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    L/508/3949 - Evaluation Of Training Event At Sun Court Limited

    University: Icon College of Technology and Management

    • Unit No: 18
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 684
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/3949
    • Downloads: 772
    Question :

    This unit reflect the scenario of People ‘R’ Us bidding for work with Sun Court and prepare report on various learning theories & style with the skill development initiatives.

    • Provide understanding of theories & learning styles used by Sun court Limited
    • Demonstrate planning and designing of training and development activities.
    • Develop evaluation of training event at Sun court Limited.
    • Reflect understanding of government lead skill development program at Sun court Limited.
    Answer :



    TASK 1

    • 1.1 Comparison of different learning styles   
    • 1.2 Learning curve and its use at workplace  
    • 1.3 Learning styles and theories with planning and designing learning event
    • 4.1 Role of government in training and development for the lifelong learning
    • 4.2 Competency movement and having an impact on public and private sector
    • 4.3 Training initiative introduced by UK Government

    TASK 2   

    • 2.1 Training needs for staff at the different level at sun court limited
    • 2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of the training methods used in organization
    • 2.3 Systematic approach training and development for training event
    • 3.1 Evaluate the training event with suitable techniques
    • 3.2 Evaluation of training event
    • 3.3 Success of the evaluation method


    Human resources are defining the important pillar of firm who work for giving accurate direction to them which assist in developing company for achieving their desired goals and objectives in better manner. Generally, environment is that thing which does change with the time and company transform their strategies and policies so that they can engaged with external environment. With the help of such scenario, venture required for conducting effective training and development programmes to their staff members to accomplishing their potential goals and targets in proper way. The report is based on sun court limited which provide care homes to the old age people and also do proper care. Basically, entity face lot of issues and problems due to untrained employees (Albrech, 2011). In this report, explained about different learning styles and determining significance of learning curve and use different theories which assist in planning certain specific events. The role of government in lifelong learning. 

    TASK 1

    1.1 Comparison of different learning styles

    An employees are those who are work in effective manner for gaining their major aims and motives with company goals and targets in better manner. With the help of this, there are different situations which required to be undertaken by company and staff members are doing effective performance which is up to the level so that venture can overcome with scenario in proper way. Along with this, employees does not perform effective work and there are various learning skills and knowledge which need for them and they are managing and handling specific business functions or activities in the context of an organisation. Therefore, Mumford and Kolb learning styles which are adopted by company that are as follows:

    Honey Mumford learning style: 

    It is that theory which help in generating by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford, so such theory assist in increasing the skills and abilities of staff members so that they can using different situation in better manner (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). In an enterprise, the workers are adopting various learning styles which are related to Mumford so that they can collect required data and information where learning can be infused in them. There are various factors which are described as under:

    Activist – This will determined that those employees who are revamp such abilities and skills for facing various challenges and situations at the working place. 

    Reflector – It is theory where people are included so leaders have analysing their power over different components at the give time period for making effective decisions of the firm. 

    Theorist – This is that type of individual such as facts, models and theories which can be executed in learning procedures in better manner (Bakker and Leiter, 2010). 

    Pragmatist – These are those individual who are experiencing theories, models and ideas along with approaches of work

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