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    Y/508/0487 - Identify The Appropriateness Of Key Elements Of HRM In Hilton Hotel

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 868
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: Y/508/0487
    • Downloads: 694
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze roles and responsibilities of human resource department. This report is going to determine how this department provide its effective contribution in business management practices.

    • Determine the scope and purpose of human resource management in terms of talent and skill management practices.
    • Identify the appropriateness of key elements of HRM in Hilton hotel.
    • Evaluate internal and external factors as well as their impact over HRM decision making.
    • Provide an application of HRM practices in the work related context of Hilton Hotel.
    Answer :


    Human Resource Management has an important role in the success of an organisation. In this context, human resource of a company develops their part to make an overall functioning and increasing outcomes. They are mainly handled employees with operating policies and regulations that are governing and undertake work practices (Schermerhorn, Davidson and McBarron, 2014). With the help of innovative functions and operations, they regulate different activities and tasks that assist to maintain effectiveness in the company.

    Present report is based on Hilton Hotel which deals in hospitality sector and maintain effectiveness with ascertain more profits and revenue at workplace. HRM consider resourcing that make effective results in the business. In respect to focus on the present report, it covers purpose and functions in HRM in workforce planning. Furthermore, strengths and weaknesses of different approaches in recruitment and selection in Hilton Hotel. In addition to this, it focuses on benefits of HRM practices in the business for employer and employee. Moreover, it consists importance of employee relations which influence to decision-making. At last, key elements of employment legislation has been covered that help to meet with desired aims and objectives at workplace.

    TASK 1

    P1. Purpose and functions of HRM in workforce planning

    Human resource management is element that describes formal system which is devised for management of people at workplace. Responsibilities of human resource manager consider in different areas such as staffing, employee compensating, design work, and determine benefits. In respect to consider effective results, it can be stated that HRM plays very important role in success of business. With this regard, in Hilton Hotel, the HR manager has several characteristics such as they are people oriented, comprehensive functions, challenging function, etc. (Schermerhorn, Davidson and McBarron, 2014). This is because people oriented consider employees to attain desired goals and objectives. Furthermore, it determines emotional and social aspects of personnel. Hence, organisation bringing many people together to accomplish goals.

    In this context, the company has many purposes that define as follows:

    • Efficient use of resources: In respect to work in Hilton Hotel, HR manager consider their purpose is that efficiently use of their workers. In this context, training helps to make employees understandable that wastage of resources not occurs. With the help of training, efficiency and performance also develop continuously at workplace.
    • Involve several employees: HR manager consider their functions through giving the best outcomes. In this way, interest level increases in the company to focus on people involvement at workplace (Schumacher, Van Emmerik and De Witte, 2016).
    • Develop company culture: Along with this, HR makes proper use of their culture to maintain effectiveness in Hilton. In an organisation, proper security and facilities help to maintain effectiveness which gathers proper culture in environment.
    • Employing new people: HR works for employing new people at workplace that assists to meet with desired results and outcomes in the company. In this way, they need to focus on implementing new, fresh and skilled employees who assist to create effective results at workplace (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2015).

    Functions of HRM

    In order to develop effective results in the business, there are different kinds of HR functions implemented that assists to develop more creative work performances.

    They are as follows:

    Managerial Functions

    • Planning: Main function of HR is that consider proper planning for all creative work and performances in business. In this regard, work successfully done through develop planning activities (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2015).
    • Organising: After successful planning, Hilton hotel needs to concentrate on organising  things that need to be implemented at workplace. Therefore, proper actions are considered for proper caring of all members.
    • Directing: After organising, manager need to direct their employees towards aims and objectives. As a result, proper direction will be provided to attain creative results.
    • Controlling: In controlling, Hilton hotel needs to manage functions and operations with proper and effective controlling. Errors and negative things will be reduced in the business (Schumacher, Van Emmerik and De Witte, 2016).

    Operative Functions

    • Recruiting Employees: It is main task in front of HR manager of Hilton hotel to pay proper attention towards effectiveness at workplace. It is the toughest task in front of the manager.


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