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    Managing Human Resources In Health And Social Care - NHS Hospital's

    University: London Churchill College

    • Unit No: 13
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1538
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 773


    Human resource management(HRM) is an approach to manage the human resources of the business concern in an effective way so that it helps the organisation to sustain profits and maintain a competitive advantage. Recruitment and selection is a part of the HRM function, which involves searching for a potential and qualified candidate who has the knowledge and skills to feel the vacant place and serve the organisation in the best way possible. Intermediate care facilities are given to the disabled, elders and to ill persons by nursing homes by local NHS hospitals. In the following research, processes for recruiting people in health and social care, factors considered while planning the recruitment, approach to select the best candidate will be discussed. The study will also state the influence of different laws and policies in recruitment and selection.


    1. Factors To Be Considered While Planning The Recruitment Of Individuals In Health And Social Care

    Social and health care is the provision of work that benefits the society, it gives personal care and gives healthcare facilities such as giving treatment to disabled or ill persons. Social and health care follows a statutory obligation that safeguards and encourage the welfare of people and provide a wide range of healthcare facilities. Every organisation needs personnel to run or operate its business(Noe et.al., 2016). And HRM focuses on recruiting the right person in the right place at the right time. And while planning the selection and recruitment of individuals for social and health care requires different factors to be followed.

    Succession planning: It is a process that focuses on identifying the need for new people in the organisation, or developing the need for fresh leaders who can replace the old ones when they retire or leave(Giblin, 2009). The NHS hospital's HR will identify the need for recruiting individuals to fill the vacant posts and will develop a plan for the same. Succession planning develops a plan for hiring and recruiting personnel in the organisation.

    Job Description

    Job Title: Nurse

    Reports to: the Nurse will report to Head Nurse.

    Job overview: The basic role of a nurse is to give health care facilities to patients. The services provided should result in promoting health, preventing illness, and patients should achieve optimal recovery from health problems.

    Responsibilities and Duties: The following are the duties and responsibilities of a nurse in an NHS hospital.

    • The nurse should be able to observe and record the patient's behaviour.
    • He/she should be able to carry out the requisite medical treatments.
    • The nurse should regularly check the medicinal stock in order to maintain inventory, and place orders if needed.
    • The nurse should be able in maintaining the reports of patients' medical history and also monitor their health progress.
    • The candidate should have the quality of creating a harmonious environment in order to provide emotional and psychological support to the patient and his family.

    Qualification of nurse: The applying candidates should have the following qualification.

    • Educational level: Graduation or High School Diploma in Nursing
    • Experience: 2 years of experience in performing or supervising clinical experience in any registered hospital or nursing home or another medical facility.
    • Specific Skills: should be detail-oriented, easy to talk and also give attention to details.
    • Certification: Must have the NCLEXX or NLNAC certificates.
    • Licenses: Must have passed the National Council License Examination.

    Person Specification


    Essential Requirements

    Desirable Requirements

    • Caring/Empathetic approach


    • Judgemental approach


    • Ability to transfer knowledge


    • Development of coping up with the strategies


    • Effective verbal communication/ fluency in languages


    • Commitment towards a chosen profession



    Selection Criteria:

    Selection of candidate is based on the candidate's performance, and who is able to pass all conditions and have the descriptive qualities. The candidate should also have the ability to crack the interview step as well(Pasztor, 2015). The HRM of NHS hospital will select a career-oriented person, and who is fitting the culture of the hospital. The HR will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and his capabilities to tackle critical or emergency situations. And then local NHS hospital's HR will select the best suitable candidate for the vacant post of a nurse.

    2. Influences On Selection, Recruitment And Employment Of Individuals By Policies And Legislation Of The Home Country

    Healthcare legislation, policies and laws govern the health care sector. This legislation influences the HRM in selecting and recruiting the individuals in many ways according to the country(Farrin et.al., 2005). By following a legal and ethical code of conduct, for example, following the cultural aspect of workers, the hospitals can create belongingness in the mind of workers and patients, it can also enhance the efficiency of workers. Different laws and legislation create discipline in the country.

    The laws or policies adopted by a country enforces legislation such as gender equality, equality on basis of age, race, religion, etc. It also campaigns social change and has legal powers. The selection and recruitment of individuals are affected by different laws as the organisation has to keep in mind the health and safety measures of workers, anti-discriminator practices, care- standards, etc(Farrin et.al., 2005).

    The laws and legislation provide basic rights to the workers, such as to work in a safe and healthy environment, to ensure professional knowledge, work in contracted hours, and handle confidential information appropriately. The laws also provide statutory rights and responsibilities to workers.

    3. Different Approaches Used To Select The Best Individual For Work In Health And Social Care

    The HR of NHS hospital aims at selecting the best candidate for the post of nurse by adopting various approaches and methods. The candidates are attracted to apply for the job through interviews, assessments and different activities(Windolf, 2016). The NHS hospital's HR gives advertisement of recruitment in different media-mix I.e. newspapers, billboards, hoardings.

    The HR follows different steps while selecting and recruiting the candidates which include short-listing of applications according to the candidate's qualification and strength. Short-listing of candidates is done through checking and short-listing CVs, application forms, and by conducting telephone interviews and questionnaires. Then different models of selection step are followed including an interview of the short-listed candidate conducted by selection board or panel, audition and psychometric assessment is done in order to measure candidate's mental capabilities and his behavioural style. The main aim of the selection process is to check the ability of a person to do the job by analysing his skills, knowledge and capabilities.

    HR should keep in mind some points while taking interviews(Bonn and Forbringer, 2016). There are various advantages and disadvantages of interviews, which are as follows.

    Advantages of the interview are:

    • The interview gives a better description of the candidate and his capability to do work.
    • Questions can be asked to assess the candidate's knowledge and skills
    • The interview provides opportunities to ask for more detail about the candidate which is not clear from the CV.

    Disadvantages of the interview are:

    • The interview lacks a bias problem, as the candidate can be judged in the wrong way by the interviewer.
    • The interviewer may fail in asking the required questions to check the capabilities of the candidate.

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    The HR considers some factors while planning the recruitment process and should use different approaches as it gets influenced by the country's laws, policies and legislation. Recruitment of individuals in an organisation should be done effectively as individuals affect the performance of the overall organisation. The social and healthcare workers need to maintain discipline with the hospital as well as with patients.

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