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    Hospitality sector consists of various individuals which are required to shape the industry and effectively achieve its organisational objectives. This report emphasises on interrelation of various functional roles and different methods of communication, coordination and monitoring within a specific department of an organisation.

    P1. Interrelationship between different functional roles within the hospitality sector

    Within hospitality sector, there are various functional roles that help an organisation achieve their daily objectives and ultimately attain their company goals. These roles within the hospitality sector are quite essential in supporting its existence and goals. However, it is essential for organisation to specify their job descriptions to effectively know their duties and achieve success.

    Job Description of a Chef:


    Post: Chef


    The purpose of chef is to oversee overall management of of the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant and monitor activities of food preparation team. It is up to chef to decide the dishes that would be served as well as they are required to adjust orders as per guests' requests.


    · Undertakes creation of food orders as per preferences of guests.

    · Chooses ingredients to provide best flavour to dishes.

    · Employment of food safety standards and best practice.

    · Overall monitoring of effectiveness of  quality standards.

    Job Description of a Waiter:


    Post: Waiter


    The most crucial purpose for a waiter/waitress is to greet customers within the restaurants and offer them food menus, check whether all their needs are being fulfilled and preparation of bills and other payments.


    · Effectively introduces customers to food menu and make them familiar with seasonal and daily menu specials.

    · Acquire customers' feedbacks after their service and communicate the same to higher management for assurance of quality standards.

    · Communicates the food orders to the kitchen and serve them appropriately.

    · Removal of used dishes and overlooking overall cleanliness of tables and the restaurants.

    Job Description of a Bartender:


    Post: Bartender


    Purpose of a bartender is to prepare beverages for customers and serving them either at bar or through staff. They are also required to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment.


    · Mix various drinks and make amazing beverages as per demands of customers through using ingredients such as liquor, soda, bitters, fruits, etc.

    · Undertaking age verification to determine legal age requirements.

    · Effective organisation of bar area to appropriately prepare drinks and inventory.

    · Preparation of bar menus.

    All these roles within the hospitality sector are interrelated. This is because they are required to work together to give a nice and quality service to customers within their restaurant. Chefs, waiters and bartender work to provide effective food and beverage service to customers. For instance, waiters require to effectively communicate the orders to chef which then makes overlooks in completing those and presenting to customers. Bartenders too are interrelated with waiters to serve drinks and get them prepared according to patrons. There are cocktail chefs present in the however, that are in charge of flavour and ingredient of every beverage required to be served. Thus, it is imperative that these individuals remain interrelated to effectively serve patrons and maintain high professionalism and long term customer relationships.

    P2. Different methods to communication, coordination and monitoring applied within a specific department of a hospitality organisation

    Each department within the hospitality sector must communicate appropriately to achieve organisational objectives and it is essential that appropriate methods are used to share and exchange vital information. There are various methods of communication which are used in food and beverage as well as conference boutique sectors which are mentioned below:

    Face to Face Communication:

    This type of conversation takes place formally as well as informally where exchange of information happens while presence of all the parties face-to-face. For instance, manager of the organisation might indulge into a face-to-face communication while discussing a strategy with employees of the organisation. However, there are various advantages as well as disadvantages of this communication method which are described below:


    • It is effective in case responses are required immediately.
    • Its suitability is most when important discussions are necessary for a particular issue..


    • It is not suitable within a large-scale organisation with various levels situated at different places.
    • It has a scope of error if the listeners are not attentive.


    Another methods which are widely used in hospitality organisations are walkie-talkies. These were usually known as 'handheld transceiver' and were developed during World War II and they have range of a few meters where instant communication could be established regarding a subject matter. Its various merits and drawbacks are mentioned below:


    • It allows receiver as well as sender to indulge into instant communication without waiting for timing for connection which enhances its suitability in case of emergencies.
    • They are a cheap mode of communication which could be quite convenient for the organisation.


    • These devices have limited coverage which makes it unable to be used in various organisational levels.
    • Sometimes due to battery failures, they lack the clarity which is essential for correct interpretation and accurate flow of information.

    Emails and Social Media:

    Emails are formal messages that are sent through computers, whereas, social media provides platform for social exchanges and virtual communities. With rise in technologies, most hospitality organisations constantly use this method for communicating their their staff. There are various advantage and disadvantage of this form of communication:


    • It is a very fast method of communication and a lot of people within the organisation could be sent to a lot of people together.
    • It helps keep the organisation a detailed record of information being exchanged.


    • There is always a potential threat of viruses while using emails or social media portals like Whatsapp or Facebook.
    • Unsolicited emails could vastly overwhelm the email system which could enhance disturbance in communication.

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    All these methods are quire effective and are utmost necessary within a hospitality organisation. Each have their own advantages and drawbacks. However, after judging various aspects, emails and social media seem appropriate while sharing important information, however, walkie-talkies are appropriate for employees working in a closed setting like restaurant or bar.


    Thus, it is concluded that various roles within hospitality sector are crucial and necessary to be interrelated to help establish a flow of exchange in information, including homework help. Lastly, various methods for communication, coordination and monitoring must be evaluated to apply the most appropriate ones in the org

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