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    R/508/2646 - Evaluate The Research Outcomes With The Use Of Suitable Techniques

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1048
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/2646
    • Downloads: 638
    Question :

    The purpose of this unit is to develop critical analysis and enquiry skills to the learners through undertaking a research investigation. To carry out this investigation both primary (Questionnaire) and secondary (Literature review) methods are considered.

    • Understanding the manner through which research specifications are formulated.
    • Implementation of agreed procedures and specifications to the research project.
    • Demonstrate ability to evaluate the research outcomes with the use of suitable techniques.
    • Presenting the research outcomes to a suitable set of audience.
    Answer :


    Background of research

    In today's competitive corporate environment, every firm wants to get competitive benefit in order to work well and achieve effectiveness and productivity. For achieve the same, it is very essential for business firms to first define its objective, and formulate plans that how it will utilise the available resources (Ageron, Gunasekaran and Spalanzani, 2012). Human resources are known as one of the most valuable resource as these are the one that fill the gaps between each step to get success. Employees are the one that use their knowledge and skills to support firm so its can achieve its set goals and objectives. Enterprises that value human resources as a central of business and doe continuous efforts to increase their motivation's level are tend to be more effective and productivity. An effective enterprise is known as the one who has the competency to achieve its set goals (García and et. al.,  2014).  Various factors are there in enterprise that require to be coordinated to enhance effectiveness and productivity of entity. Factors are divided into two categories known as hard elements and soft elements. Skills, values, staff and style is come under soft elements and systems, structure and strategy is all come under hard elements. There is a strong relationship between employee's motivation and organisational effectiveness. Staff members with high motivation are tend to have more productive and enhance company's performance.  Mainly motivation refers to the elements that direct, activate and influence the behaviour of others. Basically it define why an individual do something. At workplace, employee motivation is known as a significant factor as it generate actions and efforts towards work related activities (Leftheriotis and Giannakos,  2014). When an individual is motivated then that individual shows energy and enthusiasm to work with determination  to complete the task. Large number of methods are there which can be use by organisation to motivate workers to work well. Different methods and strategies are use by firms to improve employee's level of motivation. As every individual have different approaches, values and culture so it is very important for manager to first understand this before use motivational theories to motivate them. This  help in better understand their needs and also help in increase their motivation level. 

    Research aims:  “To examine the impact of employee's motivation on success and sustainability of enterprise.” A case study on M&S

    Research objectives:

    • To determine the impact of employee's motivation on success of organisation
    • To analyse how motivation influence workers to perform well.
    • To determine the major factors that motivate workers.
    • To ascertain the motivational theories that can be use by M&S to motivate workers. 

    Research Questions

    • What is the impact of employee's motivation on success of organisation?
    • How motivation influence workers to perform well?
    • What are the major factors that motivate workers?
    • What are the motivational theories that can be use by M&S to motivate workers?

    Research Methodology

    This section of research highlight the methods, process, tools and technique utilise by researcher worker for data collection and analysis. It is very important for investigator to choose right method as this help in draw valid conclusion and save time as well. In addition to this, it support in find effective solution of research problem. 

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    Mainly qualitative and quantitative are the two most effective methods that can be opt by investigator to complete the investigation. Information in figures and numerical data is collected and analysed by researcher in quantitative research method (Wolf, 2013). This type of data require to examine in right manner for make reliable conclusion for this right tool require to be utilise by researcher. In case of qualitative research method, attitude, behaviour and emotions of respondents is examine by researcher worker for carry out research. Present research project is based on qualitative method as this support researcher in undertake an in depth analysis. 

    Data is gather and analyse by researcher in order to deal with research problem and to find an effective solution. Before choose a method for data gathering, it is essential for researcher work to analyse the time and cost related with every method. Primary and secondary are the two major methods of data collection. Available information related with the topic of research is collected and analyse by researcher in secondary method. Primary method of data collection help researcher in collect and examine up to date data. 

    A sample is collected by researcher to carry out research and to collect their views related with the main topic of research (Dombrowski and Mielke,  2014). This support in collect reliable data related with the topic and at the same time increase effectiveness of research. Sample choose by researcher should be appropriate in number as this help in collect useful information related with the main topic of research. 

    Plan for implementation

    Various activities are execute by individual in order to complete the research. For complete all activities in time a plan can be develop by researcher. This help in collect the resources require to complete the research and at the same time provide direction to investigator. Major activities include in every type of research is given in the following points:

    • Determine the research objectives
    • Literature review
    • Examine the research problem
    • Data sampling
    • Formulation of research plan
    • Collection and analysis of data


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