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    Organisation Growth Behaviour of LG

    Brief :

    Case Study

    Leader Development Changes at LG

    “Top management and the HR management were convinced that LG could not sustain the objectives of Leap 2005 without substantially more global leaders. Because LG had a domestic orientation in the past and because of the speed with which leap 2005 required LG to change course to a global setting, leadership development emerged as one of the biggest challenges within the organisation.

    Working Culture

    LG would need to create a global working environment which involves Korean and non-Korean leaders. The Chairman articulated several aspirations that would demonstrate that LG was well on its way to creating a global working environment. They were main objectives and goals,  but some executives were worried that if LG did not achieve these aspirations, it would encounter the few challenges that Japanese multinational corporations had experienced. Several studies found that Japanese companies had significant difficulty attracting and then hanging on to top local executive talent in countries such as the U.S. This was arises due to 'Bamboo Ceiling' Frustrated local managers. However, the smart and capable managers use their experience and knowledge in a Japanese company to hold a better position throughout the world.

    There are few manager in an organisation thought that Korean Companies, if there were not careful, would deal with the same problem. Many of them felt that the LG could not attract and provide the best management in the world, where talent is actually existed. But how chairman's aspiration would be achieved? What strategies are required for this to accomplished?How could many Non- Koreans be effectively working into the head offices in Seoul? Where would they find three or four Non -Korean Companies of being company president and effectively interacting with other non -Korean Company presidents within the Group?

    Note: For more detail, read this case study in the following book:

    Book: Rowe, W. G., & Guerrero, L. (2010) Cases in Leadership. Second Edition by Sage Publications Inc.

    Project Brief and Guidance:

    You have been employed as a Business Analyst by LG or any other organisation of your choice and  prepare and present a report to the CEO, covering the following areas:

    • Examine how the culture, politics and power of LG’s or an organisation of your choice can influence the individual and team behaviour and performance.
    • Analyse different  theories of motivation, and motivational techniques will help LG (or any other organisation of your choice) in achieving organisational goal?
    • Critically examine the positive impact of the motivation theories, concepts and models to influence the behaviour of employees at workplace.
    • Critically analyse the the relationship between culture, politics, power and motivation that enables teams and organisations to succeed providing relevant recommendations.

    Grading Criteria

    Learning Outcome




    LO1 Evaluate the different culture, politics and power that influence the behavior of an organization and others.

    P1. Examine how an organization’s culture, politics and power can influence the organisational performance.









    M1. Explain the culture, politics and power of an organization can influence team performance.

    D1. Detail about complexities of different types of business structures and its relation with the functions of an organisations.


    LO2 Explain how  motivation helps an individual and team to achieve goal.

    P2 Describe different  theories of motivation, and motivational techniques, enable effective achievement of goals in an organisational

    M2 Critically analyse how to influence the behaviour of others through the effective application of behavioural motivational theories, concepts and approaches.


    LO3 Examine how to co-operate effectively with other in context to organisation.

    P3. How effective team is different from ineffective team.

    M3 Critically evaluate relevant team and group development theories to support the development of dynamic co-operation

    LO3 & LO4

    D2 Critically analyse and evaluate the relevance of team development theories in the context of OB concepts and philosophies that influence behaviour in the workplace

    LO4 Use different concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour in a prevailing situation.

    P4 Evaluate the different concepts  and philosophies of OB within an organisational.

    M4. Evaluate and critically analyse the concepts and philosophies in a positive and negative sense.


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