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    Managing a Successful Business Project



    In the market, every organization work for fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customers. But there are some of the individual who are deprived of not getting proper benefits from the society. For this reason, it is required by the organization to carry out the CSR activities which can help in development of the individual as well as society. There are several issues which are faced by the society and it is the responsibility of the organization to provide them services which can help in improving the standard of living.

    Even, the government has also made several amendments regarding the CSR activities which are important for the organization to comply with (Kowalkowski, Kindström and Brehmer, 2011). Further, CSR activity also helps in achieving the sustainable objectives. Sustainable objectives can be regarded as the development and up-liftment in the society. Through CSR activity the organization directly or indirectly assist in attaining the sustainable objectives. This report focuses on the Qbic Hotel which is a small and medium sized hotel in London and it is considered for the services which are provided to them by their customers. The report will focus on the methods and the techniques which can be adopted by the hotel to effectively serve the society. On the other hand, it will further aid in seeking the response of the individuals regarding CSR activities (De Visscher, 2016).

    Task 1

    P1 aims and objectives

    CSR activities are not only beneficial for the society but it is also advantageous for the organization. These activities help in achieving the goodwill of the hotel. The organization which carries out CSR activities attains an important place in the minds of the guests. This is because without any benefit the hotel performs the function for the society. As it is the small and medium size hotel so through carrying out the CSR activity in Qbic Hotel they can attract the guests towards their services.

    This is also one of the ways of promotion which can attract the customers which have not visited the place before. On the other hand, CSR activity can help in achieving the competitive advantage (Lee and Park, 2010). Through carrying out the positive work in the society, the organization can develop a positive goodwill which will be helpful in making the customer retained in the hotel. By focusing on the benefits of the society they can also gain attention of the government which is helpful for them in the long run.

    Topic: “Implementing CSR activities within organisations to meet sustainable objectives

    Background of the project:

    The focus of the project is on meeting the sustainable objectives through the CSR activities. Sustainable objectives are decided by the government and it includes development in the infrastructure, society etc. the government is making plans for achieving the success. But with the CSR activity, the Qbic Hotel can help in achieving the sustainable objectives effectively. Besides this, it has been said that, through carrying out the CSR activities the organization can effectively achieve the competitive advantage (Munro, 2013).

    At present, the issue arising within the society is that there are many problems which are prevailing in the country and the organization are only focusing on their revenue and the profit. They are not emphasizes on the individual needs and preference. So the report is made to identify the importance of CSR policy on achieving the sustainable objective and significance of the competitive advantage by conducting the CSR activity. Besides this, the government has made several rules regarding CSR but still the Hotels and other organization are not following (Moser and Martin, 2012).

    Aim: To implement CSR activities in the organization to meet sustainable objective: A case study of Qbic hotel UK.


    • To evaluate the role of CSR activities for achieving sustainable objectives
    • To assess the link between CSR activities and competitive advantage in Qbic Hotel
    • To evaluate the positive impact of CSR of Qbic Hotel on society.
    • To identify the methods through which Qbic Hotel can achieve sustainable objectives as well as competitive advantage by carrying out the CSR activity.

    Research questions

    • What is the role of CSR activities in achieving sustainable objectives
    • What is the link between CSR activity and attaining competitive advantage in Qbic Hotel
    • What are the positive impact of CSR activity on the society
    • What are the different methods which can be adopted by the Qbic Hotel to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable objectives?

    P2  Work break down structure and a Gantt chart

    Work break down structure can be defined as segregating the work so that the task and the work can be easily managed. It is important for every project because with breaking the work, the project manager can easily allot the task to their members. Further, another benefit is that through this they can evaluate cost per the activity. This will help in taking out the accurate cost and the deviation in the expenses will be less. On the other hand, another advantage of the breakdown it helps in effectively monitoring the activities in the organization. Through effective monitoring, the project manager can identify the loopholes and with the identification, the loopholes can be resolve easily. This is one of the most important benefits for the breakdown structure.  

    The work breakdown structure is important because it helps in carrying out effective communication between them. Further, he manager can effectively communicate about each task this will be helpful in conducting the activity successfully.

    Figure 1: work break down structure


    Part 2

    P4 Carry out small scale research by applying qualitative an quantitative research methods

    It is essential for businesses to identify the impact of CSR activities upon firm in order to attain sustainable objectives. Through using both qualitative and quantitative research method it helps in collecting data in regard to carry out CSR activity within business. While, carrying out qualitative method it involves different methods such as books, journals, online articles etc. so that it could be reviewed by the scholar and thus collect information about sustainable objectives and CSR activities undertaken within firm. While, researcher could also review different articles that are written by government authority upon CSR activities and thus helps business in terms of  improving business objectives (De Roeck and Delobbe, 2012). However, collecting such data will prove beneficial for firm in regard to introduce the new CSR policies within Qbic hotel. Here, qualitative data will be beneficial for firm to introduce new CSR policies in hotel and thus protect the environment so that it does not affect the same. Also, when data is being collected from different qualitative methods such as books, journals helps in obtaining clear information about the set objectives.

    More Suggestions: 

    Further, quantitative data is another important method which helps in collecting information and thus evaluating the impact of CSR activity upon business in order to meet sustainable objectives. Thus, using quantitative data helps in collecting primary information from respondents through using questionnaire method. It helps in collecting relevant and authentic information so that ti helps in assessing the implementation of CSR activities within businesses to meet sustainable objectives (den Hertog and et.al., 2010).  





    Does CSR activities helps Qbic hotel in executing its operations effectively?

    • Yes
    • No

    Carrying out CSR activities helps in attaining sustainable objectives within firm?

    • Strongly agree
    • Agree
    • Neutral
    • Disagree
    • Strongly disagree

    Do you think that carrying out CSR activity by Qbic hotel results in gaining positive impact upon society?

    • Yes
    • No

    Which of the CSR activity is more preferred by Qbic hotel?

    • Child labour
    • Empowering women
    • Environment protection

    What are the main advantages of planning CSR activity within firm?

    • Brand reputation
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Goodwill in market

    In how much time Qbic is required to perform its CSR activities to have positive impact upon society?

    • Once in month
    • Once in year
    • Every 3 months

    Do you think that government provide subsidies to businesses who are involved in carrying out CSR activities?

    • Strongly agree
    • Agree
    • Neutral
    • Disagree
    • Strongly disagree

    Recommend certain ways through which Qbic hotel carries out CSR activities to have high brand image in market?

    Part 3

    P5 Research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

    • Research design- Research design is the blueprint that helps in carrying out the research and thus assess the impact. There are three types of research design i.e. descriptive, exploratory and experimental. In the present research, descriptive research design has been selected which would result in carrying out CSR activities and its impact upon attaining sustainable business objectives (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015).
    • Research philosophy- It helps in identifying the data that should be collected, analysed and used in regard to carry out research. There are two types of research philosophy i.e. positivism and interpretivism. In the present study, interpretivism philosophy is being used that helps in evaluating the data so that effective results could be attained (Stokes, Wilson and Wilson, 2010).
    • Data collection- There are two methods for collecting data which results carrying out the research. It involves primary and secondary data to conduct the study. Here, primary research is being carried out through using questionnaire and thus helps in collecting crucial information about research. While, secondary data is being used through using books, journals, online articles that helps in conducting study and identifying the impact of CSR activities upon attaining sustainable objectives in business (Wheelen and Hunger, 2011).
    • Data analysis- Further, in this research methodology, researcher uses thematic analysis and thus evaluate the responses collected by respondents. Through preparing different themes it helps in analysing the options so that it assists in analysing the impact of CSR in order to attain sustainable objectives (De Roeck and Delobbe, 2012).  
    • Limitations- Here, there are different limitations faced by researcher while conducting the study. One of the main limitationsfaced by scholar is time and thus they possess less time in relation to carry out the study as it is wide and requires more time to conduct the research.

    Data analysis

    Theme 1: CSR helps in executing the operations of Qbic Hotel effectively

    Does CSR activities helps Qbic hotel in executing its operations effectively?







    From the above graph it can be witnessed that with the help of the CSR activity, the Qbic hotel has been performing its functions effectively in the market. Through these activities, most of the customer’s are attracted towards the services. Out of 20 respondents, 15 state that CSR activity has helped the organization to become successful. There are only 5 of the customers who say that CSR does not impact on the operations.

    Theme 2: CSR activity helps in achieving sustainable objectives

    Carrying out CSR activities helps in attaining sustainable objectives within firm?



    Strongly agree








    Strongly disagree


    From the above graph it can be depicted that out of 20 respondents, 8 and majority of the customer states that CSR activity helps in attaining the sustainable objectives. This is because the CSR activity objectives are same as the goals which are made by the government. Through this way it can be said that it is directly related with each other. But there are 4 of the individual who states that both are different and CSR activity cannot achieve sustainableobjectives.

    Theme 3: Empowering women should be focused by Qbic Hotel in the CSR activity

    Which of the CSR activity is more preferred by Qbic hotel?


    Child labour



    Empowering women



    Environment protection


    The graph depicts that there are many issues prevailing in the society but Qbic hotel is required to carry out the activity on empowering the women. In the present time, this issue has been witnessed frequently. On the other hand, there are 7 of the customers who believe that environmental protection is also important for the environment. Besides this, there are 5 of respondents who states that child labour is also the important problem and the people should be made aware through CSR activity.

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    Theme 4: CSR helps in achieving goodwill in the market

    What are the main advantages of planning CSR activity within firm?



    Brand reputation



    Customer satisfaction


    Goodwill in market



    The statistics states that goodwill in the market is the advantage which can be achieved by the Qbic Hotel if it carries out the CSR activity in the market. CSR activity helps in delivering the positive image in the minds of the customers which further assist in enhancing the goodwill. On the other hand, there are 6 respondents out of 20 who state that brand reputation is the most important benefit which can be achieved through CSR activity. On the other hand, 5 of the respondents believes that through CSR activity, the customers satisfaction can be achieved.

    Theme 5: every 3 months CSR activity should be conducted by Qbic Hotel

    In how much time Qbic is required to perform its CSR activities to have positive impact upon society



    Once in month



    Once in year



    Every 3 months



    From the above graph it can be depicted that half of the customers i.e. 10 customer stated that in every 3 months the Qbic Hotel are required to carry out the CSR activities. This is because huge expense is involved in the activities so with that the budget can be managed effectively. But there are 6 of the respondents who believe that CSR activity is required to be performed every year.

    Theme 6: Government provides subsidies who are involved in CSR activities

    Do you think that government provide subsidies to businesses that are involved in carrying out CSR activities?


    Strongly agree








    Strongly disagree


    It can be reviewed from the above graph that 13 out of 20 customers strongly agrees to the fact that government helps in providing subsidies to businesses who are involved in providing CSR activities within firm. While, there are 6 customers who disagree to the fact that government do not provide subsidies to businesses who are involved in carrying out CSR activities and thus perform their operations on their own. However, majority of the respondents assesses that through obtaining subsidies it proves useful for firm to carry out its operations as well as enhance brand image in market. Through such way it is the best method that helps business in operating and providing CSR activities in society.  

    P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations

    It can be stated that through carrying out CSR activities it helps business to play a crucial role in enhancing business performance so that brand image of firm could be enhanced. It also helps firm to capture large customer base and thus develop reputation in market. Through adopting CSR activities it results in meeting sustainable objectives. Qbic management needs to undertake CSR activities so that it could help business to benefit the society by empowering women and overcoming child labour. Following are the different methods that could be adopted by Qbic hotel which are discussed underneath-

    • Providing donation to charitable trust results in carrying out CSR activities through helping individual and thus results in improving brand image of firm in market. It is one of the easiest method so that Wbic hotel needs to identify the charitable trust and provide them finance so that it results in proving useful for carrying out their operations.
    • Further, another method that should be used is safeguarding environment, therefore, Qbic hotel introduces different rules and regulations for protecting environment and take initiative so that it could benefit business while carrying out its services. It is one of the main CSR activities that helps in safeguarding and protecting environment so that appropriate outcomes could be attained.

    P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research

    It can be evaluated from the while study that CSR activities proves to be beneficial for society so that protection of environment, enhancing brand image of firm could be attained. It also proves beneficial for me to understand the main impact of CSR upon business and thus empowers women, overcome child labour etc. I also came to know different theoretical concepts and knowledge so that implementing CSR activities help in improving the business performance in market.

    It also helps in raising the brand reputation of firm so that successful outcomes could be attained. Further, while, carrying out such research it also proves beneficial for me to obtain crucial information about CSR activities and its impact upon sustainable development of business. Through reviewing different online articles, books and government publications helps me to carry out effective results. Moreover, while conducting data analysis, it also helps me to carry out market research and thus identifies the business operations so that research could be analysed in an effective way. I also obtain information regarding conducting the research in time and evaluating the collected data in order to obtain crucial information. Through carrying out thematic analysis it helps in evaluating the responses collected by respondents so that desired objectives could be attained.  


    It can be concluded from the study that implementing CSR activities results in meeting sustainable objectives. Also, it helps in increasing brand image of firm through providing benefit to society. It is essential for business to implement CSR activities so that competitive edge could be attained in market. Also, through carrying out the report it helps in evaluating the brand image of Qbic in market and thus enhances sales and profitability in market. Also, it is significant for business to obtain positive image so that goodwill of firm is enhanced. Through carrying out quantitative data analysis it results in evaluating the responses so that appropriate outcomes could be attained. However, it results in improving business performance so that business could be made aware about the rules and regulations formed by government and thus comply with the same to safeguard environment from getting affected. 


    • De Roeck, K. and Delobbe, N., 2012. Do environmental CSR initiatives serve organizations’ legitimacy in the oil industry? Exploring employees’ reactions through organizational identification theory. Journal of Business Ethics.110(4). pp.397-412.
    • De Visscher, F.M., 2016. Financing transitions: Managing capital and liquidity in the family business. Springer.
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