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    HR7003 Health Campaign Level 5 University of East London


    Health campaign is kind of media campaign which attempts to promote public health by making new health intervention available. The report will cover the camping on NHS health check, National health services is the public health organisation in the business United Kingdom. Further, the concept and model on health education and health promotion and the recent techniques to the practices for it. The impact of national health promotion polices.

    1.1 Review a range of theoretical perspective. Concept and model on health education and health promotion.

    The types of health promotion session that student and institute require setting up the education of health and its model on they are based. There are several main categorize in which health education model can be widely discuss such as follows:

    • Behavioural change model: In this model of health education in which the campaign where introduce in the various nation such as New Zealand and UK and yet it is utilised in conjunction with the certain model as part of comprehensive health campaign. Hence, the behaviour changes model is effective approaches and main concentration on mode of behaviour which will affect health. In the behavioural change model it has been seen that to be not effective in various scenario because it ignores the factors in the environment of society impact on their health as well economic and culture as well political factors(Gunnarsdóttir, 2014).
    • Self empowerment model: This model seeks to develop the person skills to compress their personal health status in which chance of their environment.

    Health promotion: This is an effective approach for the any organisation which shows better practices as well check up provided to the people. The Ottawa charter for health promotion gives various drive for the changes to utilising a social and economic approaches for health promotion.

    2.1 Analyse current approaches to the practices of health education and health promotion.

    Health is the major problem for daily life of an individual. To give knowledge about each and ever aspect of the health and its related areas for which organisation used the certain health education and promotional practices. In recent approaches to the practices of health education and health promotion done with the help of techniques of promotion such as event organised by the Health care firm and Campaign on several diseases to easy treatment can be given at the nearest health check up centres(Kushniruk, 2013). It is important to give eduction on health by spreading the related information to the public through different seminars, Health session, Pamphlets, Shows on TV. The lifestyle of people changes and their habit are main reason behind impact on people health. Each and every individual must aware the consequence of not living in better environment which may affect in a certain manner.

    2.2 Analyse the impact of national health promotion policies.

    The health promotion polices of the UK main aim is to foster and assistance a coordination as well empowering nature for the effective growth and development, implementation and dissemination of balance portfolio of high quality of research. The impact built on the nature have on heath of society is determined in new health promotion policies. The important development in the awarenesses is recognition of the significance function the planning system can be played in assist society action and creating healthy(Droppa and Lee, 2014). These policies will help to local planing authorities in which they must ensure about the health and well being as well local and other neighbourhood plan to make better health infrastructure can be provided to them. Further., the new policies' will and guideline can be refer to utilised the health effect evaluation to consider any significant impact on health inequitable to in terms of addressing health, give balance access to impressive diet and open environment and activity which are used to the promotion of travelling and certain physical activity.

    3.1 Employ analytical, critical and written communication skill.

    There are various way in which the health communication have the significant function to makes it better health care field. To make a positive impact on the people health communication campaign is effective and majorly use in better techniques for scattering health of the individual for which a appropriate message or information particularly endorse disease prevention such as HIV and Cancer and in common manner of health promotion and well-being. For which written communication skill is the major consequence and bring impact on the tag line or theme for promoting health campaign for the NHS(Aust, 2013). The health communication camping tend to organised the information for target audience in several ways such as follows:

    • The targeted audiences will be generally denominator of the promotion.
    • By making once making n information and then late creating an effective as well systematic alteration in term to good reach a several targets audiences while taking the similar information.
    • By forming clearly various information for certain target audiences.

    So it is important for the organisation to give best and suitable information with the effective written communication skill to reach to target audience for health campaign.

    3.2 Analyse information and present this appropriate way.

    Covered in poster.


    The health camping promotion will be concluded that the behaviour changes model is effective formulation and primary compactness on manner of behaviour which will impact on health. The promotion Campaigns on the Quit Alcohol in which reflect the effect of consumption of more alcohol can cause disease like cancer and other stomach problem.


    • Aust, V. and et. al., 2013. Feeding untreated and pasteurized waste milk and bulk milk to calves: effects on calf performance, health status and antibiotic resistance of faecal bacteria. Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition. 97(6). pp.1091-1103.
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    • Hutchesson, M. J. and et. al., 2014. Changes to dietary intake during a 12-week commercial web-based weight loss program: a randomized controlled trial. European journal of clinical nutrition. 68(1). pp.64-70.

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