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    Staff Equality and Diversity in Healthcare

    Chapter 1- Introduction of phenological study on staff equality and diversity in health care

    Overview of the study

    In the current era of globalization, it is significant for companies to adhere to certain policies that make sure that discrimination is overcome and expectations of equality are always attained within workplace. However, it is essential for employer to equally treat all the workers and provide them same set of responsibilities and opportunities regardless of their race, age, sex and disability (Oni, Jimoh and Adebisi, 2014). Staff equality within health care organization is crucial as it aids in ensuring proper recruitment laws so that equal opportunities are provided to staff in regard to render the best quality services to patients. Thus, it would help them to carry out best practices within firm and fulfil the needs of customers. The adhered legislation proves to be effective and thus it ensures that working environment is always fostered and if any form of difference arises it should never be helpful in proving obstacle in career progression or maintain equality within workplace. However, there are varied of obstacles faced by companies in regard to enable staff equality and thus adhere to the minimum standards so that it does not affect the staff equality in organization (Swanepoel and Archer, 2015).

    Equality promotes and fosters everybody's right to be different regarding free from discrimination, valued as an individual, dignity and having choice with a right to assess own beliefs and values. However, staff equality evaluates that involving diverse workforce together to work towards common goals. It has been assessed that there is a much wider pool of skilled and talented people available so that it embraces diversity and then it will reap the benefits in the form of improving productivity and attain shared targets (Barranco, Gilgado and Ortuno, 2013). Thus, staff equality is equally important concept within every organization as it is crucial for business to provide equal opportunities to every employees and does not discriminate among them which helps in promoting and fostering everybody's right to be different regarding being free from discrimination and other self values and beliefs. However, staff equality in Kent health care organisation helps in ensuring that individuals or groups of individuals are not treated differently or less favourably regarding protecting their specific characteristics involving race, religion, disability and other demographic factors (Ranjbar, 2016). Through promoting equality in care home within care providers it assists in overcoming discrimination and providing them the best opportunities so that they can render appropriate services to patients.

    Diversity is considered as the aim to recognise, respect and value individual's differences in regard to contribute and realise their full potential through promoting an inclusive culture for all employees within firm. While, diversity within health care setting promotes ensuring equal policies and procedures for every individual and does not discriminate among each other. Diversity means that varied and different and thus such concept is more about equality in regard to create a culture that values individual differences and variety for the benefit of society as well as firm (Stålhandske, Olofsson and Leimar, 2016). It is essential for each and every organization to have diverse workforce that helps them to obtain wide range of ideas, skills and resources so that business could attain a competitive edge in market. Moreover, it is also crucial for enterprise to embrace diversity and thus reap benefits in regard to enhance diversity within workplace. Hence, diversity within health care setting helps to obtain wide range of workers with different varied skills and abilities and thus develop a broader perspective that aids in improving productivity and increase the profile within community (DeJaeghere and Wiger, 2013),

    As per the department of National Statistics (2015), there are around 61% almost 99,000 of the majority of EU ethical minority who arrived within UK between 2011- 2015 were migrants who form a diverse workforce. Thus, it evaluates that there were further 70%, 54% and 52% people from EU15, EU8 and EU2 groups and there were not having any jobs to go to or were looking for job (Cummings, 2014). Therefore, such figures could not be look over when equality and diversity in health care sector is being discussed. It also aids in providing the best facilities to workers and recruiting them within organization. In the past 25 years, UK has been focusing upon maintaining equality and diversity and thus carry out effective practice so that desired results can be attained. However, exploring especially the equality and diversity aspect and thus implement the same within health and social care services. It helps in influencing workforce and maintain diverse culture so that best services can be delivered to patients (Coghill, 2015). Also, it could be assessed that expanding the social welfare services and enhancing their benefits in terms of carrying out enhancement in the educational expenditures so that equality and diversity within workplace can be maintained. It also argues that discriminatory practices should not be carried out within workplace and thus each and every employee should be treated equally. Therefore, it is significant aspect and thus human rights activists of UK develops civil rights and laws in regard to prevent discrimination within employment practices as well as compensating for past discrimination activities (David, 2015).

    Furthermore, equality and diversity is a challenging aspect within health care sector and thus despite widespread challenges it can be analysed that equality in health care sector assess that there are shortages of nursing care workers that has led managers to outsource nurses and health care employees from developing countries in order to maintain diversity within workplace (Holloway and Wheeler, 2013). Also, through different sources it is being evident that healthcare workers continues to encounter widespread discriminatory practices involving an overuse of complaints and grievances against them. Thus, it being discussed in the Equal Opportunities Act and thus provide the best facilities to nursing workers in health care setting. However, in various organizations when women exhibited a dominant characteristic rather than playing a crucial role in relation to undertake the best characteristics and promote equality and diversity within workplace (Aly, Tayeb and Balkhy, 2014).

    Also, appropriate testing needs to be done in respect of developing relationship between gender/ethnicity and perceived gender discrimination in regard to assist managers and make them understand business practices that affects workers perception of equality and diversity (Kodama, 2014). Hence, it is essential for managers of care setting to maintain cultural diversity and facilitate equality in relation to attain health care objectives. Care managers also aim to identify the workforce ability and thus continues to be challenging for individuals working within healthcare. Also, developing appropriate strategies would result in facilitating equality and diversity within health care sector. Thus, Kent hospital aims to undertake both equality and diversity in relation to manage the workforce and does not discriminate among them so that best results can be attained. Hence, it is crucial for health care managers to facilitate equality and diversity and thus carry out the best transparency within firm (Hoffmann, Schumann and Richter, 2016).

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    Moreover, managers of health care sector aims to adopt appropriate equality and diversity in relation to perform the best practices and principles so that transparency could be maintained within business functions. Moreover, it is significant for health care managers to carry out effective perspective in relation to manage in relation to manage racially and culturally diverse employees that helps in remaining complex and challenging task so that best results can be attained (Chen, Wang and Ni, 2013). They face several challenges in relation to manage staff equality and diversity within care home and thus undertake different tools so that appropriate results could be made. It also showcases that managers are effective and thus encourage workers to attain desired results.

    Further, it is also essential for managers to motivate culturally diverse workforce unless it comes from certain types of cultural competency in regard to involve with both parties and collaborate towards business goals (Man and Lee, 2014). It is also essential for health care managers to bring new policies and practices and thus serve equality aspect in relation to improve business performance so that best results can be attained. Thus, it can be evaluated that effective practices aims to undertake effective equality and diversity within workplace aims to prepare appropriate policies and regulations in regard to maintain equality and diversity within Kent organization. Equality and diversity effects upon both companies and staff and thus it proves to be beneficial for both employees and organization in relation to develop a good culture and thus whole working environment is much better, productive and successful in regard to attain desired objectives (Banna, Hasan and Dawson, 2016).

    However, employees need to make sure that they should not be discriminated against in the workplace and thus provide equal opportunities to workers in the form of providing promotion and progression. It is considered as one the best ways through which performance objectives can be enhanced and measurable to reach a particular standard (Oni, Jimoh and Adebisi, 2014). Thus, it is evaluated that it aids in empowering the services and impact upon the profitability of firm in market. Through such way managers of Kent health care setting needs to identify the employees standards and thus develop better workplace environment in order to attain productive working environment within firm. For instance, if enterprise encounters discrimination practising within workplace it would result in affecting the employees and decrease their morale so that best results could be attained. Thus, considering such aspect would result in benefiting the employees working within health care setting and thus result in enhancing workplace environment (Swanepoel and Arch

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