Uncanny Things That Famous Writers Did to Remain Creative

Uncanny Things That Famous Writers Did to Remain Creative

6 Weird Habits of Classic Authors
03 Jun 2018 5313 6 minutes

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Writers are different sort of people who often do quirky things to think exceptionally or inanimately. They often make us believe their characters and words that have nothing to do with the real world. Well, we think that these exceptionally talented folks have some innate abilities. But that’s only the partial truth as most authors have some secrets of their creative mind. They often follow a special diet, do exercises and mediation, and follow their own habits. Here, we have enlisted a few writers who became famous around the world for their insightful and exciting prose or poetry, but their seemingly wacky habits to remain creative deserve some attention as well:

1. Agatha Christie ate apples in the bath

Agatha Christie has been one of the best detective novel writers of all time. In her life, she has composed more than 60 novels on murder mysteries that have together sold more than two billion copies. If you are wondering how she managed to gather such intriguing plot ideas, then the answer is by munching lots of apples in the bathtub. It is said that she used to spend hours there in which she ate 10 to 15 apples at a go.

2. Anthony Burgess used the dictionary

John Anthony Burgess Wilson was one of the most famous literary figures of the twentieth century. He penned numerous novels and screenplays. Moreover, he also gained popularity from his works as a literary critic for several publications and media houses. Moreover, he composed 250 musical works some of which gained huge popularity among the youths. If you are wondering what had been the secret behind his highly creative mind, then the answer is his typical use of dictionary pages. Whenever he found himself stuck at a point, he opened up his dictionary and tried to use every word on the particular page in forming his ideas.

3. Charles Dickens slept facing north

Charles Dickens was an English writer and a social critic. Although he did not receive any formal education due to adverse family circumstances, his passion for literature made him a successful writer, editor, and literary critic of the time. In his life, he wrote fifteen novels, five novellas, hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles. His works were admired for the humorous style of writing and unique stories. When asked about the secret behind his creative instinct, Charles accepted that it has been possible because he always faced north while sleeping. He said that by doing so the magnetic forces of earth acted on his brain, making him more intelligent every time. This is why Charles always carried a navigational compass with him.

4. Dr. Seuss wore hats

Theodor Suess, famous by his pen name Dr. Suess was a famous children's book author, cartoonist, poet, and artist of the twentieth century. He published over 60 children books during his career, most of that have spawned numerous adaptations that include four feature films, a Broadway musical, and four television series. You will be surprised to know that Dr. Suess had a typical habit which helped him overcome the writer’s block and that was wearing hats. It is said that he had more than two hundred hats in his wardrobe. And, whenever he struggled to find an idea he used to wear one of them until he felt inspired. It is also thought that the classic children’s book “The Cat in the Hat” was also inspired by his love for hats.

5. Gabriel García Márquez read the news before writing

This famous Latin American novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist was affectionately named as Gabo. He started his career as a newspaper journalist but later switched over to writing non-fiction books, short stories, and novels. His works bagged him many awards including the 1972 Neustadt International Prize and the 1982 Nobel Prize in literature. In an interview, he revealed that his habit of newspaper reading helped him create interesting plots and character for his books.

6. Maya Angelou wrote in a hotel room

This famous poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist published seven autobiographies, several books of poetry, three essay books, and many scripts for movies. In her life, she received hundreds of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees. If you are curious to know how she managed to create such fascinating stories, the answer is by working in vacant hotel rooms. It is said that she used to leave her apartment by 6 a.m. to reach any nearby hotel room where she used to write her books.

These were some of the weird habits of famous writers. If you found this blog interesting, share it will your family and friends too. In case loads of academic projects are making you stressed, contact us to get online assignment help from subject experts.

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