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    K/601/1751 Hospitality In Travel & Tourism Sector - Pkf Hotel

    University: UK college of business and computing

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3753
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: K/601/1751
    • Downloads: 536


    In recent times travel and tourism has been emerges as one of the most profitable ventures recent days. The bog companies related to the travel sector are also coming up with new and creative ideas (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully, 2013). The business of hospitality is growing very fast as this considers the relationship between the host and the guest. This is all about welcoming other people to another place with respect and goodwill gesture. Pkf hotel experts and members of a firm known as Pkf international. Which is a consultancy firm used to do an audit, tax accounting in more than a hundred countries. This report will analyse various aspects of the travel and tourism sector that can affect the productivity of certain businesses and the profit performance of the company.

    TASK 1

    1.1The interrelationship between hospitality and wider travel and tourism business

    Hospitality is considered the most valuable part of the service of travel and tourism. The visitors and customer are spending a considerable amount of money to experience luxury things. The hospitality industry offers various services like the logistics services, food and eatables, beverages etc. while tourism is an activity that engages the traveller while travelling from one place to another through which an individual experiences luxury and adventure benefits. so in short the hospitality industry is the supplier of various kinds of services to the tourism sectors.

    There is three major or main segment in the hospitality industry services first one is food and beverages that deals with the numerous kinds of eatable and beverages. Second one is travel and tourism sectors which deals with travelling of the person to a various location. The temporary accommodation is considered as lodging (Nickson, 2013).

    At the global level, hospitality refers to the luxury and comfort zone in the environment that is away from home. As per spending power of the customer is increasing day by day. The consumer wants to experience happiness and is also able to spend money. Due to this type of thinking the global hospital sector is experiencing immense growth, demand, innovation. This industry is experiencing the boost growth. And if we see around the world hospitality sector is contributing about 9.5 percent GDP across the world.

    Define the structure of the international hospital industry can be classified into different forms

    • Commercial structure - The main purpose of the hotel industry is to earn more and more profit with the premium service to the customer. The overall structure of hotel industry is such that it should create such environment where the visitor can feel relaxed as well luxurious both at the same time and its commercial structure varies according to the type of customer that is if visitor is rich then it can afford better luxury services otherwise not .
    • Office structure – The different arrangement of the line of hierarchy through which communication various duties in an organisation can be organised is refereed to its office structure. Its office structure determines the roles and responsibilities of the staff member. It also shows the flow of information among the various level of management.

    Administration structure- The administrative structure of the hotel starts from the head of management that is from the director of the hotel (Testa and Sipe, 2012). The executive level comes in which assistant of hotel manager and Human resource manager. At the level of operation the representative of visitors, chef or cook in a hotel industry and hotel supporting staff comes.

    Here all the various structures are interrelated to each other on the basis of dependency of various task on each other. For gaining the efficient productivity and performance of the hospitality industry the interrelationship between each of the structure should be managed effectively by the particular operation manager in specific hospital business.

    The primary hospitality providers in the United kingdom are the hospitals, restaurant chain, tour and travel industry.

    Hospitals- The institution or an organisation which provide the care and effective treatment to patients suffering from various kinds of problem related to the health issues. The hospital industry provide the nursing staff and some kind of equipment in the hospital. The hospital also provide its major assistance to the people in teaching of the medical student.

    Restaurant-The another hospitality business in which servers various types of eatable with huge amount of variety at the particular place is considered as restaurant. They offer wide range of cuisines and services in it which starts from inexpensive food items to like fast food to the very highly price of luxurious cuisines. In UK these can be classified into the various food in different types of country like Chinese, Japanese , Thai food etc. The taste changes according to the necessity, taste and different preferences of the customer.

    Travel and tourism- This deal with the pleasure of travelling from one place to another with the comfort of luxury and adventure. But the tourism may be on the international level or can be with in the native country. The main aim to tourism and travel is to give such an experience to a traveller so that an individual could become happy and can remember the time during travelling for longer period of time to experience satisfaction.

    Here all this hospitality service provider are interrelated to each other as the hospital also needs to all are interdependent on each other as in hospital the doctors also need need to travel from different location. Restaurant which provides food is also food to the staff member of hospital and traveller both.

    The various hotels are classified according to the star ratings rated from 1to 5 and there are huge variety of rating schemes used by different types of organisation.

    One star hotel -The type of hotel which offer there products and services in a budget segment. It can compromise with the service and overall cleanliness. The visitor can pay for the particular service and can get benefit according to the money value of it. This includes budget rooms only.

    Two star hotel -The rating which gives focus to those kinds of customer which are price conscious and can afford the basic rates of rooms and services. This also include breakfast and some basic kinds of services (Swanson and Edgell Sr, 2013).

    Three star hotel- This fulfil different range of accommodation and services. The expectation of the customer are comparatively higher the services are also limited based upon the fees they are paying .

    Four star hotel- In this the customer want to achieve the deluxe experience and expect the superior design quality with some sort of standard services.

    Five star hotel-The customer in this segment want to achieve the highest amount of luxury in all types of operation and services. They desire to have excellent quality of in services and some creative and new ideas in form of luxury items. This have personal night clubs,pubs luxurious bathrooms in this category.

    The overall interrelationship between the hospitality and travel and tourism is that if a person want to travel to different location with its business travel purpose or for doing conference then it will consider the choice of hotels according to the rating of hotels.

    Those outlet which are in the areas both in and outside of the hotel there are various example of food and beverages outlet in UK which classified as follows, Bars Which includes wide variety of soft drinks, liqueur and light snacks etc. The second one is cafeteria in which less food options and various types of meal plan are there.

    TASK 2

    2.1 The impact of integration in the hospitality industry

    It is very important that the experts of PKF hotel give their expertise at all the level in their field. So that if at any level there are chances of increasing the productivity, then they can contribute in the best possible way. The integration is always necessary in any type of industry as this helps in increasing the skill power and overall performance of the hotel industry. The integration can be done only by the helps of creativity and innovation in the particular field or aspects. But there are some several disadvantages regarding the process of integration like if integration is not done properly then it could fail the overall system and can also make the threat to the security of the system (Bharwani and Butt, 2012). There are various types of integration which we would study further are as follows.

    Horizontal integration- It is the process in which the company and the industry tries to increase its production level in the same part of there production chain. As an expert of PKF hotel it could be known that industry cannot create the monopoly in the sector of hospitality industry. But it can remain different to the rival company so that it can improve its brand image. But in the sector of the hotel industry the horizontal integration refers that when more than one company of the same field comes together to make overall business more large and enormous.

    Vertical integration-The combination of two or more firm at the different stages of production which always remain separate from the main firm than that type of integration is considered as vertical integration. So with the context of the hotel industry if the specific hotel or company tries to expand its business then individual company open the another firm which can help in the business of the parent company. With the helps this type of integration the hotel industry can achieve the cost effective operation and higher amount of profit margins. The PKF hotel always try to provide the best of he services to their customer by improving themselves and so that they can fill the desire of each and every customer. For example the PKF hotel provides some experts and timely service of accommodation for 24 hours.

    The experts of principle of ownership with context to PKF hotels believes that the things and the product which the company have are always there and our product is always better and effective then the product of the rival companies. By using this principle of ownership the company can improve its creativity level of there production and services in the effective time.

    2.2 Integrated has impacted over the business of hospitality

    The most important advantage of integration of different services is that it helps in creating those possibilities or chances, that could make the company to gain the competitive environment. By combining the overall completion of two different companies the hotel industry can make satisfy to the larger number of the customer.

    The integration of the two big and major companies can also create monopoly and this will bound the customer to only buy there own services. As by having the condition of monopoly customer do not have more choices to them (Kapiki, 2012). If the two or more companies comes together to work for the same cause then it will also helps in reducing the overall cost of the operation and to earn huge amount of profit .Integration also helps in offering various kinds of new services the visitors or customer also helps in increasing the profit margins.

    By having the integration there are fair chances of increasing the overall quality in the product and services. But there is no guarantee that there will be improvement in the service will take place. If the integration would be then but there are several possibilities that the older staff member may not accept the new boss. So there is the overall responsibility of the management to make ensure that are the staff member are agreed to work under the new boss or not.

    The integration process helps in making attraction to the various customer form the different part of demographic region. Through this wide range of the customer can be attracted . This also helps in facilitating the better services to the consumer. By having the process of integration the value of the hotel industry increases successfully at the global level and this helps in making the stronger brand image at the international level.

    If there are two small hospital industry and they need merge themselves with each other then it is very beneficial for both of the companies as by integrating the process, merged company can compete with the rival company of same industry so this is how integration can impact over the business of hospitality.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Formulate the basis of selected project that helps in decision making.

    Grosvenor House Which is one of the most luxurious hotel in London, England. Which provide the facilities to the elite class of income group. So for developing the basis of this particular kind of hotel business. The business of the hotel industry is increasing drastically in recent period of time and now the business organisation have also realised that the hotel industry should also give the equal importance to customer if they want to do business for the longer period of time. There are various basis which helps in development of the hotel business and these are development, design and operation.

    Concept of the product- The concept of the product is related to the service provided by the Grosvenor House. Which includes various types of offer and services to the various category of consumer. The concept of the service should be developed in such a way that it could meet the expectation of each and every type of customer (Guttentag, 2015). As this hotel comes in the class of elite type so this can also gives focus to various services like bar, gyms, premium accommodation service, and by giving the 24 hours customer support service. The concept helps in making decision about the future growth and development of th

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