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    Professional Development Plan for the Film and Television Industry

    University: University of Sydney

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 28 / Words 6921
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BSM079
    • Downloads: 425
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Provide the in-depth understanding of professional practice within the post production.
    • Critically analyse and evaluate complex information, ideas and data.
    • Develop skills in order to heightened organisational knowledge and enriching understanding of professional practice.
    Answer :


    Film industry which is also known as motion pictures industry comprises technology and commercial institutions of film making. There is a lot of expense which is involved in this process and a lot of efforts which are required to make this process take place but there also has to be a lot of experience for making this kind of investment in. There are producers which are involved in this making of a film so that the process is better for the film making. Technology has got a lot more changes in this industry and the film making is very easier now than it was earlier. It is very important to have the right knowledge for making a film because there is a lot of skills and techniques which are involved and a person who does not have knowledge about film making will not be able to produce something productive out of the process. Anyone who wants to express there story in a motion picture can make a film out of it but not everyone can be successful till they do not have the right skills for making the film. Box office is worth $41.7 billion globally and the worth can increase to $136 billion is the revenues of box office is merged with home entertainment. There is a lot of scope for the people who have the right skills for this industry because there is a huge in the market for this industry and the customers are supporting this industry a lot which is a very positive response for one to explore and not be scared of opting for this career.

    Professional development plan is a very important factor for any individual because this will give a direction to the person who want to achieve their goals and objectives in the company and it is very important to achieve. There is a motivation which comes from within a person to achieve their goals and objectives of life so that they can have a comfortable future and satisfaction in the world which makes the people happy. There is a sense of direction which is required for all the individuals In life so that they are on the right track and can have a lot of success for themselves. The report is going to cover the professional development plan for an individual and the scope they have for the future will be decided according to the plan which the individual will have for themselves.

    1 What is PDP?

    PDP stands for professional development plan which helps in achieving and documenting the goals, tells an individual about the skills which are required for the job and also it helps them to develop their skills so that anyone can face competition with others (Hobbs, 2019). In order to develop the prospects of career in film or television industry it demands improvement on a continuous basis. Usually it is created by the managers of the company or managers who work with the employees and team so that he can take out or notice the skills of the team which are required for the purpose to serve in the industry and meet the necessary goals. This plan of development takes place when a new individual joins the team. There is one error in this plan and that is they take out the aspect of planning only when there is a need for improvement in work or team instead of this they must take this out and review on the performance of yearly basis. Apart from this a discussion must be there between the employees and the manager before the review of performance. There is a scope of a lot of growth in a person when it comes to the professional development in a film industry or television industry. There is a need for the right skill for the person to develop and there has to be enough knowledge if they would want to become the film editor because there are a lot of laws and right and other aspects which the editor has to have the right knowledge for it (Nwonka, 2019).

    There are five steps in this plan-

    Step 1- Request a self assessment from any member of the team-

    Employees must assess their values, skills and personality. Sample method must be used by the managers so that they can assist the process in a right manner with all the necessary requirements. While evaluation these (Carey and et.al., 2017) questions such as what opportunities skills and abilities come into your interest, do they support the necessary requirements to meet the goals of the industry and what will be the necessary steps that the company must take to reach their goals? There has to be value for not just one-selves knowledge and skills but there should be a respect for all the others in the industry because the knowledge is never ending and there is always something new to learn in this industry which will be helpful for the future (JuškelytÄ—, 2016).

    Step 2- Developing the assessment of the level of skill of an individual-

    This aspect includes a list of skills such as-

    Technical skills- these skills are required so that task can be completed. In film and television industry there is a high demand for technical skills and since the individual wants to become a film editor then he must have these skills so that the job can be done with perfection.

    Social skills- how do an individual work in a team (Evans, 2017). Knowledge comes in from all directions and since there is a change in the technologies and other aspects of the industry there has to be interaction so that knowledge and experience is shared so that the people can gain a lot of knowledge which will be very beneficial.

    Aptitudes- Notice the required talents or any kind of special ability or thing which help the company. There has to be a lot of innovative ideas and creativity which the film maker must have so that there is something new which can be shown in the industry which will attract more people and the right skills to execute the feelings and emotions is very important.

    Attitude- mind set, thought process, feelings about work and point of view regarding task. The individual must have the right attitude towards work as well so that there is scope or area which can be filled by the knowledge of others and there are a lot of ideas which others can also give therefore it is very important to have the right attitude in this industry (Nash and Corner, 2016).

    Step 3- Assess the needs of the company and the needs of the department-

    For successfully developing the plan the needs of the employees and their interests must be linked with the objectives of the film industry. It will tell the organization that whether or not their path meets with the goals and objectives (Yúdice, 2018) of the company's workforce. To make it successful there are some necessary steps which the company needs to keep in mind, and they are goals of the department, goals of the team, goals of an individual and big duke goals.

    Step 4- Explore opportunities of development with the employees-

    There is an academy for developing the professional needs as they provide individuals with necessary programs of training which helps them to evolve their skills and abilities which are required for their respectful career (Gilbert, 2017). Employees explore new areas and ideas for developing a series or focus on new projects. Also, they assist their department for completion of work in various fields like designing the web, designing the structure of business and managing the project.

    Step 5- Analyse and record the progress of the team-

    Company must collect the feedback from the team who have been provided with training. The feedback must contain the information of details about their progress so that they can identify in which area the team is (Liu, 2016) performing well, build their skills and solve any problems if it arises. So that they can develop their capabilities which will help them to take over the personal as well as the objectives of organization. Company must keep a track for recording the performance such as notice those skills and abilities of an individual which are improved, progress towards objectives and goals of the company and where those skills and abilities can help the company in the future.

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    2 Why is important?

    The reason behind the success of the company is the strength of their employees. They are the key which help the company convert from ordinary to extraordinary that is why it is important for the company to invest in their development so that they can meet their objectives. Invest in the best available resource-

    Employees of the company comes on to a position which is unique and determined by the knowledge of the institution and the (Keast, 2018) experience they have gained over the years. The company considers these things as a resource which can help them to improve in different areas. Apart from this the process of feedback has also helped them to create and design the plan of professional development according to the needs of the employees. The resources are very limited and using the resource wisely is what is expected out of the film maker and as the individual who wants to work in the industry foe the betterment of the company it is very important for the person to use the best option in front of them so that the film is attractive to the customers. The resources must be used where and how required and showing the same thing again and again will not attract a lot of people in the film which the industry has to work upon and the individual who has no experience must know and have the knowledge about everything in detail (Mitkus and NedzinskaitÄ—-MitkÄ—, 2016).

    Create an environment which helps the employees to grow

    Combination of both training in the professional aspect and learning about job and gaining the experience with time will help the employees of the company to work up to their potential and fulfil the needs which are required in film and television industry. The film editor must make sure that the makers of the film are aware of the factors which they should be following and that all the factors are being followed while making the film because that is very important otherwise the editor can remove the film or edit the scenes which are very important in the film. The employees who are making the film or the employees who are working under the film editor have to be motivated to work and that is a very important factor because that will make the industry grow and that is very important. It is because of the film editor that the industry is being able to grow because it is very important to understand the customers or clients of the industry so that the film can be produced accordingly and that is a very important factor for the company. The work has to be done very well after understanding the customers who are coming to watch the film so that the editing of the film can take place accordingly so that the customers feel satisfied with the film and the industry and the film will be able to grow in the market (Hennekam and Bennett, 2016). There are a lot of films which come out in a year and making to the best of films of the year is very difficult but if the editing and making of the film is done well then the film will be able to make a place for themselves in the best films in the market.

    Expand the development of employees involving their culture-

    Any company which invests in the aspect of professional development creates an image in the mind of employees that the company values them (Heiduschke, 2018) and their work as they create a learning culture. Company must remember one and the most important thing that they will only succeed if their crew, their team, their spot boy all succeed in playing their role. If even one of them don't work up to the skills which are required then the whole shoot or the company will have to go through from bad reviews and in order to save them from this issue it is necessary that they review the performance of each and every individual so that they can focus on those areas which needs attention and improvement. There are different culture all around the world and it is very important not offend any culture in the world otherwise the film will not be able to make a place for themselves in the market. Respecting all the cultures and religions in the world is one of the main factor which the film editor must make sure is being followed so that the director can make the film accordingly and that will be able to capture a larger market for themselves. To make this happens there has to be enough knowledge and understanding of all the pother cultures in the world so that the industry can develop better and the changes in the film can be made by the editor and the director of the film which is a very important factor. A person must start with an experience at least on the television industry so that they can make there experience come in the use of the film industry (Mateer, 2018).

    3. How it will help me to achieve my goals?

    As I have to become the film editor I also have to determine the specific field in which I have interest for that I also have to analyse all the types of fields which are differentiated on the basis of the their qualification (Birtwistle, 2017). As I have done training and internships in many production house as the assistant editor and also tried editing the television series as it will also help me increase my efficiency and maintain the quality to achieve my career as the film editor and increase the efficiency of become successful on my career. I need to understand all the internal details and fain all the knowledge about the film industry and also increase my information to increase the quality of my work (Paget, 2016). I also have to join many graphic designing courses which will help me to increase the editing films. I also have to become more socialize and increase my ability to increase the thoughts to that I can also increase the contacts which will make be in the position to increase the ideas and knowledge so that it can increase the quality of the quality. I will also need to have the bachelor’s degree in the film production and graduate level course which can help me to certify in the industry as an video editor and give me the job. If I need to increase my opportunity in the industry i also need to further continue my studies as masters in film production and film editing which will also increase my knowledge and provide a better theoretical knowledge which i will apply in the training and internships. (Dix, 2016)

    There should also be the knowledge about the music and tune which will help the film to get the better efficiency in delivering the message and also all the visuals which are impactful of the viewers. And i also have to collect the feedback of the viewers to know the quality of my work so that i can improve the quality and maintain the efficacy of the film which is portrayed to the public. As becoming an efficient editor I also have to become an assistant of the a successful editor so that I can learn the details and also increase my knowledge to adopt all the information in my work and follow his quality of work and i also have to innovate the work so that they can also increase the quality of film. I also have to fail in my attempts which will make me stronger as I will learn from my own mistakes and it will also help me to gain the perception of better firm editing.

    Becoming an editor is very tough as there are many competition and many people like me are out in the big institutions to learn about the editing and that discouraged me to give my best as I was hoping that I will not be as efficient as my mentor and also i don’t have the required talent to pursue my objectives for my career (Rosenstone, 2017). But I changed my schedule and also helped myself to maintain the time management to increase the punctuality as the punctual person have a very sharp and effective made and are always stress free. It also helped me to decrease the stress and helped me to incorporate many skills. As there are many different types of directors which have different taste in the edition of the films and ii need to learn as many possible to gain the better opportunity to grow in the industry as the film industry is financially very strong and also increases the standard of living of the every person. I also have to learn all the platform which will also provide better opportunity for me and increase the quality of my work in the industry, as the good work in the film industry is spread like fire and if the public appraise the quality of work then the person is successful. I also need to understand to be consistent and maintain the quality of my work so that i can become more efficient. (Dmytryk, 2018)


    1. Where am I now or actual position

    For becoming a film editor or accomplishing this goal it is important to know the actual position. The main aim of knowing the current and actual position is to make changes and improve skills as per the analysis and own performance. There are several tools by which actual position and all strengths, weaknesses can be analysed. The best tool of knowing the current position as well as own strengths, weaknesses, SWOT analysis tool plays an important role. There are some strengths, weaknesses which can provide some opportunity and threats in the context of fashion photography and film director which is the main aim (Hakak and Holmes, 2017).

    Strengths: Strength is an ability or quality which makes an individual able to perform and give opportunities. It includes some skills and abilities by which individual can accomplish their goals by performing some activities in an efficient manner.

    • The main strength of me is I have a great theoretical knowledge of fashion photography as I am graduated in this field. It increased knowledge in this context as which skills are required for becoming the best and effective film editor. In this graduation and study, I got so many information’s about fashion photography as well as scope in the future. With the help of using all this knowledge I can make a growth in the future.
    • Adaptability and flexibility is my other strength which can make me able to adapt changes and continuous changing needs of customer in fashion photography and film industry.
    • I am studying or pursuing post-production which would definitely help me out in becoming a film editor as it increased my creativity skills and it is my other main strength (Blizek, Desmarais and Ramji, 2016).
    • Other skill which is my strength and helped me in my studies and will help me in the future is patience and concentration. There is a requirement of this skill in film industry to edit films and for working with different types of actors.

    Weaknesses: Weakness refers fault and disability to not to perform something in an efficient manner. Lack of skills and knowledge or weaknesses of an individual creates several problems and barriers in the path of the success and growth. Lack of skills also creates problems in accomplishing pre-determined goals (Sh and Soleimani, 2019). Some weaknesses which can become barriers in the path of becoming an effective film editor are:

    • The main weakness is I do not have practical knowledge and working experience in film industry for the long run. I have a lot of theoretical knowledge of fashion photography but I did not shoot and perform this activity practically. This weakness can create several problems and barrier in getting selected in a film industry or becoming an efficient film editor.
    • Other weakness which can be problematic for my field is lack of time management skills. Film industry is an industry in which film editor have to play several roles such as: edit film, watch full scenes, rearrange scene again and again until it becomes attractive and effective. So there is requirement of time and ability to manage time for completing all function in efficient and timely manner. Due to this weakness, I will have to face several problems not in my professional but also in my personal field (Deniz and Ersoy, 2016).
    • Other weakness which can become problematic and create problem and make me frustrated is lack of skill of problem solving. Each and every type of industry has to face several problems which needs to be solved in timely and an efficient manner. Maintaining video quality after editing, dead pixels on video, crashed video editing software are some common problems but it can create critic and severe problem if they are not solved efficiently. So, it can be said that it is the biggest weakness.

    Opportunities: Opportunity is a chance of accomplishing goals and acquire required things. It can also be defined as a state that makes possible for an individual to do something in an efficient manner. Opportunities can be got with the help of skills and strengths of an individual. By making an effective use of opportunity, an individual or I can accomplish my goal of becoming a potential film editor (Dmytryk, 2018).

    • A detailed knowledge of fashion photography can give several opportunities and one of the best opportunity which I can get is analysing the whole scene in critic manner and edit the film efficiently.
    • An effective film director in the one who have knowledge of editing equipments and willingness to keep up with changes. Passion and flexibility is my main strength which can give opportunity to me to edit equipments in a systematic manner.
    • Creativity is my other strength and skill in which I am good so, it can give me opportunity of editing video or film and make them attractive. By making an effective use of creativity skill, I can make qualitative film editing by which I can get other opportunities like promotional in my professional field and in the future career.

    Threats: Threat can be defined as a situation and thing which cause damage. There are several factors or weaknesses in this context which can give some threats or become problematic for accomplishing goals. For becoming film editor and getting this position and job role in a popular film industry, it is important to identify threats and try to reduce them. Some threats which can give negative impacts due to weaknesses and lack of skills which are required in becoming a film editor are:

    • Due to lack of practical knowledge and working experience I will have to face several problems and it gives a threat of assembling raw footages and identify that which camera shoot will be recorded and which will be transferred onto video tap for preparing an effective film and putting it into computer.
    • Due to lack of time management and having practical knowledge I can also find difficulties in adding content, filters or digitally cut files which the main key of making a film attractive. It can snatch opportunity of taking competitive advantages. I want to become professional and efficient film editor but this weakness can give several negative impacts in my field.
    • Measuring effectiveness and maintaining quality is an important task of making and editing a video and a film effectively and for that it is important to have knowledge and skills of critical analysis, critical thinking and problem solving. As by solving any type of problem, an individual can accomplish its goals by making him/herself passionate and energetic. It is stated that I am not good in these skills and due to these weaknesses I can face problem of maintaining quality and monitoring effectiveness of the process and film editing.

    So, from the above discussed own analysis and strengths, weaknesses, I can say that I need to focus on improving my skills and remove weaknesses for accomplishing goal or becoming a film editor. With the help of professional development plan, I can improve all those areas which can create barriers in the path of my success (Dancyger, 2019). It is also analysed that quality maintenance and creative skills play an important role for becoming a professional film editor. It is also analysed from the above study that not only theoretical knowledge but also practical and working experience plays a vital role. With having practical knowledge, an individual can know all functions and problems which occur while film editing and by knowing them they can make an effective plan and accomplish their goals.

    2. Where I want to be? (Film editor)

    As film editors assembles footage of documentaries, television shows as well as films into seamless end products. In order to make story enjoyable and continuous as a whole, graphics, sounds, score and plots are been manipulated. Therefore, skills of inter personality and editor's career endurance are considered as the most important in the profession of film editor (Han, 2016).

    In order to be a professional editor of film it is essential for me to gain knowledge regarding the film editing through professional and academic experiences. As I am having a hand on experience in commercial editing, basic editing as well as in filmographies, I can see myself as a professional film editor in the upcoming years. Moreover, gaining additional trainings could be proved helpful to work with productions of worldwide. Initially, during the graduation period I will make efforts to work as an assistant in animation editing or could work as an assistant to production unit or would start working as an intern. The main target of mine will be to gain experience as much as possible during the course and along with it to make some money with it. Building of healthy connections during the trainings will be the additional advantage that I could gain during the ongoing course period while working as an intern in any film related professional line. Therefore, at the initial phase of this profession, for ensuring my success I must start taking practical experience regarding the same (Singh, 2016).

    The consideration of salary and benefits that I could expect by choosing film editor as the professional career. At the start of the career I may expect making less money, but this could be the time for me to built reputation in the industry by showing my skills and talents by working in companies with larger productions. However, I may start my career as a freelancer at the initial stage, as I have seen several freelancer who had started making money in six figures in the profession of film editing by showing their creativity and hard work in editing.

    Film editing work is only possible by enabling effective utilization of time and resources. Some time, there could be chances where I may feel hectic due to work pressure or might due to stressful environment. Although it is very clear from the beginning that this profession requires longer working hours rather than the steady nine to five routine.

    Although is career a profession does not mean it will not have competitions. Rather, this profession is having extreme competitions. As there are several editors in the creative industry that are already present in the industry. Therefore, to stand out from the competitions make efforts to bring creativity in my work with the hard-working efforts so that I could manage, securing a salaried position in a company of productions.

    As currently I posses some qualities which are required in the film editor such as proficiency in computer editing tools along with several technical skills which includes seamless integration of different scenes, splicing, cutting as well as editing. Additionally, I would like to work with the music and sound editors in order to gain valuable experience as being a beginner in the field of film editor. As my future plan is to being the professional film editor, this collaboration with the sound and music editor will facilitate me achieving the goals of being the popular as well as professional film editor. Although, I possess the qualities of quickness and maturity which shows I am responsible and taking it seriously, the profession I had chosen i.e. of being a professional film editor.

    Additionally, I had planning for the profession, where I see myself after five years. As till that time I tend to gain enough editing experience, moreover, my network of contacts will also be enhanced along with it I will tend to gain more responsibilities. Thus, from that point either I could start my solo career or may get contract from large production house or I may join an existing company of film editing as the partner of that company. Furthermore, in order to get more benefits after five years in this profession I will try to be responsible, increase my working hours to get more payments. I think I would be a successful editor by that time, I may form close relationship with producers as well as to the directors in a significant manner (Dix, 2016).

    Furthermore, within the ten years in this profession, I may get enough reputation as being the professional film editor. Therefore, by gaining this much of experience of ten years in this field of film editing as the profession I aspect that in I need to work for reasonable hours, I may get healthy pay checks as well as I may build a solid reputation as a popular film editor. With the experience of ten years in this profession for film editor, I assume I may get independent contracts of releasing of a video or editing of film. Even though, if I would not been able to get independent contracts, confidently I can say I could gain the contract of being a consultant in various editors activities. Therefore, while collaborating with the film editors it is essential to sign a contract after these many years of experience in this profession. After becoming a professional film editor, I would like to own company which take contracts of the business of film editing. I may have my own staff or team of film editors, which could help me to increase my business to many folds. Along with it I would like to provide trainings to the fresh talents in the industry by giving them platform to show cast their creativity skills. Furthermore, this will beneficial for my company too as I would get enough workforce with the fresh talents and skill sets (Dalsgaard, 2018).

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    3. Professional Development Plan

    I am going to get there by making professional development plan free samples for improving core skill which always help for me to achieve career goals and achievements. I will make a plan for improving skill in career path and career ladders, these are important methods by which can develop own strength and progress in the development (Amar, Dixon and Franklin, 2017). Where I have completed the graduation in fashion photography and studying in production so as I also build interest towards Film editor. 

    I have spending a lot of time for imagination for writing the new stories and help for career development. In this way, I have made a professional development plan for identifying the specific strength and weakness which require for improved through PDP. As per my opinion, it is the best development plan for identifying different type of weakness and then I will try to improve themselves in proper manner.

    Learning and development requirements

    Type of development

    Source of finding

    Who is responsible?

    Evaluation- What have you leant?


    I will try to improve communication skill because it is important for establishing a good relationship with other members. For me especially have a good communication skill which always help for me to gather a lot of information for writing new scripts.

    Verbal and no-verbal Communication skill

    Participant in online session through internet, you tube and other type of social networking sites (Oleson, 2016).

    I am responsible for improving own communication skill that’ why, I will try to communicate with more people for exchanging a lot of information or data.

    Staff members and other team members are responsible for building an effective coordination.

    I will self-examine that how I could improve own communication skill which supports in career enhancement.

    I have completed in next 6-7 months.

    Over 1-2 years.

    I think that time management is important for professional career development which supports for me to learn new technique or method in terms of time management. 

    Time Management skill

    I also participate in the task-based job for completing the task within specific deadline. In this way, it helps for me to improve time management capabilities.

    Staff members, who always coordination with me for helping in task completion. It always inspires for me to improve own time management skill.

    I will be learnt true meaning of time management through teachers where how they will manage and utilize time in proper manner.

    I also improved the time management skill in next 6-month periods.

    I will try to improve own practical knowledge. I think it is important for goal achievement.

    Practical knowledge Improvement skill

    I will use online tutorial, internet and other type of practical seminar (Rhode, Richter and Miller, 2017).

    I will do research that mainly available coursework. I will find the peer team member, who are efficient through practical skills.

    I have learnt about the concept of practical knowledge skill which always helping for new innovative implementation and change the styles.

    I will complete in next 2-3 months.

    Over 1 years.

    I will focus on the decision-making skill because it helps for me to take important decision related career goals. So, as I know very well that decision making skill essential for me to improve strength.

    Decision making skill

    Participate in strategies making which considered the most suitable for decision. In this way, I will improve decision making skill.

    Staff members and other colleagues also responsible for improvement in decision making. I will engage with the members related important decision so as it help for me to improve skill.

    I will self-examine that I could easily make important decision through skills. I also understanding the actual need and requirement after then make important decisions. It will support for me in career path achievement.

    I will complete in next 3 months.

    Over 1-2 years.

    I will show the interest towards flexibility as well as adaptability skills with emphasis on information analytics.

    Flexibility and Adaptability skill

    I will attend conference meeting for research that how my interest shows in information analytics especially adopt things in easily.

    Staff members.

    Participate manager during conference. I will understand that they always give a brief idea to identify my own interest and adopt things in properly.

    I have learnt about the concept of flexibility and adaptability skills according to requirements. I will identify own interest in particular field so improve own skills. 

    I will complete in next 4 months.

    Over 1-2 years.

    I will improve the interpersonal skill for actively listening and increase patience level.

    Interpersonal Skill

    I will attend the annual conference, seminar and other session. It will help for exploring own knowledge and skill.

    Staff members are participating in the conference and seminar where I also coordinated with for improving interpersonal. It will help for enhance in career path development.

    I have learnt about the usage of interpersonal skill in own career improvement where I easily manage and utilize time for understanding depth on particular topic.

    I will complete in next 6-7 months.

    Over 1-2 years.


    I have developed the professional development plan which help for me to improve all necessary skills that essential for improvement. I always focused on the specific strength that are essential for measuring goals and achievements. In above discussion, I have considered the important skill that require for professional development as a film editor. In this way, it has been setting the specific time intervals for improve own skill within specific time intervals (Choy and Chua, 2019). I also keep a regularly perform the action for progress which made me as a strong person to become great film editor after completing my study. I am also closely working with mentor and other trusted advisor for providing feedback as per behaviour and improvement plan. Through PDP, I have used different types of method for skill improvement such as internet, YouTube, online session. 

    I have formulating the plan that improves productive exercise regardless where I have found yourself in professional life. In this way, I easily establish the target and also breaking them into manageable step by using professional development plan.


    This report concludes that to increase the career opportunity in the film and television industry a person need to have a personal skills, communication skills, charms which can influence and move the audience and they also need to have the vision and talent to portray their vision effectively. This had a very bad impact on the people which are not having the good skills and they often go in depression and commit suicides as they cannot tolerate the denial as the film and television industry had always welcomed young talents which had potential to entertain the public and increase their satisfaction which will also increase the revenue of the industry. As television and film industry is a very huge revenue generation sectors which help to support and grow the economy of the nation and provide an upward push.

    The potential editor must also have the abilty to increase the efficiency of the films and make an innovative ideas as successful film editors are also very humble and also have the ability to maintain a good relations with their subordinates and increases the opportunities of their work in the industry. The film editor also had to have the film production degree and also be efficient in creating their vision and believe in themselves. They also had to be patient to attain their objectives ads it might take time to achieve the increase the quality of their work. They had to be open to all the information to increase their skills and knowledge which would help them to achieve to be more efficient.

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