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    Rehabilitation and Community care


    Community care services are generally meant for providing care and support to the people who are in need and suffering from health issues. The main topic considered in this report is “Legal and ethical consideration that impact planning and delivering care”. The reason behind selecting this topic is that there are number of ethical norms and laws which must be consider by health care institution so that appropriate care can be deliver to patient. By Investigating this topic researcher be able to develop an understanding regarding the ethical consideration as well as legislations that are required to be follow by a health care professional (Yoder-Wise, 2014).  

    As per the view point of Singh Robin, legislations are very essential for ensuring that services must be provided with standard compliances, hence the legal as well as ethical issues are very essential. The legal consideration ensure about the quality of care, help in avoiding the false claim and suits as well as avoid employment and labour issue. In addition to this, ethical consideration focus over balancing efficiency or quality of care. It cultivates a competent workforce and resolve End-of-life issue. On the other hand, according to article published by NCCHC (Impact and Interpretation of Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Issues, 2019), staying loyal to professional learning value while practising and delivering care creates a unique set of legal, ethical and professional issue for nurse. The professionals while delivering services are responsible for taking ethical decision about caring, patient advocacy in planning and providing secure care to patient. In addition to this care practitioner have to consider legal implications such as state and federal laws, professional standards, scope of practice etc. for providing services legally.

    Main Body

    Compare and contrast patient care need and experience in institution versus community

    The primary role of health care provider is to deliver services to patient who need it and on time by ensuring the experience of services that a patient is availing must be as per their need. So it is very essential for any health care delivering practitioner whether it is any institution or community based services provider, it must ensure that the care must be deliver as per the patient need by considering all the legal and ethical standard. Following are the comparison between the institution and community care:

    Cost effectiveness:- Community includes delivering of services through mobile based application which saves cost as well as time that the patients spend within hospital. This is more ethical as older patient get services in more convenient and quick basis. Apart from this, laws regrading data protection and security will also be consider for performing operations ethically.

    On the other side institutes  generally includes services that are being offered within hospitals. Though it involve particular policies over which each practitioner work to deliver high quality services, but it take more time and also costs higher. But institutions generally worked over the legal guidelines that has been fixed by government which ensure ethical work.

    More choices:- Community based services allows individual to remain more independent and have an option to make their own choices. Through this patients can maintain desired relation with their family member while getting daily assistance they need related to their health. Institutional care provided to physically or mentally disable person reduces their ability to make their own choice. They restrict them to interact with their family and friends which is basically right as per the law because these restrictions are made for avoiding any risk to society.

    Also Suggested: 

    Importance of referral and data sharing within the inter professional team

    Data sharing plays an essential role in action or activities performed by a professional team during delivery of health care related services to patients. Therefore, data sharing and referrals are very essential for the activities performed within a health care centre, as sharing of data support practitioners in exerting their services effectively. Following are the importance of referral and data sharing within inter professional team:

    Data sharing within inter professional team will help a health care organisation to deliver more customer centred care which provide better result and beneficial for the health of patient . By maintaining a regular medium of communication and data sharing between inter professional team, health care centre will be able to maintain a standard code of services. It is also beneficial for delivering of services in an informed and ethical manner that leads to better care of patients.

    In most of the health care patient Inter professional team generally follow a formal channel of communication in order to share knowledge, keeping colleague informed and discussing over treatment. On other hand General practitioners give more value to such meetings  as it help in boosting up their confidence and make them feel like they are needed. On framework facilitator, a GP has reflected over the value of framework that “meetings are basically conducted for nurses to make them inform about what is to discuss with patient on register and also provide them with a timetable of practice meeting so that patients could be attained effectively”(Doherty and Purtilo, 2015). The information shared over such meetings with an aim to make all the staff members aware about patient receiving moderating care and encourage a multi disciplinary approach of management. But it has been communicated by another general practitioner that it must be a whole practice approach and because of which it must not be just depend over the nurses rather it must include whole primary healthcare team (Bosslet and et. al., 2015).

    This reflect that a patient is just not required to attend at reception or records, rather it is very essential for a health care centre to indulge its over all management team, as well as other staff members to remain active  for attaining patient. Hence, communication held within the formal meetings help in smoothing the processes that are performed by General Practitioners that are generally faced by them in day to day practices. In addition to this it also help in  developing a knowledge regarding the ethical norms and laws that must be consider by a practitioner or nurses while taking care of a patient and delivering service to them. This support in ensuring that the clinics or other health care centre involve practices that are performed through ethical consideration. This includes giving training to nurses and general practitioner regarding the way in which they must treat, plan and deliver services to patient. This includes taking care of patient with respect which it deserves and ensure that any action performed by them should not harm patient and telling truth to patients. These all are ethical practice that are being informed to general practitioners as well as resident nurses in order to ensure its implication within the practices performed by them.

    Importance of regular Team Meetings to review the client’s case to plan and deliver care.

    For delivering care as well as treatment to the patient it is very essential for an association, clinic or care centre to ensure that the actions performed by staff members must be effective and doesn't lead to any negative consequences that may harm patient in any way . Apart from this it is also very essential to ensure that the practices performed by them while delivering care services must be ethical and performed by considering all  the legislations imposed by government. Therefore, in order to perform activities effectively and ensuring that the care deliver to the patient in an ethical manner then healthcare centres must focus over arranging regular meetings over client's case. These meetings will be beneficial to them as it help in deciding the actions that must be taken which provide better care to patient. Following are the importance of regular team meeting for reviewing client's case:

    Regular team meetings help in improving the quality of services provided to patient as it involve integrations of knowledge which in turn support the practitioner to performing their actions with due care. Discussion over client's case with senior member help in formulating  plan to deliver care in an effective manner by avoiding the ethical dilemma among practitioner which sometimes result in actions that may lead to breaching of some law.

    These meeting also help practitioner to take up an informed decision which secure health care centres from getting trapped into legal issues. As these meeting result into formation of plan of conduct to cater the need of patient which also includes the standard of care and competence that are required to be consider while practising their services. It help in minimising   legal risk of litigation that not only affect the health of patient but also influence the image of institution.

    Another major advantage of arranging regular meeting for reviewing client's case is that it help in concerning the drugs that are required to be given to patient which further support toward reducing the chance of error. This further support in delivering the care or services to the patient as per the guidelines of senior staff members over the standards that are fixed by the health care institutions like NHS (World Health Organization, 2015).

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    Facilitators and barriers of the chosen topics

    Ethics and legal considerations plays an essential role within the planning and delivering of care to patient. There are some standards which are fixed over the practice performed by a health care professional that they must be consider while handling any patient. So it is very essential for each health care centres or organisations to follow ethical norms as well as laws in order to deliver better care to patient. There are number of facilitators that promote such practices:

    Knowledge regarding the legal standards:- It is consider as one of the most essential factor that foster a health care staff member to perform its practices along with legal and ethical standard that a person belong to this profession must consider. The knowledge regarding the legal standards and ethics help in creating an inner urge with a practitioner to perform action with in a specific direction.

    Proper communication of policies:- This is consider as a main promoter of practising ethical as well as legal actions while treating a patient. As when a health care organisation strictly consider ethical as well as legal practice then the actions performed by its staff member are also performed over ethical platform. In addition to this proper communication and guidance of ethical or legal norm to staff member also act as a facilitator to let them work in that direction.

    These both are the facilitator which influence a health care professional to perform action within a specific direction. But in addition to this there are some barrier which restrict in  performing action and these can be better understood using following point:

    Lack of employees involvement:- This is one of the most common barrier which is usually faced by the health care organisations where most of their staff member doesn't provide much consideration over ethical practices as that make it harder to perform their operations and offer quality care to patients. So most of the employee voice against the implication of these legal as well as ethical consideration as by following those they get stuck  into dilemma which affect their performance.

    Less gui

    dance to practitioners:- Another major barrier to ethical and legal practices is poor guidance or lack of knowledge regarding these standard to practitioners. This result in unethical practice that sometime leads to litigation within the practices perform by the nurses or practitioner as it is not as per the standards specified by government. Get More Assignment Help Service With The Help Of Global Assignment Help Australia.


    From the above given report it can be concluded that health care related services must be planned and review effectively before practising it. This help in ensuring that the actions performed by a person while delivering care to patient must be performed as per standard fixed over practitioner's performance. But in order to ensure this, regular team meetings must be organised for discussing about the client's case as well as code of practice that must be perform while delivering care. This help an health care organisation to ensure that the experience of a patient must be as per their need and performed by considering all the ethical as well as legal considerations.

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