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    M/508/0494 Working Practices, Functions And Scope of Human Resource Management of ALDI

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 1899
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0494
    • Downloads: 601
    Question :

    The purpose of this report is to evaluate working practices, functions and scope of Human resource management in an organisation. These management practices are essential for work based context of a firm.

    • Identify the scope and purpose of Human resource management in Aldi in terms of skill and talent management.
    • Determine the effectiveness of crucial elements of human resource management in Aldi.
    • Evaluate internal and external factors that can affect HRM decision making.
    • Discuss application of Human resource management practices in work related context.
    Answer :


    In the Aldi organisation, the HRM helps to increase employee performance and managing all the responsibilities of the organisation. Try to make organisation top and first position in the world, vacancy for the employee and required proper selection in the organisation. With the help of human resource management requirement for employee and get proper selection in it. In this report, study about regarding in the organisation how the functions of HR developed. In this component, the description and background are study the process of selection and recruitments as well as  individual system for all the workers. In the workplace environment order to have a positive ideas of employee relation. To helping the HR  is requiring. Furthermore, to helping in the decision making in the organisation some factors are included like external and internal factors are described and analyse. To create a good surrounding in the organisation the HR has different kinds of duties and handle all the employee in the organisation are given as below and discussed on this.

    TASK 1      

    P.1 Purpose and Function of human resource management

    Human resource management is creating a connection between the organization and the management. It is very beneficial for organization to handle all management through the human resource (Oparaocha, 2016). The objective of human resource management to increasing their productivity in market. HRM can be manage the whole business process in very efficiently and they are performing a different function that would be helpful for employee to fulfil their requirement. There are many types of function performing in the organization as following:

    Orientation Program- This is the main part of company to help their worker and provides information regarding their policy, conditions. They are giving a detail on company and their role on a particular job profile. In this program, they can be clear the doubt of employee with the help of human resource management. These orientations program are organized by the human resource management.

    Recruitment process- Human resource management are hiring those people who are very efficient and do their best work for the growth of organization. In ALDI, The main objective of this firm to identify the talented people who has potential to do the best work of business process  (Jahantighi, 2015). Recruitment process is very important for the firm to selecting new candidates and increasing their business activity in all over the world. In this way, it also helps for decrease their cost. It is very essential part of every company.

    Effective working Culture- The main responsibility of HRM to creating an effective environment that would be useful for growth of company. They are creating a connection between the employee so that good environment is established that are beneficial for company and human  (Tinelli, 2017). HR will motivate to their employee and giving so many advantages such as financial. They are managing the whole department is very proper ways.

    Training and development- It is main part of human resource to provide the services to their employee. They can be provide training and development program to increasing their performance. This is the best way to developed their skill and enhance for growth of company. It is the main part of the organization to increasing their capability so that they can be achieve their goals and targets.

    Managing employee relation- It is important part to creating a good relationship with employee because It is main part of every company because without worker they can not be imagine the growth of organization. Human resource management has ability to control the whole system in a very efficient way.

    P.2 Strength and weakness of Human resource Management with example Selection and Recruitment process

    In HRM, The Selection and Recruitment process is important of every organization to hiring a talented people that are really suitable for particular post. These process can be done by in three ways:

    Internal process- The internal process is very efficient to provide the opportunities to their old employee that who are already in same firm. It is very important for company because they can be hire a people on internally that would be beneficial for the organization to decreasing the cost and increasing their growth because they are already know about the profile and working environment and it can be easily adjusted in different departments  (Boxman,, 2017). The weakness is that when the firm are not found the suitable candidates for a particular profile. These process can be provides the facility to change the post in other department. In ALDI, they will provide the facility to change their place in jobs. They will take a decision very fast without and delay and it is very easy process to taking their decision is very quickly.

    External process- The External process is that when it can build a new bond with other people and applied their new ideas for growth of company. It can be hire the candidate through external recruitment process and they are demanding for a particular qualification in suitable job profile in which it covered all areas for the job. The weakness is that they are taking so much time for selecting a candidate. It is very expensive as compare to other recruiting process because they are finding the right person that would be suitable for job. In ALDI, some times, It can be use External selection process in which they are spent a lot of money for the recruitment process. Some times, the existing worker are faced challenges and the cost has been increased.

    Third party recruitment- In this process, this is the another approach to hire the people is called third party process in which it creates a good relationship between the employee and organization. This is the process to identified the suitable candidates those who have capability and they can be directly coordinate with the organization. They can be select the candidates according to their capability and knowledge. Third party recruitment process can determines the education qualification of people and understanding the skills of candidates. The main weakness is that when the consultancy are taking money from the organization and it is hidden money. In ALDI, they are also using these recruitment approaches. They are also increasing their cost for a suitable candidate. In this recruitment process, it can be decrease the tension of candidates.

    TASK 2

    P.3 Human resource management can be useful

    Human resource management has so many responsibilities that are useful for organization and employee. They are providing equal rights for all employee and they can be helpful for employee to understand their advantages and scope in firm. HRM are giving a so many advantages for employee to increasing their capability.

    Employee relation- they are making a good relationship with organization and HRM can be play important role for development. They are always creating a friendly environment and that can be provide the services to customer. The employee are taking action on legal matter because they are provides equal rights to employee. In ALDI, they are very efficient to achieve their objective and goals  (Bloom,   2016). They are identified the leader those have good quality and effective skills that would be manage the team member in very proper ways. Human resource management are creating a good relationship with positive worker so that it can develop an effective environment and has proper working culture to people are innovate new ideas that are beneficial for company. They are making a good bond when they will share the important information to the employee. In this way, the human resource management easily handle the situation and creating a good bonding between the employee. In this way, they have to achieve their objective and goals.

    Training and development- It is very essential part of every organization to provide the best training program for development. Employee can be handle every situation because of this training program, when it can be developed their skill and knowledge. Training and development program are important for the employee because it can improve their quality and provided an effective training session so that employee increases their targets. They are always focused on their goals. It is the best part of the employee to increasing their ability to explore their skill for development of company  (Strohmeier, 2015). They can develop their personality towards the client and easily understand the need of client. Some times, the Team leader can be directly contacted to the customer and easily understand his requirement because they are taking training on company regarding the customer satisfaction.

    Information resources- In ALDI, It can be providing the benefits for employee so that they are used this advantages because company will provide the equal right to their employee. This is very important for the organization to explore business in all over the world. They are giving an information in a proper format by using flow chart to share the detail in between employees. The human resource are following some format that would share the detail in very effective manner  (Junni, 2015). This process is beneficial for both employee and employer and mainly this process is done by the human resource management. The proper flow chart is required for every organization because with the help of this chart can be understand the actual need of business and it can be share the information in a proper manner. The employee is helpful to creating an innovative idea that can be implemented for company. HRM can be guide to employee for explain the actual need of business operation.

    P4 HRM practices for rising the productivity and their company profit

    The Human resource management have an effective quality to increasing their productivity and it can be gaining a lot of profit for the company. They are provides many benefits for company in which with the help of these benefits, they can be achieve their goals and targets.

    Achieving profit and productivity-

    The organization can be provide the information in a proper ways so that the employee can do their work in openly through other employee. Mainly they are contains information such as award system. Procedure, policies etc. The human resource management will provide the information proper manner so that it is very helpful for gaining a lot of profit and increasing the productivity (Georgiadis,  2016). The correct information can be clear the doubt regarding policies. They are helping to making on the top most position. Human resource management are collecting all information of people and they are taking a record of employee and their specific role. They are helping to increase their profit rate and productivity.

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