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    A/508/0594 - Increasing Employee Engagement And Gaining A Competitive Edge

    University: UKBC College London

    • Unit No: 35
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1679
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: A/508/0594
    • Downloads: 698
    Question :

    The report needs to include following:

    • Evaluate the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals.
    • Determine the factors that need to be considered while implementing inclusive learning so that business performance can be made sustainable.
    • Explain the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) help in increasing employee engagement and gaining a competitive edge.
    • Analyse the ways through which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication help in enhancing performance.
    Answer :


    In today’s business environment, development is one of the important activity for every business organization if order to improve workers performance at workplace.Basically, it is determining as an important concern for company to bringing changes in organizational activities which may leads in enhancing profitability level of the company at market place. If business organization fails in focusing on workers development then they face various issues and conflicts at workplace(Day and et. al., 2014). This will negatively effect on business image at market place.Development of individuals is highly based on workers and manager as well which may leadin attaining set goals and objectives in appropriate period of time. For achieving the same, company also make an effective team for performing business activities. It directly contributes in attaining better success at market place. Present report is based on Marks and Spencer, is one of the biggest and famous retail company which cover over the world by delivering their services.This report also discussed about professional knowledge, skills and behaviour of the HR professional. Along with this, various factors also mentioned in this report which enhance the overall performance of the company. In addition of this, contribution of HPW is also mentioned in this assignment which may leads in enhancing performance level of the company.

    TASK 1

    P1 Professional knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals

    Human resource department is regarded as most necessary assets in an organisation. Generally, most of the business firm wants that staff members which are working than I should very effective as well as efficient which refers that managers should be very capable of providing the better outcomes to business firm. For this, an organisation will measure that those abilities which are required to developed in staff members. In addition to this, continuous professional development is defined as continuous as well as planned procedure under which managers or leaders themselves and try to be develop own professional as well as personal skills qualities (Eimeand et. al., 2013). Their main focus is on make improvement in practices as well as knowledge which help them to accomplishing aims and goals of an organisation in specific period of time. It is helpful in safeguarding carrier of managers and also gain more advantages or advantages from this. Main importance of CPD are given below as above:

    • It assures that manager maintain and also increase knowledge as well as abilities for communicating with consumers and providing them better qualities of services of goods at the reasonable cost.
    • CPD is helpful in assuring that manager should be up to date their knowledge such as changes which are happen in society and know current market trends.

    Frameworks which are used through managers aim them in order to answer the questions:

    • Which method chosen through managers for development?
    • How will you make progress and changes in an organisation?

    The significance of the continuously professional development which should underestimated through an organisation. It will assess in maintain better ethics as well as code of conduct at the workplace. There are some skills given below which are necessary in HR:

    Problem solving and conflict management- If firm wants to enhance its development then this is examined that staff members should work together with staff members (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In addition, this, it is a responsibility of human resource manager to motivate staff members to work together. Manager of Marks and Spencer listen problems of employees and give them better solution.

    Ethical and discrete- In an organisation, HR manager is regarded as conscience of an organisation and have confident information regarded as an organisation. In addition to this, managers should try to be managing and control responsibilities in better manner and do its business activities in an ethical manner.

    Knowledge of HR professional

    Technology and communication- It is necessary that human resource manager should have good knowledge about the technology and communicate with employees in better manner so that they can satisfy from the job. Technology provides many effective opportunities to company and enhance productivity.

    Behaviour which are expected from HR manager

    Quality focus- Under this, manager should focus on produce better quality of good which can satisfy needs or demands of consumers.

    Accountable- It is necessary that employer should be more accountable which should have better capabilities to take responsibilities of their own commit as well as actions which are ethical manner.

    Also Suggested:

    P2 Completed personal skills audit and professional development plan

    Abilities as well as skills which are necessary to analyse of staff members of Marks and Spencer Organisation. If in case skills of employees will be better than in this case they will perform in better manner. In context to measure abilities of staff members, it is necessary for manager to notice their performance and also compare with ideal performance which should be necessary in them (Herrmann and Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). In addition to Marks and Spencer, workers which are working in company should know about their capabilities and deal with consumers in an effective manner. It is helpful for an organisation to identify all skills gap in staff members and make different in what they have and what they need to be.

    Personal skill audit of Jane Cambridge through Marks and Spencer Organisation given below:


    Very Good




    Little or no experience

    Information Technology


    Use Microsoft office word





    Use Excel Spreadsheet





    Use specialist HR







    Use a database





    Use the internet





    Use Email





    Use PowerPoint









    Very Good



    Little or no experience

    Communication skills


    Drafting contracts of employment





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