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    L/508/0442 - Hospitality Provision in the Travel and Tourism Sector

    University: ITCM College London

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1255
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/0442
    • Downloads: 690
    Question :

    A travel and tourism executive of Marriott international hotels has to submit a report after overseeing projects at different sites. This report will consist of executive’s understanding of hospitality operations.

    • Explain connection between hospitality industry and other businesses of travel and tourism sector.
    • Evaluate influence of integration on companies like Marriott international hotel of hospitality industry. 
    • Make a plan for development of Marriott international hotels.
    Answer :


    Hospitality sector considers several activities and tasks that assist to deal with different types of services. In this consideration, entertainment and personalised services are included which are mainly provided by the enterprise to their passengers. With the travel company, significant growth will be accomplished which ascertain different types of services (Aragon-Correa, Martin-Tapia and de la Torre-Ruiz, 2015). It resulted to attract more people in the business. In this way, present report consider on Marriott international hotel. They provide different types of facilities to each customer so that brand image of the business maintain to develop significant advantages at workplace. Furthermore, it covers integration in hospitality sector enterprise and examples are taken with relevant organisation to take horizontal and vertical integration. At last, project proposal has been taken to develop effective functioning.

    TASK 1

    A. Scope and scale of hospitality industry within travel and tourism sector and interrelationship with examining role of hospitality functions (1.1)

    Hospitality sector consider major sector in all over the world. They consist different kinds of services for international travel and tourism activities. For instance, Marriott hotel determines their services such as accommodation, leisure, food and beverages, etc. In this sector, travel and tourism activities are considered to engage several who want to go at different destinations. This hotel provides their services in one to five star hotels. Hence, as per affordable price, customer is able to purchase the services easily (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). This is because; hotel sells services as per the budget of customers. They include services from breakfast to all essential elements. They cover a large area which help to provide hygienic and qualitative food to customers in the restaurant.

    Along with this, they consider operations in cafe in which coffee shop mainstream and fine dining to attract maximum customers at workplace. Marriott also design their food with qualitative, healthy and safety, etc. Therefore, it will assist to cover large areas where customers feel joy and get entertained as well. Managers and staff members of company develop more systematic work performances so that they will be able to attract several customers in business. Nightclubs also exist in the UK so that customers will be free to get their enjoyment. The organisation consider facilitate with travel and tourism as well. As results, it includes supplier, tourism products, travel agents, tour operators, etc. The organisation has conference hall so that meetings are also conducted that encourages different country people in business. Furthermore, exhibitions, free trade fairs, etc. are also included at corporate level that assists to attract high amount of people that are travel together such as business men, friends, family, relatives, etc. Hospitality industry also develop aviation in airline services to attract tourists and travellers that are travel from trains, airlines and ships. Furthermore, the company also contain theme park in which customers get more entertainment and feel happy:

    • Travel services: In hospitality sector, travel services consider important role which determine through transportation, accommodation, recreation, entertainment, etc. There are different types of travel services included so that it will consider complex relationship among suppliers, services of tourism, travel agent, etc. (Kourouthanassis, Boletsis and Chasanidou, 2015).
    • Accommodation services: Furthermore, accommodation also plays an essential role in Marriott. This is because; it includes different elements that develop cleanness in rooms, proper facility of seating, etc. Housekeeping services also included which need to maintain with healthy and safety around hotel areas. Minor services engaged to maintain accommodation and infrastructure services (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper, 2016).
    • Visitor’s attraction: Visitors attraction is an important place in which tourists particularly visit to know about cultural value, natural perspective, etc. These facilities implement to visit famous areas such as parks, mountain, etc.
    • Business travel: This service consider by Marriott because of work related activities. In this regard, individual or group members consider visiting customers and suppliers. Hence, business travel meeting in another enterprise to look and stay.

    TASK 2

    A. Integration in hospitality sector organisation and example drawn from relevant organisation in term of horizontal and vertical integration (2.1)

    Integration process includes profound and critical effect of activities in hospitality enterprise. It assists to create better treatment of company which helps to maintain systematic work in Marriott. With the help of securing methodology, the organisation is able to increase their usefulness and productivity in enterprise. Incorporation procedures help many hotels such as Hilton, Marriott and Accor to expand their functions in different areas. Therefore, they are able to meet with prerequisites that are operational (Tseng, Morrison and Chen, 2015). Procurement procedure also assists to obtain business and increase their take care services. With the help of superior market steadiness, enterprise is able to increase their usefulness in association and embrace to create better and effective results.

    In the hotel, real perspective has been taken that are compelling by association to develop better work and improvement such as room administration, increasing transportation administration. This approach also consider expand general increment and proficiency as per income limit. Increasing in income age help to focus on requirement and request of customers and clients (Kourouthanassis, Boletsis and Chasanidou, 2015). Apart from this, hospitality industry gather different businesses such as Accor, Marriott, etc. to maintain customer loyalty. It assists to give superior to take proper support. On the other hand, coordinated efforts are also helps to implement improvement which increase image and value in mid arrangement. In Marriott both kind of integration taken such as horizontal and vertical. This will assist to implement effective products and services to expand enterprise functions in different areas. The chosen company has effective outcomes to use these approaches.

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    B. Impact of integration and how organisation decide to respond consequences of integration (2.2)

    Integration of different services highly create impact on the hospitality industry. This is because; it affects the quality of services so that operations are affected. In tourism enterprises, vertical and horizontal integration has been used to attract more customers. Furthermore, they are also focused on proper utilisation of resources that improves the quality as well. It assists to gain competitive advantages in the market to make effective results (Neuhofer, Buhalis and Ladkin, 2015). Following are certain ways through integration consider at workplace:

    Lack of knowledge: Employees have lack of knowledge so that different products and services not developed in systematic way. As results, it creates impact on productivity of company. Due to lack of proper research and development, standardisation of products and services decreasing continuously (Aragon-Correa, Martin-Tapia and de la Torre-Ruiz, 2015).

    Cost integration: Furthermore, Marriott unable to create effective cost planning regarding different services. On the other hand, expenses are also continuously increasing so that staff

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