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    UNIT 11 Research Project Level 4 Regent College

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Digital technology and tools develop more influence on development and growth of company at competitive market. Digital technology refers electronic devices, tools, resources and devices that generate, process and store the data or information. Under these involves online games, multimedia, cloud computing, applications, mobile devices and many devices. In this present time period, firms are concern on executing the digital technology in company in context to increasing productivity as well as performance level of company. In addition to this, technology gives different advantages to company with the help of carried out business activities in an effective or better manner (Benckendorff, Sheldon and Fesenmaier, 2014). Generally, firms are concern on executing digital technology in context to develop featured as well as innovative goods at the market place. This present report is based on Eden training solution Limited. It is private training provider to deliver the vocational training. Its main aims is to offer better training, develop better standards and also fully customized for consumers. It is small firm and use digital technology in its business to attract large number of consumers. In order to this, digital tools help in making life of human more comfortable and easier.

    Research is considered as the crucial step by industries as this is that which do help company to make an effective strategy and to produce decision in better way. Basically, research is conducted in market to collect information which is needed for having a competitive advantage of firm. The main aim behind same research is to determine implication of technology on small and medium businesses. Even though, in earlier time technology was not used at that much level and nowadays each and every company is dependent on digital technology as they help firm to reallocate their resources and working to stand by in market too. The firm Eden Training Solution Limited is that firm who is performing in great way and looking forward to use the technology in effective way so that they can provide these services to various people, customer and clients in proper manner which can be beneficial for them. Eden training limited do provide childcare, management, fitness, social media qualification and customer services etc. at huge level.

    Aims and objectives

    Aim: “ To determine the implication of digital technology in Eden Training.


    • To determine the need of digital technology for Eden training in United Kingdom.
    • To analyse the changes on performance of company after implementation of technology.
    • To determine how technology can help in earning higher profit in Eden training in UK.
    • To ascertain the benefits of using modern equipment’s at workplace.

    Research Questions

    • What is the need of digital technology for Eden Training Limited?
    • What changes are recorded after implementation of technology on company performance?
    • How digital technology will help entity to earn higher profits too?
    • What benefits are there of using the digital technology and modern equipment’s at workplace?

    Time Schedule

    Management is that which split there task and activity in effective way. Even though it is being done to have an completion of work within the time frame and attainment of goals and objectives can also be seen by firm too. Work Breakdown Structure is that which also help firm to divide the work according to the department and even though firm also assign the work according to qualification of human resource as such thing will help in completing the activity and task in great way. Basically, Gantt chart is such which help firm to reduce the timing of task which is taking an maximum number of time in getting completed in effective way as well. It also lead to have an working in hierarchical manner. Bringing an effective and proper rules and regulation with policy may help enterprise to complete there working in great way even though in within time period too. Getting work completed on time can help entity to earn higher profit and income in great manner and this is such which do help company to get stable in market too.




    Week 2

    Week 3





    Week 6

    Week 7







    First meeting with supervisor for research Introduction


    Literature review


    Research methodology and Second meeting with supervisor


    Data Collection


    Meeting with supervisor


    Data analysis, findings, discussion and presentation


    Final meeting with supervisor Feedback and recommendations





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    This is such which do help every company to attain the goals and objectives in great manner. Even though, Gantt Chart and Work Breakdown structure is that which needs to be considered by organization as this help in getting the work completed on time. It is that which also help in revamping the communication in between departments and coordination as well. Moreover with all such thing the company is going to attain the higher profits in effective way.

    More Suggestion:

    Chapter 2: Literature Review

    Literature review is necessary part of an investigation and helpful in gather information and data by using the secondary sources through measuring opinions and viewpoints of different writers and authors.

    Requirement of digital technology for Eden training

    Digital technology helps in providing competitive advantage to business. It changes the way to conducting activities in business by making them simpler. As per the view point of Di Pietro, Di Virgilio and Pantano, 2013 it has been stated that Businesses are to be impacted through modifications in technological environment. For Eden training solution Limited, technology helps in make communication easier by using electronic mails cell phones, social networking, text messages etc. In addition to this, need of digital technology in business of Eden training company is to increase productivity of business in better manner. It helps in make innovation as well as creativity in business and helpful for staff members to communicate, collaborate and also work in better manner. Digitalisation is also helpful in improve experience of consumers better towards firm. With the help of using advance technology in business, firm is able to connect with many people and able to provide training services to them in significant manner.

    Changes on performance of company after technology execution

    According to Egger, 2013, it has been stated that implementation of technology helps in changing performance level of firm in an effective manner. Firm produce goods and services on the basis of demands and needs of consumers in an effective manner. It helps in developing positive impact on mind of consumers as well as on firm. With the help of technology, Eden training solution Limited company can develop innovative services by take care needs of consumers at market place. There are various changes firm can be achieve by implementation of technology:

    Store huge amount of data- Digital technology is helpful in store more data and information in an easy manner without fear of hacking. After storage, firm can use data to finish activities or tasks.

    Research and development- This is known as one of the most important department of every organisation as this carry out research to collect information about the needs and wants of customers. One of the main benefits of implement technology at workplace is that with help of effective technological tools manager of research department carry out research to collect information about the needs of customers and different technical tools provide an opportunity to collect and store huge amount of data safely.

    Productivity- When enterprise use updated and new technology then it helps in carry out production process in an effective manner. Effective technology help in manufacture featured products in minimum amount of time and also bring efficiency at workplace.

    Technology can help in earning higher profit

    As per the view point of Jaeger, 2012, technology is helpful making the activities and operations of firm innovative. Use of digital technology aids in communicate with large number of people by using different sources such as social media. Eden training solution Limited provide its services online on reasonable cost. With the help of using digitalisation, company can connect with many people and aware them about available services of firm in an effective manner. On the other hand, this firm update technology to perform in proper way. After executing new technology and machineries. Manager of Eden training solution Limited provide training to employees for increase their knowledge and skills. From this they can deal with consumers in properly and helpful in enhance efficiency of business. It will develop the positive affect on business and generate more profit.

    Benefits of using digital technology and modern equipment’s at workplace

    Products and services are regarded as representative of company and helpful in enhancing brand image at market place. According to view point of Molz, 2012 it has been stated that Digital technology is helpful in making business more competitive and easier to make business activities easier. There are benefits of using the digital technology given below as above:

    Fast information- Digital technology is helpful in share necessary data and information among different departments in an easy manner. It helps in conduct activities of business in significant manner and helpful in enhancing reputation of company in significant way. It is helpful in develop positive or strong relationship among different departments of Eden training solution Limited. It will aids in increasing productivity and growth of firm.

    Technology- Using the digital media means utilize advance technology both to support as well as develop media. In addition to this, advance technology is an asset for Eden training solution Limited. If firm adopt the laptops as well as mart phones on context to use digital technology then it develops positive impact on business. It is helpful for company to connect with consumers in an easy manner.

    Chapter 3: Research Methodilogy

    Research methodology is regarded as necessary research project part and effective in conducting research activities in significant manner in order to reach at final outcome. Different sections of research methodology are given below:

    Type of Investigation

    It is regarded as primary part of research methodology. There are two different types of research qualitative and quantitative (Ruiz-Molina, Gil-Saura and Moliner-Velázquez, 2011). Quantitative research is based on facts and figures but on the other hand qualitative investigation depends on quality of data and helpful in conducts an in- depth research. So, under this investigator use qualitative research .

    Data Collection

    Data collection refers to gather relevant data from different sources. There are two sources of data collection like primary and secondary. In primary, an investigator collect data through survey, questionnaire, observation etc. but in secondary sources data is collected by books, journals etc. Under this, primary sources of data collected is used by developing questionnaire.

    Data Sampling

    It refers to number of population from which data is to be gathered. For this current investigation, researcher uses 30 respondents with the help of random sampling method (Terzi, 2011).

    Research take in to the consideration depend on implication of digital technology in SME's. Under this, business firms are concern about increasing sales as well as performance level by executing different innovative strategies and tools. In addition to this, main aim behind directing an examination venture is to upgrade information as aptitudes of the students about the digital technology. Through this research project, the skills, capabilities and knowledge of the learner will be enhanced in the same areas which can help for them to develop the career as well as achieve the set targets in a significant manner (Molz, 2012).

    Cost- It is regarded as most necessary component for research as it needs for a researcher to maintain the proper amount of fund to perform all business activities in a proper or systematic manner. Proper money is needed for collecting the secondary as well as primary information. Under this, cost involved in research is helpful in collecting the primary and secondary information. As comparison to secondary method, cost is less included in the primary method. Under this, budget of collecting the information from secondary method of data collection is high because under this, investigator has accumulate information from various sources. In addition to this, opinions as well as viewpoints of the different authors are helpful in drawing the appropriate and also valid outcomes.

    Ethical consideration- It is helpful in resolve all disputes as well as issues arise in company. It is necessary that researcher should conduct all research activities in an ethical manner (Ruiz-Molina, Gil-Saura and Moliner-Velázquez, 2011). During conducting research, cost and time are two major problems which are faced by researcher. It is necessary that researcher should not use the information and data of respondents in a wrong manner. It is an effective research area and it is helpful for an investigator to overcoming with problems of investigation in a significant manner. Under this, it is necessary to include the morals and principles as they can modify method under which investigate is led. There is a need for upgrade the morals when an exploration consists interaction with the business environment and people. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of an investigator to secure and private the data or information which has been collected through the members with researchers.

    Chapter 4: Finding Aand Analysis

    Under this, researcher interpret collected data with the help of thematic analysis. It is helpful in provide the positive results to an investigator. Information and data which has been collected from different sources is analysed with an aim that results can be developed. Under this, survey is conducted through researcher for gathering the accurate and relevant information about they specific research area. There is qualitative data analysis tool used through investigator.

    THEME 1: Digital technology helpful in enchaining productivity

    Q1) Is digital technology helpful in enchaining productivity and profit of Eden training limited






    Interpretation- From above graph, it has been stated that according to 23 respondents, digital technology helps in enhancing profit of company because it is helpful in perform the business activities as well as conduct operations in an easy and effective manner. On the other hand, there are 7 respondents which are not agree with this because according to them there is no security of keep the data or information of customers safe and secure. For the consumers and respondents, it is a main concern.

    THEME 2: Advantages of using digital technology

    Q2) What are advantages of using digital technology as well as modern equipment’s at workplace?




    Fast information


    Provide good experience to people


    Interpretation- Digital technology provides benefit to Eden training company. On the basis of 12 respondents, technology is main benefit which firm get because by using the digital technology in business, company is able to communicate with its respondents in an easy manner. 10 respondents said that digital technology helps in share information fast among departments and with the help of this all departments can focus on their work and attain the specific objectives in a proper manner. On the basis of opinion of 8 respondents digitalisation provides the better experience to consumers because through this customer can easily connected from company and firm make them more choices about selecting the products and services. Digital technology is an effective way to developing the positive relationship among the consumers and organisation.

    THEME 3: Digital technology provide competitive advantage

    Q3) Is use of digital technology provide competitive advantage to business of small-scale company?






    Interpretation- On the basis of 25 respondents, digital technology gives competitive benefit to small size business if Eden training limited company will use the digitalisation in business then it will able to provide the training services to employees and with the help of this their knowledge, capabilities and also core competencies will be enhanced in a proper way. Through this, they will perform in a better manner and firm can get the competitive benefits. On the other hand, there are 5 other respondents are disarrange with this option because it is costly to adopt the digital technology for Eden training limited due to small size. For purchasing the new technology, more cost will be included, so it is not possible for the Eden training limited to adopt and use advances or digital technology in business.

    THEME 4: Complexities faced through Eden training limited

    Q4) What are the complexities faced through Eden training limited at the time of implementing digital technology?






    Maximum cost involved


    Interpretation- At the time of executing digitalisation in business, some complexities are faced by company. According to 18 respondents, main issue is security. On Internet or other digital technology tools, there is less chance of secure the data because of hacking the data. According to 8 respondents, impersonality is major issues because lack of communication or interaction often leads to company perception as faceless, uncaring and impersonal. If the communication will be face to face then things will easy to understand and there will not be any kind of misunderstanding arise. There are 4 respondents which are agree with more cost involved option because as Eden training limited is a small size firm and it is not possible for it to arrange as well as purchase the new technology for business.

    THEME 5: Tactics Eden Training Ltd. can implicate to resolve numerous issues

    Q5) What tactics Eden Training Ltd. can implicate to resolve numerous issues emerged due to digital technologies utilisation?


    Develop wide Digital Transformation Strategy


    Searching Expertise to Lead Digitization


    Interpretation- To resolve problems related to digital technology, there are many tactics faced by company. According to 18 respondents, main solution related to technology is develop Digital Transformation Strategy because it helps in bring the change in business and perform in a better or effective manner. Based on opinion of 12 respondents that they are agree with searching Expertise to Lead Digitization because experts have more knowledge the digital technology and they guide the company or provide advice about use of digitalisation in a better manner.

    THEME 6: Modifications are noticed after execution of technology

    Q6) What necessary modifications are noticed after execution of technology on company performance?


    Research and development


    Store huge amount of data




    Interpretation- After technology implementation, 12 respondents said that research and development will be better. Through using the digitalisation in business, Eden training limited organisation can focus on the research and aware about its strong competitors, marketing strategies, existing services at market place and many other things. According to 10 respondents, main change that firm notices after technology implementation is store huge data. With the help of using the digitalisation in business, firm can storage more data or information and keep them secure. Based on opinion of 8 respondents that digital technology is helpful in increase productivity of company by conducting the business operations in a proper and easy way.

    THEME 7: Digital tools used by Eden Training Ltd to operate functions

    Q7) What are the digital tools used by Eden Training Ltd to operate its functions and business operation efficiently?




    Cloud Technologies


    ERP Framework


    Interpretation- It has been summarised that digital technology helps in operate business functions in easy manner. According to 14 respondents, E-training is main digital tool. But 12 said that cloud technology is more beneficial.

    THEME 8: Outcome of implication of digital technologies

    Q8) What are outcome of implication of digital technologies employed by Eden Training Ltd?


    Increase growth


    Attract more consumers


    Retain Consumers


    Interpretation- According to 16 respondents, digital technology helps in increase growth of company because by using the digital technology in business, firm can perform its activities, connect with large number of consumers, provide them, effective services etc. On the other hand, 8 respondents said that main outcome which firm get through implementation of digital technology is to retain consumers towards company for long period of time. Digital technology is an effective way to connect with the more and more customers in all over the world and communicate with them. With the help of this, company can know easily about their preferences and needs. It helps develop the strong relation among the customers and organisation. Based on opinion of 6 respondents that the main outcome that company get by implementing digital technology in business is to retain the consumers towards company by creating strong connection with them and provide them services on the basis of their needs and wants.

    THEME 9: Adoption of digitalisation assisting in innovation of services

    Q9) Is adoption of digitalisation assisting in innovation of services and products provided by Eden Training Ltd?






    Interpretation- According to 20 respondents, digital technology is helpful in innovate services of firm because by using the digitalisation in business, company can find the new things and search the idea for innovation. Based on opinion of 10 respondents that they are disagree and they think that Eden training limited has not adequate fund to purchase digital technology and if it will not purchase the new or advanced technology in business then it will not able to make innovation in its services.

    Chapter 5: Conlusion And Recommendation

    It has been concluded from above given report that digital technology provides many benefits to company in context to increasing business operations as well as productivity in an effective manner. In part of literature review studied about changes in performance of Eden Training Ltd. company after implementation of digital technology at workplace. Technology provides many different benefits to company in context to attract large number of consumers, enhancing productivity level and many others. Under this current research, there is a part of research methodology studied in proper manner. For collect accurate and relevant data, an investigator developed questionnaire by using 10 different questions related to topic of an investigation. Digital technology is helpful in providing competitive advantage to company. With the help of using advance technology in business, Eden Training Ltd. can operate its business activities at large scale.

    It has been concluded from the above mention report that main aim of large- and small-scale companies is to enhance the development and growth of the business at market place. As Eden training limited is small size company and its main focus on gain the competitive advantage at market place by making its consumer based strong. In order to communicate with the customers, this company uses the digital technology in business. It provides the information or details about its services to people so that they can be aware. Eden training limited uses the social media tools, emails for interacting as well as attracting the more people toward its services. Through implementing digital technology in business, Eden training limited make the changes in business for an instance, storage of more data, enhance productivity etc. Under this, it helps in bring the processes, people and data together for create value to consumers and also maintain the competitive benefits. In context to this, digital transformation is helpful in improve the profitability, satisfaction level of consumers and also enhance the increase speed-to-market for business in an effective or significant way.

    From the above given report it has been recommend to Eden Training Ltd. to upgrade its technology on continuous time period. Other wise it will develop the negative impact on business. Manager of Eden Training Ltd. Business firm should provide training to staff members about implementation of new technology and also provides guidelines to use new machineries or equipments at workplace. It is necessary that researcher should have proper time as well as cost at the time of conducting an investigation in an effective manner. An investigator should have proper resources to collect data or information in an effective manner. Eden Training Ltd. Should provide employment opportunities to local people so that their income can be generated and they can focus on improving living standards in significant manner.

    Research take in to the consideration depend on influence of the digital technology in business. It develops impact on the activities as well as operations of business. Under this, investigation is based on the qualitative analysis as under this information and data is collected according to the qualitative means. To accumulating the qualitative outcomes, all the research methodologies have been taken in to the proper consideration. At the time of investigating, I faced issues related to cost and time because both are necessary in conduct a research. In this research, I used the descriptive research design as it is helpful in drawing the reliable as well as valid description about the specific research area. On the other hand, an inductive research approach is being used through me as it provides the detailed analysis on the specific issue of research. It is helpful in provide the detailed information and data in a significant manner. During conducting the research, I probably depend on the information and data which have been collected through researcher by various sources for an instance primary and secondary. Both the methods are helpful in accumulating the reliable, relevant and accurate information. In context to primary method, it is helpful or more effective in collecting the data or information by measuring different perception of the people about the particular area. Under this research, survey has been conducted through making a questionnaire with the different questions. It is most effective tool of gathering the information and data through taking the opinions and view points of various respondents. On the other hand, secondary data collection method is used in the part of literature review for collecting information from the various sources for an instance journals, books, articles, magazines, internet sources and many others. In order to the secondary sources, these are effective in developing the significant framework that aids in prescribing the reliable outcomes through examining viewpoints or opinions of different writers and authors.

    Under this, there are different alternative methods which can be used for an objective of investigate in a significant manner. To conduct this research, questionnaire method for the collection of data being used. Under this, there are various questions prepared for taking the opinions or viewpoints of respondents on the research area. On the other hand, there is an alternative method available and that is interview. In this, an investigator has will have to prepare the different questions and their answers from selected respondents itself and not by questionnaire. So, there is alternative method that I can be used for conducting this investigation is interview because it is an effective and efficient way of getting the better outcomes.


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