How to Solve the Contract Law Questions Using IRAC Method?

How to Solve the Contract Law Questions Using IRAC Method?

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Solving Contract Law questions is one task that troubles even the brightest minds. But, every problem has a solution, and the same is the case with the questions of Contract Law. The experts providing Contract Law assignment help shed light on the IRAC method, which proved to be the most effective technique in solving complex problems. Are you wondering- how to solve Contract law questions using the IRAC method? If the answer is a big 'YES' from your side, then online assignment writers are here to help you big times.   

Solving contract law problems sometimes seem like challenging, especially when you are dealing with the big scenarios because you do not know from where to begin. To resolve this issue, our experts of Global Assignment Help have suggested the best techniques to tackle this problem with ease.

They also stated, “Even though each and every law problem is different, they can easily be tackled if you follow this simple technique for solving the scenarios.”

Want to know the technique?

Read the following section...

IRAC Method

We all know that the field of law is completely different from other fields. That is why the technique to solve the problem is also very different. The technique is known as the IRAC method that provides an appropriate structure to answer legal problems.

According to our experts, before applying the IRAC rule to solve the problem, you should carefully determine the following things:

First, read the scenario carefully, it will give you a quick idea of all the parties involved in the case and will also help you in identifying the potential issues.

Try to state a good answer as it will clearly reflect your knowledge of the particular field of law.

After doing this, you can move ahead with the identification of all the parties involved, the raised issues, and the material facts. Knowing the following three things is a very crucial part as it will help you in determining the outcome.

Note 1: What ‘article number’ of contract law is applied to the particular issue?
Note 2: Find out the reason behind the issue. For example, breach of contract.
Note 3: What actions should be taken to prove or disprove certain elements?

You need to address the above three question properly in order to apply the IRAC formula correctly and then only you can move ahead to solve the question.

Once you are done with this, now apply the IRAC Method:

What does IRAC mean?

I - Issue >> Identify it
R - Rule >> State it
A - Analysis >> Discuss it
C - Conclusion >> Prove it

Step 1: Identify the Issue

In this section, an issue and all the problems regarding that particular issue are being identified:

  • Identify the problems - What is going wrong and with whom?
  • Name each defendant and start describing their individual issues.
  • Apply the law in order to govern the resolution of the problem.
  • Identify other problems also that are causing trouble.
Step 2: State the Rule and Law

The experts of Global Assignment Help Australia know very well how to use the IRAC method. While working on the rule section, they take care of all the rules that are used for the analysis of the particular issue. They state rule in the following manner:

  • Apply rules and set out the legal principles that are basically used for addressing the issue.
  • Make a correct legal analysis of the issue using the facts of the case.
  • Source legal principles from cases of legislation.
Step 3: Discuss the Law with Respect to Facts

According to our experts, it is the most important section because it develops a solution to the issue in hand. Read more to know how.

  • Apply the rules according to the specific facts of an issue.
  • Explain in detail - Is the defendant claims are justified or not?
  • To justify your answer, use relevant cases and legal principles.
  • Explain why this particular rule is applied for the case.
  • Take time to examine each defendant claims.
Step 4: Provide your Conclusion

This is the last and the most important section for solving contract law problem because in this section a direct answer is provided with regards to the issue raised in the above section. This section does not introduce any new rule and analysis. Know how to present the answer:

  • You have to conclude the final answer.
  • Choose the strongest argument to support your final conclusion.
  • State your answer and prove who is liable and up to what extent.

According to our experts’ research and analysis, there are some students who do not know how to conclude their statement correctly. The main reason behind it is the lack of knowledge of the subject. To overcome such situation, they prefer to avail contract law assignment writing help from our experts.

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You can tackle every problem if you know the method to deal with it. You can easily deal with your contract law problems if you know how to use the IRAC method. It is the best way to solve all kind of legal problems. The students who find solving legal problems a boring task will surely change their mind after going through the above-mentioned tips.

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