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    AB406H8 Hospitality Consumer Behaviour | Royal Lancaster London


    • Unit No: 19
    • Level: High school
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2621
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: AB406H8
    • Downloads: 457
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • Explain the factors that influence hospitality consumer behaviour and attitudes.
    • Determine the ability to map a path to purchase in a hospitality context, with the decision-making process attractions.
    • Explain the relevant forms of research to understand influences on the hospitality consumer decision-making process in the context of Royal Lancaster London
    • Royal Lancaster London is a hotel chain based in UK. Elaborate how marketers influence the different stages of the hospitality consumer decision making process.


    Answer :


    Consumer behaviour can be stated as all the aspects that put an impact in the decision-making journey while choosing hospitality organization. Consumer behaviour in the hospitality sector can precisely explain as the process or the journey behind choosing a certain hotel. In this report Royal Lancaster London is taking as an hospitality organization. Royal Lancaster London started offering all its services in the year 1967 and the hotel was called Royal Lancaster in the beginning. In this report factor that create influence on the behaviour of customer's in  hotels will be discussed in brief. A detail description will be stated in this report regarding the changing trends of the consumers. Brief analysis on the decision-making journey will be elaborated in report. This report also brief about the research to understand all the impact of external factors on the consumer journey related to the decision making in hotels. All the impact of marketer's will also be elaborated in this report in the decisions of the consumer's.



    P1 Factors impact decision making in hospitality

    P2 Impact of digital technology in trends changing of customer's


    P3  Stages of Decision making process

    The decision-making journey of the customer in the hospitality sector are based on various aspects. Such aspects can be stated in a following way.

    Problem Recognition: Recognition of the problem is the first aspect of the consumer decision making. In the process of problem recognition consumer evaluate all the aspects of the travelling journey and on the basis of the brief analysis customer put efforts to identify all the problems that can be associated with the whole journey (Cheng and et.al.,2019). Problem recognition is a brief process to ease the whole travelling experience of the travellers. It can more specifically elaborated as the smart approach before initiating the travelling journey. In this process customer evaluate all the aspects such as better hotel to stay, food,  places and all the aspects related to the travelling journey so no further problems needs to face by the traveller in the period of journey. It can more specifically assess as all the possible huddles that can be a part of the journey of the customer. 

    Information Search: Information search is the next phase of consumer decision-making journey. On the basis of all the outcome of problem recognition process customer go through all the alternatives available at the travel destination to over come the effect of the problem or to erase the problem at the destination. Information search can be precisely explained as the reverse reaction of problem identification process. This process put a huge impact on the customer's travelling journey as this process set the direction of the whole travelling journey. 

    Evaluation of Alternatives: Evaluation of alternatives is also a crusial aspect to understand the decision making of consumer's. On the basis of the above mentioned stages the detail framework related to this process is conducted. Based on the outcomes from the problem recognition and the information search traveller go through and analyse all the alternatives that can best meet the requirements of the customer and also to solve the recognized problem.

    Product and Service Choice: As the outcome of the above all the stage's customer choose the product and service that best meet all the requirements and expectations (Danish and et.al., 2019). Product and service choice play the crucial role in the whole travelling experience of the traveller because it contributes in giving the shape to the whole travelling of the customer's. Based on the problem recognition, information search and alternatives evaluation this process is concluded by conducting all the bookings related to the travel destination.

    Outcomes: Outcomes can be specified as the result of the whole process of decision-making. Outcome is more precisely expressed in a way that all  the experience related to the travelling of the customer. Outcome has the great impact in the market value and other aspects of the hotel. If the outcome is positive it will improve the market value of the organization.

    P4 Importance of marketers path

    Pre purchase: Pre purchase activities can be expressed as all the actions runs prior to make the final decision regarding hotels and other bookings at the travel destination. All the problem recognition, evaluation of alternatives and information search are a part of pre purchase activities. Marketer of the Royal Lancaster London try to influence all the pre purchase aspects of the consumer's with several techniques to attract the customer's (Dai and Jiang, 2016). Pre purchase activities has the deep impact on the entire decision-making journey related to the traveller. Marketer try to influence all the pre purchase aspects of the decision-making process so it can attract the consumer's towards the hotel in a easy way. Marketers of the Royal Lancaster London utilize various techniques such as search engine optimization and many other to influence the consumer decisions

    Purchase: Purchase can be specified as the result of consumer's decision-making process of the customer's. Marketer of the hotel influence by giving multiple offers to the consumer's that help the consumer in making the best travelling experience. Marketers try to give various discounts on all the sales of the Royal Lancaster London hotel that look the stay more economical to the consumer and also it attracts to non potential consumer base of the hotel as well (Filieri, 2016). Technology also play the crucial part of the marketer in influencing the decision of the customer's. Marketers of the hotel try to approach all the potential customer's of the hotel with various schemes with the help of the digital mediums that make the travelling package for the customer's even more attractive and beneficial.

    Receipt to post purchased: Marketers of the Royal Lancaster London present all the best aspects of the hotel in front of the consumer's to sustain the friendly relations with the customer's (Richard and Masud, 2016). Marketers of the hotel try to build customer service relations that helps the hotel management in building brand image of the hotel that also improve the sales of the hotel. Services of the hotel becomes the most dominating aspect when it comes to consumer satisfaction and the management of the Royal Lancaster Hotel focuses extremely in building the customer relations with the satisfactory services of the hotel. Consumer satisfaction influence and dominate the social and personal factor of consumer behaviour that resulted into more profitable and productive outcome in the favour of the hotel. Marketers also attract all the consumer's of the hotel to get the proper and better reviews for the hotel. Review related to the hotels affect in decision-making of the customer's and also generate more business for the hotel.


    P5 Decision making process of B2B and B2C

    B2B: B2B is expressed as Business to Business. The approach of the decision-making in case of B2B related to the hospitality decision-making is more like a corporate oriented approach. Businesses or corporate entities book hotels to conducts activities associated to the relative business such as conducting business deals or organizing some kind of event related to the corporate entities. In case of B2B because the consumer base is corporate organizations the more business oriented environment is preferable by the customer's. Royal Lancaster Hotel is a well recognized hotel for the B2B perspective as it offers the most convenient business's environment that is well suitable for all the corporate entities (Rundle, 2019.). In case of B2B the demand of consumer's is also wide in nature that involve multiple amenities to create the most suitable environment for the corporate activities. The nature of demand in case of B2B is also wide in range that create more profitability for the hotels. In case of B2B corporate entities focus more on the amenities than to focus on the prices so the management of the Royal Lancaster Hotel pay specific attention to increase the B2B activities in the hotel to improve the profitability and the growth of the hotel.

    B2C: B2C is denoted by Business to consumer. B2C is a very convenient way to generate sale of the hotels. B2C consumers are generally independent in nature and also it stays for longer period (Lu and et.al., 2018). In case of B2C the hotel staff gets more profitable business as the consumer's do not ask for excessive discount to reduce the staying the cost and also the period is longer improve the profitability of the hotels. The management of the Royal Lancaster Hotel pay special attention on B2C customer's because of the profitability perspectives.

    P6  Approach to analyse decision-making process

    Primary Research:  Primary research involve all the primary aspect of the decision-making journey of consumer's. Primary research involve all the qualitative aspects based on the consumer's decision-making process such as expected services for the consumer's in regard to the hotel stay. All the alternatives in the hospitality sector are assessed briefly in this report. Primary research is more like a detail analysis of all the firstly factors related to the consumer's decision-making approach. The standard of living of all the potential consumer's of the hotel are assessed in detail in this process. Background and income statistics are deeply assessed in this part as per all the expected customer base of the hotel. Royal Lancaster Hotel is a luxury hotel and all the potential consumer's of the hotel are mainly high income group of people so all the expectations are assessed in the primary aspects of the whole research. Primary research involve more qualitative aspects of the consumer's decision-making that put an impact in choosing the certain hospitality organization for stay during the journey.

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    Secondary Research: Secondary research is more on the quantitative aspect of the consumer's decision-making journey (Osei and Abenyin, 2016). All the quantitative queries related to the potential customer base are deeply assessed in the secondary research based on the consumer decision-making. The prices of all the services are projected in this research and a brief analysis also happened based on the competition in the market. Affordability of all the services of the hotel is also played the crucial part of the research. Quantitative aspect of the research also focus on the fair hike of the services of the hotel. How much fair can be raised are also a part of this research and also analysis the impact on the demand of the hotel as a result of increased fairs are also evaluated in the secondary research. Number of services hotel provide are satisfied enough to satisfy the customers are also analysed in the secondary research. Secondary research focus on improving the profitability of the hotel with the help of productive hotel services and practices.


    P7 Influence in the process of decision-making journey of marketer's

    Attractive Marketing Strategies: Marketers of the Royal Lancaster Hotel use multiple marketing strategies to attract all the potential customer base of the hotel. Marketers of the hotel utilize all the productive marketing channel for the marketing campaigns that can produce the best and profitable outcomes in the favour of the hotel. Based on the potential consumer base an attractive marketing plan is prepared by the marketers and also make affordable strategies to implement such plans. Marketing strategies of the marketing team of the Royal Lancaster Hotel influence deeply the pre purchase stage of the consumer's. With an appealing advertisement that can depict the hotel in the best manner marketers influence the pre purchase activities of the customer's.

    Affordable Packages: Marketers of the Royal Lancaster Hotel give the most affordable offers to the customer's at the time of purchase. Marketers of the hotel attract all the potential customer's with great deal and attractive offers related to the services of the hotel that put a huge impact at the time of hotel selection by the traveller. Marketers of the hotel also give timely discounts based on the different occasions to engage with all the potential customer base and it also help the markets of the hotel to touch the new customer's for the hotel.

    Customer Relationship Management: Marketer's of the Royal Lancaster Hotel apply the practices to build the customer relationship with all its consumer's to influence the post purchase activities of the customer's. Customer relationship management helps the hotel organization to generate more consumer base with the recommendation of the consumer's (Pappas, 2019). Customer relationship management improves the consumer's satisfaction from the services of the hotel that also improve all the reviews of the hotel. Post purchase activities of the marketer's based on the consumer satisfaction improve the brand image of the hotel. Marketer's of the Royal Lancaster Hotel try to provide various services such as guide facility to enhance the whole travelling experience of the consumer's. Improved travelling experience improves the market image of the hotel.

    Search Engine Optimization(SEO): SEO is a vary productive technique to improve the traffic on the sites of the hotel. SEO enables the marketer's to influence all the pre purchase activities of the potential customer's. Marker's of the Royal Lancaster Hotel use these techniques to improve all the existing consumer base of the hotel by interacting with the expected new customer's. All the visitors go through multiple travelling sites to check out all the amenities based on the destination and hotel is in the priority aspect and the marketers of the hotel directly influence such prior activities related to the consumer's to attract the customer's and based on that hotel management offers multiple services to influence completely the buying decision of the consumer.

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    This report concluded briefly about all the aspects that put an impact on the consumer behaviour in the hospitality industry. This report concluded that how all the factors affecting consumer attitude in the hospitality sector. All the impact of digital technology in the decision-making of consumer has also concluded in this report. All the involvement of digital technology has concluded briefly in this report. A suitable path has been concluded in this report based on the consumer decision-making in the hospitality sector. A key difference has been concluded on the decision-making of B2B and B2C.  All the research methods has also concluded in this report.

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