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    L/508/6646 Importance Of Catering And Banquet Management

    University: Icon College of Technology and Management

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1861
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/6646
    • Downloads: 662


    In the hospitality industry, conference and banqueting are more important considerations that consider a large area of any hotel. In this regard, several kinds of food and beverages section also implemented to focus on attaining effective functioning. These kinds of activities consider several meetings, training, etc. (Hejase, Hamdar and Maraouch, 2014). For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers the size and scope of the conference and banqueting industry in the UK. Furthermore, it includes factors that influenced the development program. Performance and quality review techniques are also used for the present industry.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Size and scope of conference and banqueting industry in UK

    In UK, conference and banqueting industry consider effective size and scope that are most important consideration. In this regard, different investors attracted at workplace who provide money to increase systematic work performances. There are different factors exist on which it is depends. Hence, it assists to promote service level which make successful results (Cárdenas Becerra, 2014). Industries also provide arrangement regarding huge meetings so that it assists to attract several people in the conference and banqueting industry. UK has large market where facilitates implemented to organise conference and seminar. Economic development is also important element that help to consider economic development activities. Industries mainly growing from mid 19th century. As results, different features included in conference and banqueting industry which help to make successful operations and functions (Charoensuk, Wongsurawat and Khang, 2014). There are following conference and banqueting industry in UK assist to promote systematic work performances:



    In UK, there are several conferences and banqueting enterprises organise event and program. Therefore, they earn more than £50.00 billion every month. These industries spend more amount on event and occasion that help to attract maximum people. There are more than 225 million people generally attracted in 2017 and more than 200 million people were attracted towards events. Conference hall consider their program to organise wedding event as well. New segments also emerging with 65 to 70%. Corporate and sporting activities also capture towards products and services so that it help to organise conference and event program as well (Gerritse, Bergsma and Groen, 2014). Competition also goes very high so that it is important to provide the best food and services. In this context, following sectors implement and spend money:

    • In conference and meetings around £20.12 billion
    • In exhibitions and trade fairs £12.10 billion
    • Sports event consider £2.3 billion
    • Festival and cultural event consider £2.1 billion
    • Outdoor event implement £1.18 billion


    In this regard, it has been depicted that there are more than 8000 major conference and banqueting venues consider. Therefore, hotels of UK working to provide conference and banqueting halls from Hilton, Marriott, Accor, etc. Apart from this, it is also beneficial to consider event and training for economic outcomes, employment opportunities to increase customers.

    1.2 Factors that influenced its development

    In order to develop tourism attraction in conference and banqueting industry, following factors create influence it:

    • Political factors: In UK, there are different factors exist that influence development of tourism. In this regard, political situation consider important role in conference and banqueting. Political stability assist to accomplish purpose of conference. Further, it also assists to increase growth opportunities that assists to create positive impact on people (Inkson and Minnaert, 2018).
    • Economic factors: In UK, trading also consider more demand of different services that help to organise event in conference and banqueting industry. Furthermore, it considers formal and informal events which lead to develop economic results. Hence, it assists to attract large audience from foreign people (Bouchon, Hussain and Konar, 2017). There is strong position to make GDP growth so that in-depth information also gain successfully.
    • Social factors: Social factors also influence to attract maximum number of people. In this aspect, global results with innovation also develop. In this way, conference and banqueting industry must consider their functions as per customer needs and requirement (Hwang and Chang, 2016). There are different organisation consider meetings and event to develop effective results. As results, it develops support to conference and banqueting services.
    • Technological factors: In this way, UK also have powerful consideration to increase their technological outcomes. Therefore, it is important to consider better quality which increases economic results. With the help of IT software, growth of the business also develop continuously (Hurrell and Scholarios, 2014).
    • Environmental factors: UK look to make safety and security in environment perspective that help to attain desired results. In this way, modern infrastructure development and planning ascertain adequate monitoring and controlling to make sustainable growth.
    • Legal factors: In UK, there are several laws and regulations exist that need to be followed by all industries of UK. It assists to develop step by step functions. It also helps to reduce delays and take legal actions to encourage creativity (Wood, 2017).

    TASK 2

    2.1 Critically assess key strategic and operational issues involved in effective management

    In order to assess key strategic and operational issues in effective management, following activities determines at workplace:

    Administrative procedures:

    With respect to work with conference and banqueting company, there are three kinds of event organised in which different procedure adopted. Hence, team also create plan and implement hospitality event with agreed budget. In this way, wedding event, seminar and musical event consider in which operational efficiency with attendance experience develop to accomplish sustainable administrate processes in event (Sadd and Musikavanhu, 2018). Event manager need to concentrate on maintenance of budget which is one of the administrative challenge. However, it can be depict that manager need to concentrate on outline expenses with including operational cost, fees, etc. In order to analysis expenses in different events to optimise budget. Mainly in the present event around £52.00 billion needed.

    On the other hand, it has been explored that manager need to consider their contact with different people so that they are able to solve operational issues as well. In this regard, effective management needed for conference and banqueting events (Sadd and Musikavanhu, 2018). There are several issues and strategic elements requires such as booking diary, packaging, pricing, etc. For instance, booking diary consider important role to perform several functions and operations.

    Functions etiquettes and protocol:

    Etiquettes determines important rules and regulations regarding customers which assists to control behaviour in a group. In this aspect, protocol also frame regarding conference and banqueting services that needed in right manner. Each element must be determines in right perspective so that customs must be consider in particular community (Jaremen, Jędrasiak and Rapacz, 2016). Different occasion also demonstrate that organise with different protocols. Hotels are also needed to take support through adopt religious guidelines and cultural events as well. On wedding occasion, banqueting services determines to follow certain rules and regulations. As results, decision making process assist to plan event with different aspects such as ceremony, dress decoration, etc. (Marais, du Plessis and Saayman, 2017).

    2.2 Performance and quality review techniques used in conference and banqueting industry

    In order to determine conference and banqueting industry, different techniques of performance and quality review has been implemented. They determine under here:

    • Performance techniques: In respect to determines performance techniques, in conference and banqueting services, proper utilisation of each activity ascertain in effective manner. It assists to implement the highest profit for creating marketing of different segmentation. In this way, legal consideration also used as measurement which assist to take easy and fair cancellation policy. There are different law also implement that implement as legal consideration to take effective favour. Furthermore, there is another way to measure performance to develop consumer interest and make changes to maintain functions and operations to motivate people (Davis, Lockwood and Pantelidis, 2018). Beside this, there are different licensing law implications consider so that safety and effectiveness will be reduced. Safety legislation such as health and safety at work act 1974 implement to maintain hygiene.
    • Quality review techniques: Apart from performance techniques, there are different elements exist that need to implement and focus on maintain quality. In this way, religious and cultural guidelines, room design, seating plans, etc. must be carry as evaluation and review techniques. Furthermore, according to client and guest evaluation procedure must be implement that help to make profit development program. Hence, it will help to make effective results. Venue appraisal is also important perspective that help to make appropriate profit realisation. Along with this, theoretical problems must be undertaken to measure corrective actions to redesign hall for continuous improvement with innovation and many other things (Seal and Mattimoe, 2017).

    TASK 3

    Covered in ppt

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    From the above report, it can be concluded that conference and banqueting industry consider more important role in order to attain proper and effective results. In this way, different kinds of event organised to look towards size and scope of the industry. In respect to the influence development program, PESTLE factors included that create major impact on outcomes. Furthermore, critical assessment for operational issues also faced to manage and establishes to take proper deal with conference and banqueting events. On the basis of reviewing hotels performances, it can be summarised that effectiveness also develop successfully.


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