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    Unit 3 Tourist Destination Level 6


    Tour and travelling sector is one of the fastest increasing sector in the world. In this report is concentration on tendency of holidaymaker finish of the topographic point and different property which affects the choice of the holidaymaker finish. There are different components which are accountable for pull in the tourists towards a finish (Datzira-Masip, 2017). This report is supported on Virgin Holidays Ltd. Structure. The structure basically placed in United Kingdom and provide different kind of services in travelling sector. Further, it ariled different issues which impact the quality of a finish and these issues are well thought out in this written document.

    Task 1

    1.1 Study main tourer designate and apparatus of the world in terms of traveler lottery and financial gain generation

    Destination : The place to which someone or something going is going or to be sent. Travelfor the purpose oftourismis reported to have started around this time when people began totravelfor fun astravelwas no longer a hard

    In this Report, they have most beautiful holiday places in the country and Most of the countries are included like UK, Europe, India and other countries. Virgin Holidays Ltd, Crawley, West Sussex is the topmost tourist companies. The main tourism destination in terms of the visitor and income generation are as following:

    Eiffel Tower in Paris: This is the most famous holidays' destination in which are located in France. It started construction in 1887 and completed in 1889. This is an intellectual design of France and most of the people called as global cultural icon (Arbulú, 2016). The structure of Eiffel Tower is unique pattern and the height of the tower is 1063 feet plus there are total 8 lifts. There are total three floors in this tower; first and second has restaurant and last level is 906ft above the land and it is the highest platform that is very attractive for the visitors. The income of Eiffel Tower is 435 Billion Euro in the last year.

    Taj Mahal in India: Taj Mahal is the famous place in India and it was made by Shah Jahan in 1653. It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal is included as the Seven Wonders of the World. Architecture of this palace is unique and their interior and exterior design is very beautifully design in a proper ways and they are totally based on traditional design. It was selected as UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. There are many peoples are coming from Taj Mahal in around 7-8 million (Beritelli, 2016). Special type of stone called as Sang-mar mar is used in the construction of the structure in which they are special type of quality stone. The revenue cost of Taj Mahal is 75 crore in last 3 year.

    United States:It is also well-advised to be one of the most far-famed tourism designate of the world since many a years and is known to serve cardinal of global as well as home holidaymaker all year.

    France:It is reasoned to be one of the fewest favourite tourist designate of the planetary and about 84.7 million global tourists visited the topographic point in the year 2013 although it ranks 3rd in the terms of gross contemporaries among the top tourer doom of the planetary. It is notable for its comely scenic beauty, cultural transferred property, singular gardens, seaside similarity, geological formation, etc.

    Istanbul: This colourful place is located in Turkey and is well thought out to be the coming jointly place of Asia and Europe. It is celebrated among the holidaymaker for its rich heritage, civilisation, mosques and religion which are of time period old, audience, cabaret, marketplace, etc.

    1.2 Examine applied mathematics to influence tourism finish trends and predict forthcoming trends

    Tower of London

    Current Trend- Virgin Holidays Ltd provides services to visitors and it is giving a lot of historical information. In 2015, there are around 278billion people are going for advantures places and it will increase in 2016 (Chauhan, 2016). The interior design of tower is very attractive and many people are attracted to their picture and design.

    Future Trend: Virgin Holidays Ltd, provides more information related to its history so that the more customer gets interacted and it can generate more revenue in UK

    Taj Mahal

    Current Trends- This is the most famous areas in the world. Many people are attracted to the Taj Mahal and its about 700million peoples are coming to visit this place. In 2016, it increases around 850million. Virgin Holidays Ltd are taking high profit to the customer because they are taking high profit and earn lot of money.

    Future Trends- It is very famous place in India but in the future, they are protected to the structure as well as. The most beautiful Taj Mahal is yellowish colour and its quality degraded day by day so that it is very important to protect their historical structure (Rajaratnam, 2018). Virgin Holidays Ltd, provide effective information related to the Taj Mahal and the revenue has been increased day by day.

    Eiffel Tower

    Current Trends- Most of the people are coming to visit Eiffel Tower and they increased in 2015 is 691million and 2016 is 691million. The tower is very specious and can be build by very beautifully.

    Future Trends- Virgin Holidays Ltd provides the best services to the customer and they are putting all efforts to increase the visitor but due to terrorist attack decrease the number of visitor.

    Machu Picchu

    Current Trends- It decreases visitors in Machu Picchu from 11million to 100million in 2015 due to the lack convenience services.

    Future Trend- It always provides the proper services to increasing the tourister and they will explore their convenience services.

    The strong wall of china

    Current Trends- The tourister in Great Wall of china is increases from 1072000 to 11560000 in 2016. The picture and decoration of this wall is very attractive and their forest area attracted many people.

    Future Trends- Most of the people are coming to visit the beautiful forest and the virgin Holiday company provide the effective detail related the great wall of china.

    Task 2

    2.1 Analyte appreciation, social and fleshly dimension of tourist designate inform their appeal to holidaymaker

    Cultural Features of the tourist destinations: There has been social control of the perceptiveness aspects in commercial enterprise of a exceptional terminus that takes into cerebration the various sites that can be visited dominate historical belief and has their chance to be considered as the gathering taste heritage.

    UK’s cultural features: UK is considered as a well-known cultural destination. For instance, British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum have the ability to showcase the various accomplishments of human developments related with cultural and historical values.

    India’s cultural features: India possesses very significant cultural features in respect of cultural tourism. Then there are various cuisines, different structures, artifices, as well as arts and crafts of cultural significance.

    Social Features: The social factor affect the tour and travel industry. The government will help to improve the society (Pandža, 2018). There society is expanding due to increases tourism in the country. It is very important for the tourism.

    UK’s social features: The historical significance of the various tourist destinations in UK in respect of the two world wars are attracting various tourists to these destinations and along with these there exists as well other social features having historical impact over UK.

    Physical Features: The physical factor of turkey is very good and At that time the improvement is going on. They are making so much effort to improve the quality holiday destination in turkey (Toral, 2017). The infrastructure of turkey is very beautiful and can be maintained by the government. There are many rivers and mountain are very beautiful and fort is also in good conditions.

    More Resources: 

    2.2 Comparison characteristic of underdeveloped and prime tourist ordain of UK and Turkey


    United Kingdom



    It is very developed country and in which are the mostly tourist places are beautiful and most of the peoples are attracted to their culture.

    There native language id English.

    There stability of culture is belongs to UK.(Capone, 2018)


    Turkey is very developing country and many people are visiting their beautiful places.

    They are followed both western culture and different type religious.

    There culture has been changed according the religion.



    Society are divided on their professional basis.

    The social culture are very rich or modern so that people are attracted.

    They are live their life in a well manner and discipline.

    They are very punctual peoples.(Claveria, and Poluzzi, 2018)

    They can express their feeling through the body gesture.

    Society are divided on their religion or caste and many more.

    They are explored their traditional and historical culture.


    There climate of UK is remained the same and that's why people are attracted to their destination places.

    It has very good social culture and economic condition is good as compare to other country.


    Its climate depend upon their areas. Some times. They are cold in most of the areas and some time, hot and humidity in particular areas.

    Many visitors are coming in winter because the places are very attractive and they look very beautiful.()

    Task 3

    3.1 Analyze issues that affect the quality of tourist designate

    They can affect the Environmental, Social and Economical factor that would affect the whole tourist destination. There are some aspects to effect the holiday's destination are negative and positive. It is the large source of earning that generate a revenue income for the country. The Tourist are attracted towards the country because its beautiful places (Claveria, 2018). These are many issues are faced in the evolution and publicity of the tourism in the country. There are some issues that affect the tourist destination as following:

    Lack of commination or transportation:These are the main factor affect the tourist holidy destination. There are many peoples visit adventures places but they have lack of communication and transport facility are not available on time. Technologies are not impact on the transport system but they affect the tourism. It will improve the services to many places and that provide the opportunities. The communication between visitor and their guide does not have coordination so that they can affect the lack of communication. This is also major issue faced in the tourist destination.

    Lack of Manpower: This is main problem when they do not have so much skilled to boost their power. They are very limited amount of manpower facility that can be impact to the tourist destination (Claveria, 2018). They only concern with mount Everest and they do not have knowledge about the services so that they affect the whole tourist destination.

    Change in the climatic conditions: change in the climatic conditions of a destination affects the health of the tourists as well as is not suitable for every type of tourist. These changes can have positive as well as negative impact over the tourist destination. For an example: The climate of India becomes suitable in winters as other places have very low temperature in comparison to India in winter season.

    Natural disasters: The impacts of a unbleached disaster can be seen over the every activeness of the place. It adversely affects the popularity of the address. For example: Earthquake in Nepal has not only stricken the travel and commercial endeavour industry but has impressed every human action of the state at large.

    Political issues: Political issues creates a state of affairs of war or riots in a administrative district which harms the involvement of the tourer as these issues consequence in closing of the areas of the place. For illustration at the time of riot an emergency notice is issued and people are asked to stay at their homes.

    Lack of resources: It has limited amount of resources are available because these places are attracted by the peoples but they do not have proper facility to provide the good resources. These country unable to stored the enough resources (Pandža, 2018). They also have lack of investment to increase their quality because these country economy are not so strong to handle lot of revenue.

    They are also minimum of their policy making and poor government concern. The country government are not supportive to increase the facility. In this impact issue can identified the main objective of these approaches.

    4.2 Prospective for trustworthy tourism to heighten the host gathering at global traveller designate

    Responsible tourism : Responsible Tourism is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Responsible Tourism requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable.

    Responsible tourism can be acknowledged as conceiving the spots sheltered and secure for the goal of formulating it liveable for the gathering and for the visitant for get together. It focussing on fittingness a place more advantageous and safe for the huge number living there or gathering who are going to the goal. Committed business undertaking has come about into advance down of the financial, relational and situation impacts over a goal.

    It helps a vacation goal by improving it a place with the end goal of business venture too. It depends on three standards which are making the way of life of a place reasonable for the guests, giving subtle element and being delicate towards the gathering grown-up the visit and to not supply any mischief to the fate a guest is get together (Pandža, 2018). In United Kingdom the focal point of responsible tourism is on making a positive impinging over the visitors, over the economy of the goal and over the gathering of the wrap up. There are various organisations which are working for this motive. It also focuses over creation of the employment opportunities in United Kingdom so as to develop the standard of living of the people and generating income which helps in enhancing the economic conditions of United Kingdom. United Kingdom is promoting its natural beauty so as to preserve the natural environment for the future


    Form the above report is focus on constructed by Emperor Pachacuti. It is very famous place for the holiday destination. It is polished with the dry stone. It is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. As per the above report UK cultural is British culture and this culture affect the tourist destination due to large number of art galleries, world heritage, live music, museums, cinema hall are attracted to the many people and they also seen the culture of UK. Get essay writing help from experts


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    • Arbulú, I 2016. The challenges of municipal solid waste management systems provided by public-private partnerships in mature tourist destinations: The case of Mallorca.Waste Management,51, pp.252-258.
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    • Sriramoju Ajay, 2017. Investigation of Feasible Tourist Destinations using Android Mobile App.International Journal Of Research In Science & Engineering,3(2), p.9.

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