interact with the new consumers and attract therm towards products of an organisation. In this present time period, customers want to connect with brand by the many channels. The companies provides 24*7 mobile application services to people so that they can connect with firm and solve their queries at any time and at any where. It helps in develop the positive affect on mind of customers.

    Greater reach- Digital media is helpful for business to reach at large number of consumers. companies use an effective way to promote services as well as products in an effective manner. This organisation has its own mobile application and on that, firm provide information about the services in detailed manner. On the basis of view point of Song and et. al., 2014, it has been stated that Company can take feedback from its consumers about the current services as well as new cars which are provided through companies to its consumers. If products and services will be according to demands as well as requirements of consumers then it will helpful in develop the positive impact on mind of consumers.

    Product knowledge- Under this, training should encompass consumer service as well as knowledge of product reps should be access repository knowledge to contain the data sheet with the necessary or required information or data. It is necessary that customer should have proper knowledge about the existing products as well as services of an organisation. In order to interact with large number of people or provide them information about products or cars, companies business firm use mobile application. For consumers, knowledge of product is necessary so that they could take better decision related to purchasing product.

    Demand Transparency- In this present time period, consumers require to know regards firm they communicate with and also buy from. In context to develop loyalty of brands, there is a need of transparency as well as demonstrate personality online along with the ethos of an organisation. It is helpful in attract large number of consumers towards firm. The first priority of company is to focus on demand of customers and try to fulfil in an effective as well as significant manner. It develops the positive affect on productivity along with reputation of an organisation.

    Increase sales and growth- These are two main factors which help in making business successful. If firm is able to connect more consumers towards firm then in this case they will be connect with company. On the other hand, the main focus of consumers is on better quality of services and products. It helps in enhancing sales along with growth of an organization with in given period of time.

    P2 Research methods and conduct primary and secondary research

    Research methodology is theoretical as well as systematic analysis of methods which are applied to area of study (Xu, Peak and Prybutok, 2015). It is particular technique as well as procedure which are used to determines, chose, process and also analyze information or data related with the topic of research. It is helpful in set the better guidelines for an investigator to finish study with in given time period.

    Qualitative research- Under this, gather information through various sources like focus interview, survey method, group discussion and many more.

    Quantitative research- Researcher has collecting data in numerical form which has arrange statistical manner that help to know future trend of market, accordingly organization has develop strategies to produce goods and services. Some sources of data in quantitative method are questionnaire, in depth interview etc.

    Data collection is a process of gathering as well as prepare the data. Its main motive is to obtain data or information in order to keep record and make effective decisions related to the necessary problems.

    Primary method– This method is first hand sources of information which has came through observation, focus interview, case study, survey and many more. In context to gather primary data, questionnaire was designed with some better questions which can be close ended and open ended questions those will cover whole information which will be required to study.

    Secondary method- IN this, information has came through already exist data, some important sources are books, journal, newspapers, magazine etc. Under this, data is gathered from various sources and an investigator can collect data from secondary sources in an easy manner.

    Sampling- Technique of data sampling emphasized on hosing sample that duplicate the original population. It is a process of arranging data into systematic manner to study and find out outcomes. Through this, researcher has analyze future trends and pattern with lot of information that is gain in investigating program. Under this, an investigator can use the non-probabilistic sampling or probabilistic sampling technique. In this assignment random sampling method has selected according to situations. Under this, 30 sample size use by researcher.

    Task 2

    P3 Primary and secondary research using appropriate methods for a business research project

    An investigation is regarded to identify the main purpose or motive of doing this research. Research taken in to the consideration is concluded as the value in nature when it provides the specific objective. At the time of conduct research it is necessary that researcher should have appropriate knowledge and skills about topic of research.

    Cost: It is a necessary key aspect which an investigator needs to be adopted. During conduct research, it is necessary for researcher to arrange money so that it can perform all activities and complete investigation in a significant manner.

    Ethical Issue: Ethics are standards or norms for conduct distinguish among the wrong and right. It is helpful in identified difference among acceptable as well as non- acceptable behavior (Kang and Park, 2014). In this, researcher is responsible towards conduct an investigation in an ethical manner by following all principles. It is important that an investigator should be assure that there should be no personal information asked from respondents and questionnaire should not hurt the sentiments of people.


    Q1) Are you aware about concept of mobile applications?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    Q2) Does execution of mobile application are beneficial for development and growth of companies?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    Q3) What are benefits of using the mobile applications in business?

    a) Meet with targeted clients

    b) Enhance consumer engagement

    c) Increase sales

    Q4) Does mobile applications impact on customer satisfaction?

    a) Yes

    b) No

    Q5) What are different types of mobile applications people use?

    a) Lifestyle mobile apps

    b) Social media mobile apps

    c) Utility mobile apps

    Q6) What is main importance of mobile technology for customers?

    a) Aware about new products.

    b) Differentiate among two products

    Q7) What is more beneficial for company by using the mobile applications?

    a) Expand business operations

    b) Competitive benefits

    c) Cost effective

    Q8) What complexities companies face during execution of mobile applications?

    a) Funds

    b) Security threat

    c) Network conditions

    Q9) Recommend some way by which companies satisfy demands of consumers.

    P4 Analytical tools to analyze research findings and data

    It refers to procedure of cleansing, inspecting, modeling and also transforming data or information with a motive of searching the useful and relevant information, support decision making and also informing the better outcomes (Chen, 2013). Under this, evaluation and in-depth analysis both are regarded as most necessary component for success behind the research. In order to analyze the collect data, an investigator uses the thematic analysis. Segregation of accurate information and data in to various forms is more expected to get the valuable results.

    THEME 1: Aware about concept of mobile applications

    Q1) Are you aware about concept of mobile applications?






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    Interpretation: Mobile application is a type of software that created for use of small and wireless computing devices. It is helpful in compare as well as purchase the products online over an Internet. On the basis of mention graph, there are 22 respondents which said that they know about the mobile applications and their use but according to 8 respondents, they are not aware about its concept.

    THEME 2: Execution of mobile application are beneficial for development and growth of companies

    Q2) Does execution of mobile application are beneficial for development and growth of companies?







    Interpretation: Mobile application is helpful in buying the products and services in an easy manner. It is helpful in save time as well as cost of customers. According to opinion of 25 respondents that implementation mobile application are more effective for growth of company. There are 5 respondents which are not agree with this.

    THEME 3: Benefits of using the mobile applications

    Q3) What are benefits of using the mobile applications in business?


    Meet with targeted clients


    Enhance consumer engagement


    Increase sales


    Interpretation: On the basis of 12 respondents that main advantage of using mobile application is to meet with the targeted consumers and provide them better services. 10 respondents said that through using mobile applications, engagement of customers can be increased. According to 8 respondents that mobile technology is helpful in enhance sales of companies company.

    THEME 4: Mobile applications impact on customer satisfaction

    Q4) Does mobile applications impact on customer satisfaction?







    Interpretation: In this present time period, customers purchase goods and services through Internet. Mobile applications is an effective way to satisfy demands and wants of consumers. On the basis of opinion of 20 respondents that mobile applications affect on satisfaction level of customers but 10 respondents are not agree with this.

    THEME 5: Different types of mobile applications people use

    Q5) What are different types of mobile applications people use?


    Lifestyle mobile apps


    Social media mobile apps


    Utility mobile apps



    Interpretation: According to 10 respondents that lifestyle mobile application are mode use by customers. They use this type of application in purchasing clothes, accessories etc. 8 respondents said about social media applications and people are more connected with Facebook, Instagram etc. There are 12 respondents which agree with Utility mobile apps.

    THEME 6: Importance of mobile technology for customers

    Q6) What is main importance of mobile applications for customers?


    Aware about new products


    Differentiate among two products



    Interpretation: Mobile applications is more useful for customers. As per mention graph, there are 16 respondents which said that through use of mobile technology, customers will aware about the new introduce product of company. According to 14 respondents that major importance of mobile application is to compare between two products and select better one.

    THEME 7: Beneficial for company by using the mobile applications

    Q7) What is more beneficial for company by using the mobile applications?


    Expand business operations


    Competitive benefits


    Cost effective


    Interpretation: Mobile application provides advantages to business of companies company. According to opinion of 8 respondents that expand business operations is beneficial for business. 12 respondents said about the competitive advantage which company can get by using the mobile applications. There are 10 respondents which agree with an option of cost effectiveness.

    THEME 8: Complexities companies face during execution of mobile applications

    Q8) What complexities companies face during execution of mobile applications?




    Security threat


    Network conditions


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    Our intention is to help numerous students worldwide through effective and accurate work.

    Interpretation: During implementation of the mobile applications, company face many issues. According to 12 respondents, finance is a main problem because in adoption of new mobile applications companies needs to arrange more funds. There are 12 respondents which said that bad network conditions create problems. 6 respondents are agree with the security threat.

    Task 3

    P5 Research outcomes in an appropriate manner

    Importance of using mobile apps in companies

    The main concern of each business firm is to fulfill demands and needs of consumers as to achieve high competitive benefits at market place. People use the digital technology for conduct its business activities in minimum period of time. By increasing use of technology in automobile sector, car manufacturing industries are also stepped ahead to take benefits by acquiring digital techniques including mobile apps. With the help of using digital technology, customers can easily purchase products and services online over an internet. Through this, person can compare one product to another. Mercedes- Benz company provides applications to rapid access to animation, manuals of owner and videos.

    Implications of mobile apps on customers' buying behavior.

    It is a primary responsibility of an organization to satisfy needs and wants of consumers in significant manner. It is necessary for firm to determine the demands and preferences of consumers before manufacturing products. It will help in attract large number of consumers towards company. companies organization update its mobile applications by providing them new features of consumers. Increased use of Internet and mobile solutions provides the opportunity to the customers about comparing of prices and looking for the better deals.

    Influence of mobile application on customer satisfaction

    Mobile application is a kind of application software that developed to run on mobile phones. It serves to give the users with same services to those persons which accessed on PCs. Mobile application helps in develop the positive impact on business. Digital marketing has influence on interaction, buy, habits and work of people. Companies provide information about the cars on its mobile application so that consumers can know about them ion detailed manner. It will help in develop the positive affect on customers as well as organization.

    Task 4

    P6 Effectiveness of research methods applied for meeting objectives

    In an investigation, research methodology plays a necessary role. It is helpful in conduct the research activities or tasks in a detailed manner. In order to collect information and data, there are two different research methods used by researcher and these are primary and secondary. In primary research method, data is collected for first time. Under this, I used questionnaire as appropriate method to collect accurate and reliable information. On the other hand, in secondary method researcher use the books, journals, article etc. In part of literature review, I used secondary method. In this, opinions and view points of different authors are taken. Both methods are helpful in complete the whole research in significant manner.

    P7 Alternative research methodologies

    For conduct research, investigator use the Questionnaire method. It helps in gather the relevant data or information about specific research topic. Through using the questionnaire, researcher can get the opinions of different respondents. There is an alternative method which researcher can use instead of Questionnaire is Interview. In this, there are different questions need to be prepare for various respondents. It is time taking as well as expensive way to collect data. But this alternative research method is helpful in getting better outcomes.


    Books & Journals

    Chen, L.Y., 2013. Antecedents of customer satisfaction and purchase intention with mobile shopping system use.International Journal of Services and Operations Management.15(3). pp.259-274.

    Hsiao, C.H., Chang, J.J. and Tang, K.Y., 2016. Exploring the influential factors in continuance usage of mobile social Apps: Satisfaction, habit, and customer value perspectives. Telematics and Informatics.33(2). pp.342-355.

    Kang, D. and Park, Y., 2014. based measurement of customer satisfaction in mobile service: Sentiment analysis and VIKOR approach. Expert Systems with Applications.41(4). pp.1041-1050

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