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    Sample on Principles OF Health & Social Care


    Health and social care is services that are accessible from health care professional. It is leading sector at present that provide contribution to GDP, employment opportunity to wide range of individual etc. There are wide range of theories and principles that can be considered by health care practitioners while rendering services to patients etc (Hurst and Patterson, 2014). In this report, different aspect of principles of HSC will be studied in context of provided case scenario. In this report,learning will be shown about the impact of policy,legislation,regulation and code of practices on Residential Care home policy and practice. Thereafter, own contribution to the development and employment of health and social care organizational policy will be described.

    Task 1

    1.1 Evaluating the impact of policy,legislation,regulation and code of practices on Residential Care home policy and practices

    From the provided case scenario,it has been identified that Residential Care home is visited by the Care quality commission. In order to obtain the positive feedback on its working, it is important for entity to check al the rules and regulation are properly followed within firm. Thereafter,standards, regulation,law and code of practices can have direct impact on the working of company. The term legislation can be refereed as laws and by-laws that are enacted by a legislature. On the other hand policy refers to basic principles by which administrative authority is regulated. Regulation can be defined as those rules or directive which are developed and maintained by authority (Health and Safety at work act. 2015). Thereafter, code of practice is a practical guide to attain the benchmarks of healthy and safety requirements as per the work health and safety act and regulation. The main concern of these regulations is to prevent economic, social or psychological harm in patients. These laws and policy ensure that Health care entity fulfil their responsibilities towards the patients in best possible manner. The non compliance of these policy and regulation can result into negative image of organization in market. Also, it can lead to legal consequence like penalty, increased government interference etc. By following up all the regulation sincerely in proper manner, Residential care home can gain the trust of its patients and develop loyalty among them (Iliffe and et.al., 2005).

    The health and safety act is important law that is strictly followed in Residential Care home. It was laid down by the Parliament of the UK. The main purpose of this act is to encourage, regulates and enforce health, safety and welfare within the UK. The concern of this act is to assure proper health and safety of its employees, customers etc (Goodman, Banyard, Woulfe, Ash and Mattern, 2015). Therefore, it is duty of employer to take proper actions to reduce risk exposure level for its staff members and users of service etc. This act further provide guidelines regarding the health care practice which must be followed by every organization. Proper actions must be taken to safeguard the health,safety and welfare of individual at work. Thereafter, various risk at work-place must by identified so that action can be taken to reduce their impact. First and foremost, Residential Care home must assure proper cleanliness within the hospital. The nurses, compounder and other staff members stay in direct contact with several patients. Therefore, they are exposed to various communicable diseases. In this respect, Residential Care home must check mask, gloves etc. are provided to staff members. Thereafter, the premises of hospital must be cleaned daily with disinfectants and germicides etc (Ham, Dixon and Brooke, 2012). In addition to this aspect, the bedsheets, pillow cover, linens, towels etc. in hospitals wards etc. must be changed daily to prevent further contamination among patients. Further, the chemicals used for the cleaning purpose include dangerous substances and hence they must be stored and handled carefully. Thereafter, there must be proper arrangement of disposal of wastages, destruction of used syringe etc. Further, proper lightening must be there so as to prevent ill effect on the eyesight of patients. Other than this, the management of Residential Care home must check that there is proper and clean sanitation facility for staff and patients. Thereafter, clean and safe drinking water is also basic need for maintaining proper health and safety of employees. Furthermore, the employer must check proper availability of safety devices to prevent harm among employees and patients. In this respect, there must be fire alarms, extinguishers, ladders etc. to handle various calamity (Lowes and Hulatt, eds., 2013). The disaster management trainings can be provided to employees in every 6 months so that they can handle the tough and demanding situations.

    Furthermore, there are several benefits and limitation of following health and safety practices. The main advantage of adhering this law is that it help entity in meeting legal obligation which further avoid judicial consequence. Further, by mitigating the risk company can avoid accidents and save cost of compensation that is provided to employees in this case. In addition to this aspect, it improves the ability of organization to provide clean and safe environment for customers and employees. Thus, facilitate in developing positive image of entity in market. Thereafter, failure in follow up of health and safety act results into accidents due to which it may lose its loyal employees and customer (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). Further, the chances of prosecution and expensive compensation claims can be minimized by adhering health and safety act. Due to safe and healthy workplace, company can reduce the absenteeism among employee due to sickness etc. Further, employees efficiency and quality of work can be improved by rendering healthy workplace. However,there are certain limitation of this act that have direct consequence on the working or health acre entity. first and foremost, this act at present is more dependent on use of expert health workers and techniques which involve significant amount of cost. Residential Care home is required to appoint experts within housekeeping department to assure cleanliness within entity. The act have narrow view with regards to health as it does not encourage good health. The main concern of this act is on rendering healthy conditions but ignore factors that caused it. Such as it does not suggest people to have healthy diet, proper sleep,do exercise etc.

    Task 2

    2.1 Evaluating own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy

    From the in-depth and critical analysis of own work I have come to various conclusions. It can be stated that I have taken part in execution of health care policy so that ineffectiveness of work performance can be reinforced in right manner. I have also emphasised on activities that permit to ensure that communication among employees must be in proper manner. Response and notifications has been furnished to staff members so that proper can be overcome in appropriate manner. Along with this, I have also taken part in day-to-day inspection so that workplace issues can be overcome. This will also trim down the abuse of policies and amend general performance of entity.

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    The policy means plan of actions adopted or proposed by a company or person. It can be also defined as statement of intention that is further employed as procedure or protocol. It further help in guiding decision making and attain logical results. Such as, there is Non gift policy. As per this policy the employees of the organization are not permitted to accept the gifts from present or prospective suppliers, customers, distributors , rivals etc. The main concern of this act is to prevent bribery etc. This policy laid down comprehensive ban on gift from the suppliers and distributors of pharmaceutical and other medical equipments etc (No Gift Giving Policy. 2016.). However,flowers or chocolates can be accepted from patients if they are just to express the gratitude towards employees good work. Thereafter, cash , cheque, valuable items, holiday package and gift voucher etc. are strictly not allowed. In order to implement this policy, first of all discussion is done among top executives where problems is identified. Such as, increase incident of bribery among employees in name of gifts. Further, policy agenda is determined which further guide in formulation of policy. Thereafter, the consequence of violating the policy and reason for implementing it are identified. Further, implementation of policy can be done with the support of organizational members. In this respect,the opinions of employees can be identified etc (Oram, Trevillion, Feder and Howard, 2013). Thereafter, formal communication after the implementation of policy is done. In this respect, Residential Care Home can use emails, official website and formal meeting to communicate the new plan of action of “No Gift Policy” is explained to them. In addition to this, proper follow up must be obtained to assure policy is not violated by members.


    From the above report, it can be concluded that health and care sector play important role in current scenario. In order to assure, effective and unrestricted operations there are various laws and regulations that must be followed. The health and safety act assure that proper working conditions is provided to all the employees. Thereafter, No gift policy is important for minimizing the act of bribery etc.



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