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    (CHC33243) Research Project Level 5


    Title: Comparative study on effectiveness of online versus retail shopping experiences


    Online shopping has been given new growth and market opportunity to customers and organizations as well. Digital transformation is well known. Concept in present business environment. Online shopping helps to connect business with customers. Present report based on the impact of Online shopping which helps to innovate better environmental growth factor. Many new businesses do better work performance in order to confirm the better opportunity and growth. In present scenario various startup and new business ideas take with help from digital technologies. Overall research based on effective target goals and accomplished the goals and objectives. Overall, process or study based on the comparatively analysis the between retail shopping and online shopping effectiveness.


    Present study based on Talent plus it is the HR consulting firm in United Kingdom. Talent Plus company hire employees and best candidates for the if organization. With the help of Online shopping they acquire the best resource of employees according to the needs of clients. Online shopping has been given new thoughts and process of working.


    • What are the factors that impact on the online shopping ?
    • What are the factors affect Online shopping?

    Literature review

    Online shopping is the fast growing technology in the business activities rather than purchasing from retail stores. Gone those days when company has been done with manual manner. Besides, it also helps to explain importance terms of making good goals. According to Baller, Dutta and Lanvin, (2016) technology helps to reduce the company time cost and also assists to control the time cost as well. On the other hand it also has been provides better quality in services. Besides, on the contrary Online shopping also giving some limitations as well, Evolution of technology is beneficial to human for several reasons. Many of the industries can take advantage of advance technology to enhance their functions and grab new opportunity and growth in order to take the better opportunity and growth. Besides, in earlier times when computer was very important point.

    What is the impact of online shopping on customer satisfaction.

    The internet has transcended us from the traditional shopping era into a new and more efficient era called e-commerce. Besides, online shopping permit 24/7 services in order to meet the needs of customer satisfaction for making good services and growth. Customer satisfaction on online purchasing are highly impact full and fast growing factor that helps to reduce time cost and gives high product range.

    Online shopping is the easiest and flexible way to get the things at anytime and at anywhere. This makes the overall activity clear and effective. Apart from that, retail store shopping activity is that to go to the retail store and start doing activity. Retail store require much time on purchasing the things. These days mostly person prefer to opt online purchasing rather than retail purchasing and effectiveness. Apart from that, it takes better growing activity and making things normal. Besides, according to Pagani, M. and Pardo, C., (2017), online company makes better deliverable and effective target goals. Apart from that, Online shopping includes various loop falls that faced by customers such as lack of accuracy, lack of physical appearance, less trust and faith. On the contrary retail shopping includes high range of faith and reliability related to product and services. Moreover, it brings new changes and make better growth level.

    Communication is the first reason advantage taken by the company. Apart from that, it will be the more challenging and task oriented scenario which has been introduced new challenges and risk task. Along with that, technology has also very essential advantage that is it helps to discovered new product and ideas through company can get better growth and task oriented goals. Technology has increased the productivity level of the people. More apart, Online shopping also involves high risk involvement in the techniques such as security issues, time limitations, internet issues, lack of access etc. through some of the company feel discomfort for adopting the Online shopping. Another, negative impact of technology has given directly on the employee’s natures that are not aware about the process of using all those techniques.

    On the contrary Online shopping also enhances the productivity level of employees and performance level as well. Sometimes business dependency level has increased through employee’s stopped thinking about innovation or enhancement. Technology reduced the role of persons or employees in decision making approach. Besides, according to Cearley, Burke and Walker, (2016) technology is highly required in the organization. Through Talent Plus would get the better resources and profit margin for its business. Moreover, it also helps to make the better environmental growth for the organization development. Talent Plus get the huge applications for their new candidates through online channels, social media or through online promotions. Company hires their candidates through online interview process which helps them to reduce time cost and money cost as well. This also provides flexibility to candidates as well. Online shopping has given several opportunities and growth for company developments. Through channel has been enhancing in more growth manner. Apart from that, technology and software’s are the needs of the organizations without which companies cannot access their work. Apart from that, it will be more challenging and risk involving factor. Some small firms would fail to get the advantage of advance technology through their expenses software’s. On the contrary some business get advantage of cloud computing. This is the small example of Online shopping in which company or any other body can store as much as data with no limits can store in a single device. Besides, it gives huge flexibility to companies who can easily store their big data in a single folder. On the other hand according to Fitzgerald, Kruschwitz and Welch, (2014) cloud computing also dependent on the internet without which they cannot access. This process or limitations restrict the use of cloud computing.

    Online shopping is the most beneficial and convenient process these days where only few steps needs to be considered. Online shopping is the nature of productive task making process that should be according to the needs of the organization. Moreover, it brings new way of easiness and approachable and fast growing fact. Moreover, it also helps to need to be take in proper manner. Besides, retail shopping has flexibility to go to the shop and select their choices and check the quality as well. In terms of making better growth and challenging growth factor to be done in proper manner. Apart from that, it takes approachable and new designing of things.

    Online shopping has been given advanced services to the business organization in order to deal with most enlarging process. Online shopping has provides better advance standard working in the organization. Besides, better growth helps company to adopt new changes. Technology is the most essential and required tool through organization get help to introduce new matter fact. Besides, overall process been provides better objective. Apart from that technology also given automated flexibility in the business function through company can easily reduce their time cost and make productive outcomes. Technology plays a crucial role in the organization which provides better objectives and growth for the organization matter. Another advantage of technology is time accuracy. They reduce the time cost and process of work duration. They accomplish the work in within seconds. According to Hanelt and et.al., (2015), they suggest that technology has increased the performance capabilities of employees. Employees are the important sources of the organiosation they always want to work in more advanced form through they get more better environment through they get learn new technology and methods to perform the better task oriented goals. Along with that, on the basis of Hildebrandtv and et.al., (2015) today’s times many big organizations adopt online platform for accessing their services or products. On the other sides, it makes very clear and giving better environment growth of making good profit revenue, online platform has providing huge success and growth in organization manner. On the other sides, it also impact on the faster development growth. However, impact of Online shopping has take business growth in more upper form and giving best productive outcomes. Online services are likely to be adopt to reduce time and money cost. Besides, it provides more flexibility on human lives.

    Talent Plus grabs their clients by introducing new Online shopping which connects people in every form with the help of mobile phones, emails, internet, and video conferences. People can connect with other people in easy manner. This gives positive impact on connectivity prospective. On the contrary, according to Hill, Betts and Gardner, (2015) suggest that online or advanced technology also reducing the role of face to face connectivity which might be increasing possibilities of fraud. Technology also involves heavy risk in terms of several growth manners. Along with that, according to Kane and et.al., (2015) it has been providing best opportunity and growth which provides better more growth possibilities. Online shopping is the tool to success through organization grab the attraction of customers. According to Laudon and Laudon, (2015) they suggest better opportunity growth in terms of better performance level. Customers always prefer to purchase things from those organizations who deal with online basis. For that, an organization needs to get the better services or products. In order to retain the clients and profit revenue organization should adopt technological changes. In order to make the efficient profit margin and growth. On the contrary Matt, Hess and Benlian, (2015) suggests that some buyers and customers don’t prefer online purchasing due to less involvement of physical evidence. This is the constraints of Online shopping on customer’s minds. Besides, better adaptability of techniques would give better objectives and making growth. Along with that, Online shopping has also provides better knowledge. Online shopping also not required getting the specific knowledge; they also required only skill and talent to access the performance level. More apart, Online shopping requires better environmental growth and better opportunity in order to meet the needs of the organization. Online shopping has both positive and negative sides, company needs to adopt better techniques through they get better competitive advantage in order to fulfill company objectives and goals.

    Research Methodology

    Research Philosophies: A Research philosophy has been providing better opportunity to accomplish the research process. Research philosophies has based on beliefs and values. There are mainly two types Positivism and interpretivism. It is the wide process in which investigator has research into deep manner. More apart, Positivism philosophy is based on true values besides, interpretative interpret the values and research into logical manner. Research philosophy is the essence of research process (Oldham and Da Silva, 2015). Through this process new methods or essence idea of knowledge creation may appear pro be profound. It will be more enlarging and better performance task oriented goals. The reason behind philosophical of the study need to be provided in more logical manner. Apart from that it has been given better or best opportunity to perform the best productive task.

    Research approach: it is another method of research approach. Which helps to find some better evidence and resources to male better research report? Research approach has include three method deductive research approach, inductive research approach and abductive. Deductive approach is totally based on theories or hypothesis. Besides, inductive approach finds new facts and theories which have not been found before. On the other hand abductive approach shares some surprising. For present report, deductive research approach will be taking into action.

    Data collection: Data collection is the most required and essential process or method research. It has been providing the main source of research that is data, without data research is not completed. Investigator collects data from two sources. Primary source and secondary source. Primary data collection is the tolls from investigator collect those data which has not been collected yet such from public, and with selected public. With the help of questionnaire, interviews, personal observation etc. besides secondary data is the method in which investigator collects data from resources which has been already given on internet, in books and journals. Data collection is the process of gathering new services and information on targeted variables in an established systematic fashion. It is the most essential and relevant process of research that makes research productive and realistic. All the data has been based on primary and secondary. For present study data has been collected from both sources primary and secondary. Primary data has been used in the form of survey through questionnaire under which some set question has been asked to respondent. Besides, secondary data has used by collected data from journals, articles, books etc.

    Data analysis: it is another process under which scholar investigator analyze the collected data and interpret into final outcomes. This is the most required and better objectives in order to make the better performance level. More apart data analysis processes form the data into systematic manner in order to take the research problem. On the basis of that data all data has been introduced new services (Pagani and Pardo, 2017). Besides, moreover, this is the overall processes which present the final outcomes of the research through data analysis. Through scholar can easily make research report.

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    Sampling: sampling is another method of research methodology through company can easily fulfill their research project. Sample is the small or large parts of overall population with the help of scholar investigates or collect the data for data analyzing (Wu and et.al., 2015). Sampling is the essential and necessary part without which research process not has been possible. In present report sample size is 10 employees of Talent plus company who gives their reviews Weather Company should adopt Online shopping or not with the help of questionnaire. For conducting research program, there are two types of sampling probabilistic and non- probability sampling method. Present research will be based on random sampling. That has been done by questionnaire with 30 employees.

    Ethical consideration: ethical consideration is the type of guide or a practice which is essential to protect the overall activity of research. It helps researcher to take ethical or legal decision while collecting data processor. It helps to guide scholar weather should data adopt or not. Besides, what to do or what should not to do. Ethical consideration helps to covered from risk. Apart from that, ethical consideration process always should base on some set of rules and regulations. Such as researcher should not give harm to any of the study or data, scholar should not take wrong manner to collect data; they should be aware research rules and regulations in order to keep all things safe and secure. Ethical consideration helps to safe the data from unethical manner of growth (Westerman Bonnet and McAfee, 2014). Ethics should be involved in the process of research to ensure the positive activity and environment. Moreover, ethics and code of conduct is must have required in the process of good task oriented work.

    On the basis of time scale researcher can easily make the target accomplished in effective manner. It gives new changes and impact full decision making approach. Time scheduling can easily guide the overall structure and work according to priority.


    From the above analysis it, can be concluded that. It takes another form of activities and making good goals and attractive part of making good things. Moreover, it brings new changes and effective changes of growth. Overall, study discussed about the comparative analysis between online shopping or retail shopping.


    • Baller, S., Dutta, S. and Lanvin, B., 2016.Global Information Technology Report 2016. Ouranos.
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    • Hanelt, A. and et.al., 2015. Digital Transformation of Primarily Physical Industries-Exploring the Impact of Digital Trends on Business Models of Automobile Manufacturers. InWirtschaftsinformatik(pp. 1313-1327).
    • Hildebrandt, B. and et.al., 2015. Entering the Digital Era–The Impact of Online shopping-related M&As on Business Model Innovations of Automobile OEMs.

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